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Only Christ is the truth, the way, and the life.
The Bible can't bestow life to man.
Only the last Christ, Almighty God, can bestow the way of life to man.
Any belief apart from the Bible is a heresy!
God's work is all recorded in the Bible.
We should believe in God according to the Bible.
Almighty God's coming has shaken every sect and denomination!
Is He truly God Godself who created all things and rules over everything?
Is He truly the Lord Jesus
who was crucified by the Israelites two thousand years ago?
“Ironclad Proofs” will provide you
with the ironclad facts and ironclad evidences.
Facing the ironclad facts and ironclad evidences,
mankind will get the answer.
Grandpa, what's the meaning of the “Triune God” spoken by the pastor?
Zhengzheng, the “Triune God” consists of the Holy Father,
the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit. Got it?
Are there three Gods?
Zhengzheng, this is a deep question.
You will gradually understand it after you grow up. (Oh.)
Elder brother, since you've been preaching for dozens of years,
can you explain the “Triune God”?
I've never understood it.
Brother, as to the Trinity,
I'll give you an illustration with the sun. (Hmm. OK.)
Light and heat come from the sun.
These three are different, but there is only one sun.
The Holy Father is God, the Holy Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God.
The Triune God has three Persons and exists in one being.
He is the only true God.
Since there are three Persons, how can they be only one?
As to the “Triune God,” it is a great mystery!
We can never explain it clearly by man's wisdom.
Brother Li, (Yeah.)
I'd like to ask you a question.
Go ahead.
What is the “Triune God” about?
There is only one God, but He has three Persons.
That is, the only true “Triune God”
who consists of the Holy Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Then how can three Persons be one?
As to Trinity … this is a mystery.
The religious world has been arguing about it for two thousand years.
We can never explain it clearly by man's wisdom.
So, we should just believe by faith. (Hmm.)
Li Zheng was born in an ordinary Christian family in Liaoning Province.
He believed in Jesus with his family from childhood.
They often mentioned the “Triune God.”
The child Li Zheng was very curious about it.
He had been wondering what the “Triune God” is about.
In his youth, Li Zheng already became a leader in a house church.
He kept exploring the true explanation of the “Triune God.”
However, when he reached the middle age,
he still didn't find the answer.
The “Triune God” had become the greatest unsolved mystery in his heart,
and Li Zheng wanted to know the mystery hidden in it all the time.
Until one day…
Wen Jun, I've served the Lord for decades.
I've already told you that the Lord has not come yet.
It is true that the day of the Lord's coming is near.
You should hold on to the Lord's way,
and watch and wait and should not be deceived by others.
The “Eastern Lightning” you believe in is heresy.
I see that you've been deceived completely.
I'm your uncle, and I'm saying that for your own good.
You'd better pray to the Lord, asking Him to show mercy on you.
The word “Eastern Lightning” comes from God's mouth.
The Lord Jesus compared the descending of the Son of man
to the Eastern lightning.
So, we should watch our tongues so as not to offend God.
Uncle, for so many years, we've been expecting the Lord's return,
and now the Lord has returned.
That is, the Spirit of truth has expressed all the truths
and told us what we didn't know before and the future things.
It exactly fulfills the word in Revelation
Don't speak any more.
I've told you many times you take the wrong way.
For the sake of relatives, you can come and visit.
If you continue talking about this, never come again.
Brother Li, if you don't want to listen to us, you can read God's word!
The Lord has said that God's sheep hear God's voice.
You will understand after you read God's word.
I don't want to read. Don't speak anymore.
Are all the co-workers present?
Everyone is here.
Well, let's pray for the meeting.
The Lord Jesus who loves us, we sincerely thank and praise You. (Amen.)
O Lord, today we meet here in Your name.
May the Lord be with us, (Amen.)
and keep our meeting this time. (O Lord.)
O Lord, may You bless us,
for You're a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path. (O Lord.)
O Lord, now many brothers and sisters in the church
are deceived by the heresy. (O Lord.)
O Lord! May You bind the devils and Satan, (Amen.)
and hinder the steps of all the evil ones. (Amen.)
Please give us the truths in the Bible, (Amen.)
so that the brothers and sisters can discern and won't be deceived.
O Lord! We rely on You and look to You. (Amen.)
May You keep our faith from becoming weak, (Amen.)
and make all of us Your faithful servants. (Amen.)
O Lord, we commit everything into Your mighty hand. (O Lord.)
Glory and praise be to our God the Father who created us.
We offer the prayers of thanks in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
Brothers and sisters, let's turn to Matthew 24:4-5 in the Bible,
The verses 24 and 25 in the same chapter say,
Thank the Lord!
From the above verses, we see the Lord Jesus has long prophesied
that false Christs will appear to deceive people in the end time. (Right!)
Now a heresy called the “Eastern Lightning” has been disturbing our church,
and many believers have already been deceived.
We are called and chosen by the Lord to be His servants,
but we haven't protected the Lord's flock well.
We're really indebted to the Lord. (Yes.)
The “Eastern Lightning” is not an ordinary heresy.
Once someone gets in touch with those people and speaks with them,
he will be deceived. (So terrible…)
It spreads very fast. We must strictly guard against it. (Right…)
Yeah. I've heard that the “Eastern Lightning” has many deceitful ways.
We should never slacken. (Yes!)
Right. In our area,
many believers in a church have been deceived by the “Eastern Lightning.”
Also, I have a relative in Jilin,
whose church has several hundred believers.
Many of them have been also deceived by the “Eastern Lightning,”
and won't turn back no matter how others try!
Hmm. We're really indebted to the Lord.
In such a short time, so many old believers were taken away.
They are not simple. (Yes.)
I've believed in the Lord for many years,
but I've never met such a massive deceptive heresy.
Brothers and sisters, the day of the Lord is indeed near.
The Lord will soon come to receive us.
We must watch and wait.
We should rely on the Lord, relying on His great power, to be strong men.
In this spiritual warfare,
we should see through Satan's schemes by the truths the Lord bestows to us.
Brothers and sisters, now the Lord hasn't come yet.
We must hold on to the Lord's way, (Yes.)
be the Lord's faithful servants, (Amen!)
and fight a good fight for the Lord.
When the Lord comes, there is in store for us a glorious crown. (Amen!)
Co-workers, we must protect the flock from being deceived by the heresy. (Yes.)
We should strictly guard against the “Eastern Lightning” at any time. (Right.)
Pastor Yan, Pastor Gong, Brother Wang, and I
have worked out the measures to resist the “Eastern Lightning.”
Measures! Great!
Yes. The church has stipulated five measures:
First, believers are not allowed to receive any stranger,
or bring any stranger to the church.
Second, if anyone receives the people of the “Eastern Lightning,”
he shares in their wickedness, and will be expelled by the church. (Amen!)
Third, we shall never be soft on believers in Almighty God.
Hitting and cursing them is not committing sins.
Fourth, anyone who contacts with the people of the “Eastern Lightning”
must make a resolution in the church.
Even if they are your parents, you must disown them and reject them.
Otherwise, you can't attend the meetings.
Fifth, no one is allowed to read any book of the “Eastern Lightning,”
in case they are poisoned.
If someone accepts the “Eastern Lightning” and doesn't repent,
he will be expelled immediately.
Everyone must obey the above five items. (Yes!)
We shall never practice love to devils and Satan.
We should be faithful to the Lord
and never go easy on the people of the “Eastern Lightning”! (Yes.)
Co-workers, now a heresy is deceiving the flock.
We should rely on the Lord,
pray and ask more by relying on the Holy Spirit, (Right. Right!)
and lead brothers and sisters to read and study the Bible more. (Right.)
Only thus can they stand firm.
We should be faithful and wise servants.
We must protect the flock,
so that they won't be deceived by the heresy. (Yes! Amen.)
Co-workers, you must watch over the flock after going back, (Hmm.)
for we'll have to give an account to the Lord in the future. (Yes.)
If anyone else in the church is deceived,
the Lord will punish the sin of the relative co-worker when He comes. (Yes.)
The content for today's meeting is very important.
After going back, you must inform the brothers and sisters in the church. (Yes. OK.)
That's all for today's meeting.
Next, Elder Li will make a closing prayer for the meeting. (OK.)
O merciful Savior Jesus, we thank and praise You! (Amen!)
O Savior, please keep all the saints of the church
from being deceived by the heresy. (Amen!)
We fail to watch over Your flock.
May You forgive and have mercy on us. (O Lord!)
O Lord! At such a dangerous time,
may You give us strength, so that we can keep Your way, (Amen!)
see through the heresy by the truths in the Bible, (Amen!)
and bear a good testimony for You. (Amen!)
O Lord, we thank and praise You! (Amen!)
All the glory be to the Triune God.
Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus. (Amen!)
May the Lord bless each of you! (Amen!)
Thank the Lord! …
Hey, Elder Li, stay a while.
I hear that your niece believes in the “Eastern Lightning,”
and she often visits you.
How will you deal with this matter?
Toward the “Eastern Lightning,” my attitude is clear.
I'll never lose my ground because she is my relative
and will hold on to the Lord's way and be faithful to the Lord forever.
Many brothers and sisters have been taken away by the “Eastern Lightning,”
and I feel so sad.
May the Lord have mercy on them.
We must save back the deceived brothers and sisters.
Thank the Lord. After hearing your words, my heart is quite moved.
Since you have such an attitude,
I believe you can certainly guard the church for the Lord Jesus.
Thank the Lord! (Thank the Lord!)
We can never abandon the Lord's way. (Amen!)
The appearing of the “Eastern Lightning” broke Li Zheng's long tranquil life.
Even after he refused his most beloved niece many times,
Wen Jun kept preaching to him
that the “Eastern Lightning” is the return of the Lord Jesus.
Li Zheng thought that
the “Eastern Lightning” had been condemned as a heresy by the religious world,
and logically, Wen Jun, who believed in the Lord with him since her childhood,
couldn't have been deceived so easily.
But now, what power made her stick to it like that?
Li Zheng remained perplexed despite much thought.
Meanwhile, the appearing of the “Eastern Lightning” greatly shook the church.
What especially disturbed Li Zheng
was that the “Eastern Lightning” took away many believers from his church.
Just when Li Zheng was determined to safeguard the Lord's way,
something new happened in the church…
Thank the Lord!
Co-workers, today I'll discuss a matter with you.
Pastor Gong Changshui, who has worked with me for many years,
is reported to have committed adultery with two sisters.
How could it be possible?
He brings shame to the Lord's name. I feel very distressed.
Our church is a holy place.
Brothers and sisters, how should we handle it?
Gong Changshui has committed adultery.
How can such a person still serve the Lord in the church?
We must be faithful to the Lord and shun evil.
We must make a clean break with him! (How could it be possible? Right!)
Impossible! Pastor Gong isn't like that kind of person.
You don't know the details. Would Pastor Yan wrong him? (Right.)
Brother Wang, we should verify the fact.
We can't jump to a conclusion.
Isn't it clear? We already have proofs.
What else do we need to know?
Right! A person like Gong Changshui isn't qualified to be our pastor any more.
From now on, we won't accept his shepherding.
Pastor Yan, it might not be proper.
Now, we haven't known the fact.
If we do so, the church will be divided.
The Lord hopes we can be united at heart. (Hmm. Right.)
Brother Li, I don't want to do that.
But as the shepherds and co-workers in the church,
we need to give an explanation to the brothers and sisters. (Right.)
We can pray for him and ask the Lord to have mercy on him.
However, in this matter, we must make a clean break with him.
Co-workers in charge of the financial affairs,
you must protect the church offerings properly
and be the Lord's faithful and good stewards.
From now on, if Pastor Gong comes to get money,
you should never give it to him.
Hmm, we'll just do as Pastor Yan said. (All right.)
In future, we'll come to Pastor Yan when we have problems. (Okay.)
Let's commit it to the Lord and pray more. (Hmm. Okay. Right.)
Mr. Yan, Miss Sun has come.
Oh! Xiaoyan, come here.
You got here early.
Hmm, sit down.
Please take a seat. I'll serve you red wine. (Okay.)
Today is your birthday. I've brought you a surprise.
What's this?
Open it and have a look.
Wow! A car!
The car is downstairs. Do you like it?
Brothers and sisters, peace to you in the Lord! (Amen!)
Thank the Lord!
Let's open the Bible and turn to Deuteronomy, Chapter 16.
The Bible says,
Brothers and sisters,
offering to the Lord is the responsibility of us Christians.
Our God is a completely faithful and trustworthy God.
If you offer, God will bless you and greatly pour out blessing for you,
even above all that you ask or think.
Brothers and sisters, don't be people of little faith.
We should have faith, because the Lord says
that we should store up treasures in heaven
and shouldn't store up treasures on earth.
The Lord Jesus also approved the poor widow's offering.
She offered all she had to live on to God.
We should imitate the poor widow and offer more.
Only in this way can we receive the Lord's blessing
and be remembered by the Lord. (Amen!)
Brothers and sisters, that's all for our meeting today.
May the Lord bless you! (Amen!) Amen!
Brother Yan, you should think about the brothers and sisters' difficulty.
You know their situation.
If you often talk about giving offerings like this, it will stumble them.
Brother Li, a lot of money is needed in the church.
The church needs to develop and we need to preach the gospel.
The co-workers also need traveling expenses
to go to shepherd the churches in the countryside.
They are not like you.
Your son does business and can make money.
You see, fewer and fewer brothers and sisters attend meetings.
They say they have no money to offer and don't dare come to church.
Do you think I'm willing to talk about this?
The development of the church needs funds.
What do you think we should do?
Thank the Lord.
Brother Li, you've served the Lord for many years.
I know you're very upright.
This time,
Pastor Yan framed me and asked the brothers and sisters to break with me.
Isn't he dividing the church?
The church is the Lord's body.
Brother Li, this time you must speak for the Lord.
Right. Brother Li, you must see this matter clearly.
Last time, Yan Xing said that Pastor Gong committed adultery,
and it is completely a frame-up.
We all know that Pastor Gong isn't that kind of person at all.
He said so just to divide the church
and take all the church offerings for himself.
Right, Brother Li. You should see through Yan Xing.
Not long ago,
someone in the church saw him come out of a grand hotel with Sun Yan,
who takes charge of the financial affairs,
and drove her in a new car.
Right. Now the car is in Sun Yan's hand.
Sun Yan said it was given by her relative.
In fact, it was Yan Xing who gave it to her.
You can't say such a thing carelessly. You must have evidence.
If you don't believe, you may ask other brothers and sisters
and check the church expenditures.
And then, you'll understand.
I'll investigate this matter carefully.
If it is true, such a person is unworthy to serve the Lord.
The series of things that happened greatly irritated Li Zheng.
Believing in the Lord for so many years,
he devoted almost all his energy to shepherding the church.
Li Zheng never expected that a pastor would do such a despicable thing.
In his heart,
if a person who serves the Lord commits sins like the unbelievers,
he isn't a believer in the Lord at all,
much less is he worthy to serve the Lord.
Such a person would only defile God's temple!
Li Zheng felt extremely miserable within.
He didn't understand why such things could happen in the church.
As an elder in the church, what should he do?
Dad, don't get angry.
I didn't accept Almighty God's end-time work blindly.
I have read Almighty God's words.
God's words are very good and solve many of my questions.
Man is absolutely unable to say such words,
and I have been in touch with them for a period of time.
What we heard before are all rumors and the fact is nothing like that.
Brother Li,
you know that all the churches are resisting the “Eastern Lightning,”
but the “Eastern Lightning” thrives increasingly.
Large numbers of believers as well as preachers accept the “Eastern Lightning.”
Isn't it worth our deep thought?
Yes, Uncle. The Bible says that
what is from God will thrive and what is from man will perish.
Uncle, please have a careful investigation
about what the “Eastern Lightning” preaches
before you make the decision, OK?
Wen Jun, I've served the Lord for half of my life.
It is impossible for me to leave the Lord's way.
Zhongdao, I told you long ago
not to get in touch with the “Eastern Lightning,” but you would't listen.
Now even you're deceived. Repent! Don't contact them anymore.
Every day, I warn brothers and sisters to watch and pray,
not to be deceived by the heresy.
I never expected that you would be deceived.
You really let me down! Go away. I want to rest.
Dad, I've believed in the Lord with you from childhood.
At that time, the church gospel was very thriving.
Brothers and sisters were filled with faith
and had great enjoyment in meetings.
Everyone was fervent within and felt the presence of the Lord.
Dad, look at the condition of our church today.
Pastors and elders all strive for fame and gain and raise envy and strife
or scramble for the lectern, hanker after money, and stir up divisions.
Except for preaching about making offerings,
preachers only talked about how to resist the “Eastern Lightning.”
Believers are cold in their faith and become passive and weak,
and they all hanker after the world and money.
The number of people attending meetings is less than half what it was before.
Dad, the church has become so desolate. You've served the Lord for years;
do you think the Lord's presence is still in the church?
Have you thought about the cause to these problems?
Dad, we all know that at the beginning of the Age of the Law,
the temple was full of Jehovah's glory.
People who served Jehovah there displayed full courtesy,
and no one dared to act willfully.
However, at the end of the Age of the Law,
why was the temple so desolate that it became a “den of robbers”?
Because God left the temple and did a stage of new work.
Isn't it so with our church of today?
The previously-thriving church becomes a heap of loose sand
because God has left the church of the Age of the Grace
and has done a stage of new work, but we fail to keep up.
That is to say, now the church is desolate not because such objective reasons
as men's being weak and having no faith or their hankering after the world,
but mainly because God doesn't work in the church of the Age of the Grace.
Now is the end time. All churches are desolate.
We should hold on to the Lord's way and never be deceived.
Uncle, in believing in God, we should seek the truth.
Where there is the expression of the truth, there is God's appearing.
Today, the truth Almighty God expresses
solves all of our difficulties in believing in God.
So it does. Dad, haven't you been exploring the issue of the “Trinity”?
Today Almighty God comes to express the word, which solves this issue.
Let my cousin and the sister discuss it with you, OK?
I have been seeking this issue for decades.
Nobody can explain it very well.
Can you fellowship about it clearly?
Dad, how can they make it?
It is Almighty God who unlocks this mystery.
We didn't understand it until we read Almighty God's word.
That's right!
If God didn't come to tell us personally, mankind could never understand it.
Uncle, let's fellowship.
After that, you can measure
whether this way is worth your seeking and investigation.
Uncle, the saying of the “Triune God”
was established in the Council of Nicaea in the AD 300s.
At that time, the religionists from different countries
argued fiercely about God's unicity and multiplicity.
Eventually, according to man's notion, imagination, reasoning, and logic,
the saying of the “Triune God” was established.
From then on,
people thought that there is God the Father in heaven besides the Lord Jesus.
Uncle, first we should know clearly that such a saying was not spoken by God.
The prophets and apostles didn't say that,
much less did the Holy Spirit ever reveal that.
If there were such a saying, it must have been recorded in the Bible.
It was completely concluded by corrupt mankind.
Therefore, such a saying of the “Triune God”
was from man's mouth and was completely man's will.
Wen Jun, you read too little of the Bible.
The Bible clearly records that after Jesus was baptized,
God's Spirit descended like a dove and lighted on Him,
and a voice from the heaven said,
Besides, before Jesus went to the cross, He prayed,
These verses all mention the Holy Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Don't they show that God is triune?
We can search the Bible.
In the Old Testament Age of the Law,
there wasn't such a saying of the “Trinity” at all.
Only after the Lord Jesus was incarnated and came to the earth
did the saying of “Father and Son” come into being.
Uncle, it is recorded in John: Philip didn't know God.
He thought that the Lord Jesus had a God the Father in heaven.
So, he said to the Lord Jesus, “Lord, show us the Father….”
The Lord Jesus corrected his mistake.
The Father is the Son and the Son is the Father.
“Father and Son” are one and are one Spirit.
The Lord Jesus clearly tells us that He and the Father are one.
The Father and the Son are one.
They are one being, but Their Persons are different.
Didn't Jesus call the God in heaven Father in His prayers?
You still don't understand it!
No matter what, since this is recorded in the Bible,
we can't deny that God is “triune.”
Uncle, as to this issue, the answer is in God's word. I'll read it for you.
Dad, don't be irritated. Quiet down your heart and let them finish, OK?
Uncle, please take a seat.
Brother, sit down please.
Uncle, just now you said,
“The Father and the Son are one and are one being,
but Their Persons are different.”
What does the Lord Jesus mean about the Father and the Son?
About this issue, Almighty God's word already gives the answer.
I'll read it for you.
Uncle, you see, God's word explains it very clearly.
At that time when Jesus prayed,
He called God's Spirit in heaven Father in the position of a created being,
that is, a man.
But it doesn't prove that Jesus is the Son of God's Spirit in heaven.
Before the Lord Jesus went to the cross,
He was only the Son of man and the Christ
but was not a glorious body.
So, the Lord Jesus called the God in heaven Father
in the position of a created being,
that is, the flesh called the Spirit Father.
It shows the Lord Jesus' humbleness and obedience.
I'll read another passage. (OK.)
From God's words, we can see that there is only one God.
When God is incarnated, He has the substance of divinity.
After the flesh finishes His work and returns to the spiritual realm,
He has God's original identity.
Jesus incarnate is the flesh God's Spirit is realized in,
and His substance is still Spirit.
So, there is only one God.
Just because God is incarnated,
there's such a saying of “Father” and “Son.”
However, it only means that the incarnated God
calls the Father in the position of a created being.
Anyhow, the saying of “Father and Son”
is only applicable to the years when Jesus was incarnated.
After Jesus left, there's no longer such a saying of “Father and Son.”
Therefore, we shouldn't regard God as a “Triune God”
because of the saying of “Father and Son.”
God has never said that He's triune.
When Jesus said
“… baptizing them in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,”
it means that people could be baptized in the name of the Father,
in the name of the Holy Spirit, or in the name of the Son.
If they had been certain that Jesus was the incarnated God,
they could have been baptized in Jesus' name.
This is because Jesus is the Father, and the Father and the Son are one.
In the past, the prophets didn't say that,
but it doesn't mean that the “Triune God” doesn't exist.
Otherwise, why is there a record about it in the Bible?
Okay, it's late. It's enough for today. Have a rest.
Uncle, you always have burden for the church believers. Please seek sincerely!
At that moment, Li Zheng didn't want to listen to them anymore.
Although the “Triune God” was the issue he always wanted to explore
since he believed in the Lord,
what Wen Jun and Xia Tong talked about today hit him hard.
How could the “Triune God” he has believed in for more than half of his life
become a fallacy rare throughout the ages in The Word Appears in the Flesh?
Is the saying that
he has held on to for half of his life, the “Triune God,” wrong?
How could it be possible?
The Bible clearly records what Jesus said when He prayed,
This shows there is the Father!
The Holy Father is the Spirit and the Holy Son is the Spirit.
Then, are the Spirits of the Holy Father and the Holy Son
one Spirit or two Spirits?
If they're one Spirit,
why is there such a saying of the Holy Father and the Holy Son?
If they're two Spirits, then what's the difference between these two Spirits?
And the Holy Spirit?
What's the relationship
between the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and the two Spirits?
The Holy Father is Spirit. It's for sure.
The substance of the Holy Son is also Spirit, and this is also right.
The Holy Spirit is Spirit.
What's the difference among these three Spirits?
Are these three Spirits all God?
No, there's only one Spirit and only one God.
Then why are there three Spirits?
The Spirit of the Holy Father is Spirit, the Spirit of the Holy Son is Spirit,
and the Holy Spirit is certainly Spirit.
They are exactly three Spirits.
Is there any difference among these three Spirits?
How should the Spirits of the Holy Father
and the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit be separated?
Are these three Spirits one Spirit?
If they are one, why are they said to be three Spirits?
The words are right!
Nobody has ever said these. Who says these words?
Is the saying of the “Trinity” really a fallacy which does not exist?
No, the “Triune God” is the basic tenet of Christianity.
For two thousand years, believers have held fast to it. It cannot be denied!
That night, Li Zheng tossed about in bed, unable to fall asleep!
He couldn't figure out: The Bible says that there is only one Holy Spirit.
However, the Holy Father is Spirit,
the substance of the Holy Son is also Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is Spirit.
What is the difference among these three Spirits?
If they are different, why is it said that there is only one Spirit?
If they're the same and they are one Spirit,
why are they said to be three Persons?
Li Zheng thought about it again and again but still could not figure it out.
This mystery which is buried in the bottom of his heart
and has troubled him for more than half his life
is also a mystery that the religious world cannot unlock.
Who can explain it clearly?
Li Zheng was somewhat annoyed and perplexed.
He thought that in any way the “Triune God” is the basic tenet of Christianity,
which believers have held on to for two thousand years,
and that it couldn't be denied!
Li Zheng decided to keep it!
Dad, yesterday we didn't finish fellowshipping about the “Triune God.”
Today, let my cousin and the sister continue their fellowship, OK?
I've thought about what you said.
It is kind of reasonable, but it is different from my belief.
God is triune, and this is the basic tenet of Christianity.
For two thousand years, no one denies, but you.
You say that the “Triune God” doesn't exist.
It has departed from the Lord's way. We don't need to talk anymore.
May the Lord show mercy on you! You'd better repent now!
Dad, you are very familiar with the Bible.
There's no record about the word “Trinity” in the Bible at all,
nor has God said it.
Dad, you've studied it for decades. Can you explain it clearly?
You cannot explain it clearly, but today someone else can explain it.
Why don't you listen?
Dad, as an elder of the church, you must consider for the flock!
Concerning such a big matter of the Lord Jesus' return,
why don't you make a careful investigation?
We mustn't resist God!
We mustn't take the wrong path of the Pharisees.
Dad, when I was a child,
you taught me to seek the truth humbly and pray in everything,
hoping that I could become a faithful and sensible servant after I grew up
and be faithful to the Lord's way for my whole life.
Dad, you've served God for so many years.
Today, the Lord Jesus we've expected has finally come back.
We can't be evil servants! Dad…
At first, I didn't believe it.
After investigating it again and again
and reading the word Almighty God expresses,
I firmly believe that the Lord Jesus has really come back.
He has unlocked all the mysteries in the Bible
and solved many problems which puzzled me.
Therefore, I want to preach this gospel to you.
Dad, my mom died early and you are the dearest person to me.
I don't want you to serve God but resist God
and thus be punished by God in the end.
Dad, I beg you to read the book.
Dad, I'll read a passage of Almighty God's word to you.
Hearing those words of Almighty God, Li Zheng was shocked.
Li Zheng felt that these words had authority and power.
He deeply knew that the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
would not be forgiven in this age and the age to come.
Thinking of that, Li Zheng was somewhat afraid. He decided to listen more…
Uncle, we'll continue with our talk from yesterday.
Uncle, can you tell us what the Holy Father is,
what the Holy Son is, and what the Holy Spirit is?
The Holy Father, of course, is Jehovah God,
the Holy Son is Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit is Spirit.
They have no distinction
of being great or small, high or low, and strong or weak.
They are the same being.
Uncle, in the Bible,
when does God testify that He's the Holy Father or He has a Holy Son?
Before Jesus came, did God mention about the Holy Father?
Who says that God in heaven has three Persons
and some day the Holy Son will come to earth?
God has never testified that He's the Holy Father and He has a Holy Son.
The God in heaven has never testified like that.
The “Trinity” came into being after God was incarnated.
Before that, there was no such saying of the “Trinity,”
nor the saying of three Spirits.
The “Triune God” comes from man's imagination and reasoning.
This is because the God in heaven, before God was incarnated,
had never said He has three Spirits,
that is, the Holy Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit.
This is a fact.
Yes! When Jehovah God appeared to Moses,
He didn't say that God has three Spirits,
that is, the Holy Father is one Spirit, the Holy Son is one Spirit,
and the Holy Spirit is another Spirit,
and that the three Spirits in one is God Godself.
At that time, the Lord Jesus didn't say that God is “triune,”
nor did the Holy Spirit testify that God has three Spirits.
Besides, in Revelation, John didn't say that God has three Spirits, right?
Since God didn't say that He is “triune” and the Holy Father didn't say it,
nor did the Holy Son or the Holy Spirit say it,
where did the saying of the “Trinity” come from?
Who reasoned it out? Is it tenable?
Brother Li, since we believe in God, we need to measure
whether these matters are in accordance with the truth according to God's words,
but not according to our reasoning and imagination.
Uncle, do you agree that Jehovah is Spirit?
Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and His substance is Spirit.
Isn't the Holy Spirit still Spirit?
Actually, they are one Spirit. Why are they said to be three Spirits?
The whole religious world has been talking about the Trinity,
but no one can explain it clearly.
They are always self-contradictory and haven't found a correct answer until now.
Uncle, do you agree?
This issue has troubled me for decades, and I've been studying it for decades.
No one can explain it clearly. This is a mystery!
We can never explain it clearly by man's wisdom.
Although man cannot make it, God Godself will explain His matters clearly.
Today, the Lord Jesus has come back and unlocked this mystery to us.
Wen Jun, let's read a passage of God's word to Uncle. (OK.)
Zhongdao, keep reading. (OK.)
Uncle, I'll read another passage.
Uncle, Almighty God's words clearly tell us:
Jehovah is God's Spirit, and Jesus is the incarnated flesh of God's Spirit.
They are one Spirit in substance.
God has only one Person, that is, God's Spirit.
There is only one God and only one God's Spirit.
God is the only true God and He doesn't have three Persons.
The saying of the “Triune God” doesn't exist.
This aspect is also mentioned in another passage of God's word.
I'll read it for you. (OK.)
This is God's personal utterance.
Only God's word has authority and power.
Only God can explain the truth of things clearly
and no created being can explain God's things clearly.
Only God can explain clearly God Godself and God's work.
So, man's notion can't represent the truth
and man's imagination doesn't stand for the true fact.
God is the only true God. The “Triune God” is man's notion.
Hmm. What you've said is quite reasonable.
But this issue is very important. I'll make a good investigation.
Stay here for a few more days. We can talk it over.
Good! (Great!)
After hearing Almighty God's word,
Li Zheng had some knowledge of the saying of the “Triune God.”
The mystery in his heart was gradually unlocked.
He faintly felt that
God was speaking to him and God would thoroughly remove his doubt for years.
At that time, a desire rose up in Li Zheng's heart suddenly.
He wanted to know more about the “Triune God.”
Come in.
Dad, I think these two passages of God's word are very good.
You can read them when you have time.
OK. I'll read it.
Hmm. Get some rest. OK?
All right. I'm leaving, Dad.
For years, I have explored the issue of the “Triune God” with many people.
I've also read many explanations from spiritual men.
In the end, the more I explored, the more confused I was.
Unexpectedly, these young people could speak out such profound words.
I really didn't expect that.
Seems that The Word Appears in the Flesh is out of the ordinary.
Its explanation of this issue indeed makes me feel clearer.
No ordinary people can speak these words.
Uncle, let's read another passage.
Cousin, let me read a passage. (OK.)
Uncle, from God's words, we can see:
God wanted to do the redemptive work,
but God's Spirit couldn't directly accomplish the work of crucifixion,
and it could only be accomplished
through God's Spirit being clothed with the flesh.
Therefore, God came to earth from heaven,
and His Spirit was realized in the flesh
and became a man to accomplish all His work of divinity.
In this way,
the Father lived in the flesh and the flesh expressed the Spirit's will.
However, people of that time didn't know that Jesus was God's incarnated flesh.
Thus, God testified His own flesh in the position of the Spirit
and called the God in the flesh Son,
and the God in the flesh called the Spirit within Father
in the position of the flesh.
Thus, there is the saying of “Father and Son,” but They are still one.
Just because of the need of the work and the different positions God stands in,
the addresses are different.
Hmm. Yes!
In a word, God is absolutely not a “Triune God” or a “three-in-one God.”
God is forever the only true God!
Wen Jun, the words you read are indeed the words that
the Holy Spirit speaks to the churches and they're the Holy Spirit's voice.
I completely accept them. They are wonderful!
Can you give me a book of God's word? I want to make a good investigation.
Of course. Thank God! (Great!)
Li Zheng finally understood
that the “Triune God” didn't exist at all and that God is the only true God,
and there's no such saying as “Persons.”
A doubt which disturbed him for more than half of his life
was eventually resolved.
His heart was greatly relieved.
In the two weeks that followed,
Li Zheng eagerly read the book The Word Appears in the Flesh,
and he even forgot about eating, drinking, and sleeping.
During that period, he read “Christ Does the Work of Judgment with the Truth,”
“Knowing the Three Stages of Works Is the Way to Know God,”
“When You See Jesus' Spiritual Body,
It Will Already Be the Time God Renews Heaven and Earth,”
“Those Incompatible with Christ Are Surely Ones Who Resist God,”
“Only the Last Christ Can Bestow to Man the Way of Eternal Life,” and so on,
all together over ten pieces of Almighty God's word.
What these words of God brought to Li Zheng
surpassed his gains in the half of his life.
From God's word,
he knew God's six-thousand-year management plan
consisting of three stages of works,
how Satan corrupts mankind, and how God saves mankind step by step.
After reading these words of God,
Li Zheng was sure that the “Eastern Lightning” he resisted
was exactly the Lord Jesus he had been expecting for long.
He felt very remorseful for what he had done.
O God! I'm expecting Your return every day.
I never dreamed that
I would welcome You in such a way when You came back.
I believe in You, yet resist You.
I've followed You for … for so many years,
but I have been dividing You and have never treated You
as the one true God.
O God! I'm a sinner. I'm the foremost of sinners.
I … I'm not worthy. I … I … I'm not worthy. O God…
At that moment, Li Zheng had mingled feelings of joy and sorrow.
He fell on his knees and wept bitterly, not knowing what to say to God.
He finally saw the Lord Jesus he had been expecting for many years.
However, it never occurred to him that when the Lord came, he didn't know Him,
but misunderstood, judged, and resisted Him all the time.
Extremely regretful, he couldn't express his inner feelings with any words.
Li Zheng decided to make up for his indebtedness to the Lord
with his actual actions.
He would expose his evil deeds to the light completely,
so as to admonish those who resisted God like him.
No matter what price he had to pay,
he would wake up the brothers and sisters
who were blinded by the rumors and bound by the wicked servants,
and bring all of them before Almighty God.
Li Zheng led dozens of church co-workers to seek and investigate the true way.
Though Pastor Yan and Pastor Gong got extremely angry,
hindering and disturbing in every possible way,
their thirsty heart for the truth wasn't shaken at all.
Brothers and sisters, let's read another passage of Almighty God's word.
Please turn to “Preface” in The Word Appears in the Flesh.
Let's read the first paragraph together.
Ready? Begin.
Amen. (Amen.)
Thank God!
Brothers and sisters, through the seeking and investigation in this period,
it is proved that the “Eastern Lightning” we resisted before
is the Lord Jesus' coming again
and the book The Word Appears in the Flesh
is the word the Holy Spirit speaks to the churches.
From this book, I've learned a lot.
Especially, it solves the issue of the “Triune God,”
which has puzzled me for decades.
Deceived and bound by the absurd traditional doctrines from the religious world,
I have been dividing God as the “Triune God”
and have been misunderstanding, judging, and resisting God.
I'm the foremost of sinners.
Brothers and sisters,
it is God's great tolerance and patience that I can accept God's new work today.
According to my judgment and resistance to God before,
I deserve God's curse and punishment.
But God shows mercy on me and loves me with His great heart,
and gives me a chance to bear a testimony here.
Brothers and sisters,
I resist God's work,
because I'm too foolish and too ignorant and have no place for God in my heart,
and I even take the doctrines and creeds
summed up from man's imagination as the truths
and stubbornly hold onto them,
and condemn and resist God's work with these theories.
I'm too blind!
As the Scripture says,
Brothers and sisters, I've served God for dozens of years.
Though I'm not so faithful,
I've never expected that I would become a hypocritical Pharisee.
At that time, the Lord Jesus rebuked the Pharisees,
Today, I play this role.
While serving God, I don't know God but resisted God.
I not only didn't bring people to God,
but hindered them from accepting God's end-time work.
I'm exactly a modern-day Pharisee and an antichrist who deceives others.
I'm really so blind and foolish!
I have served God for so many years,
but I have no fear of God at all and crucify Him again.
I'm really too indebted to God and feel too ashamed to face you.
I deserve to die, and deserve to be cursed.
It says in Revelation,
Now, I understand the true meaning of this word.
When God appears publicly,
all those who resist Him will weep and gnash their teeth.
If it were not for God's tolerance and mercy,
I would have been one who weeps and gnashes his teeth.
God's love for me is so great,
and His grace of salvation for me is really beyond words.
O God! I've believed in You for so many years. I'm truly blind. (Amen!)
You speak to me, but I don't know You. (Amen! Yes! )
You express many truths, but I judge Your words, (O Lord.)
condemn Your words, and resist Your work. (Amen! O Lord.)
I've been regarding You as the “Triune God”
and dividing You like this, (O Lord.)
and I really grieved Your heart. (Amen!)
O God, I've been serving You but resisting You. (Amen!)
I'm really the foremost of sinners. (Amen!)
Having done such a great evil, I'm an out-and-out antichrist. (Amen!)
O God, I have committed a great sin, a monstrous sin. (Amen!)
I really feel ashamed to come before You, (Amen!)
and I'm not worthy to live before You. (Amen!)
Even if You give me death, I'll absolutely obey, (Amen!)
and make no more complaints. (O Lord.)
O God, in the past, I thought that I obeyed You sincerely.
Now I see that I indeed resist You. (Amen!)
I'm Your enemy. (Amen!)
O God, I have nothing to say, (Amen!)
but can only bitterly hate and curse myself. (Amen!)
O God, I'm not worthy to accept Your commission, (Amen!)
only wish to bring all the believers around me before You and return them to You
so as to comfort You. (Amen! O Lord.)
No matter how You punish me, I'll absolutely obey. (Amen!)
Even if You destroy me in hell, it's Your righteousness. (Amen!)
O God! I thank and praise You. (Amen! O Lord.)
O God! (O God!)
O Lord, please forgive me…
I deserve to die…
O Lord, if You strike us, it is Your righteousness…
O Lord, please save me. O Lord…
I was wrong. I resisted You.
O God, we deserve to die ten thousand times.
When the believers fell down to the ground
and repented and confessed to Almighty God, all of them wept!
In believing in the Lord, they expected the Lord's return.
Today the Lord Jesus has finally come back,
and their wish of years has come true.
However, the believers never expected that they would welcome their God,
who they had been yearning for day and night in such a way!
At that moment, everyone was mingled with various feelings.
The Lord has come back,
with His righteousness and majesty and with His authority and power.
He has expressed all the truths man needs,
and has started the work of chastisement and judgment.
Just like that, Li Zheng and his co-workers brought before God
the more than two thousand brothers and sisters in their denomination,
and they kept up with the pace of the working of the Holy Spirit.
Under the watering and supplying of Almighty God's word,
they began their brand new church life.
Thank you for watching!
Focus on “Ironclad Proofs,”
focus on God's work,
and focus on the destiny of mankind.
See you next time!
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Christian Movie | The Father and the Son Are One | "Exploration of the 'Trinity'"

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Susie published on April 25, 2019
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