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I think it's about time that we sat down and engaged in some real talk about what
it means to be a graphic designer and graphic design as a career that's coming
right up here at the satori graphics as well as me giving you some advice and
knowledge on being a successful designer in 2018
what is up people welcome back to satori graphics the home of graphic
design content right here on YouTube I've never done this on my channel
before as I normally do tutorials on a technical side of graphic design however
a few things in my mind and I do have people contact me all the time via email
and other forms of social media about how to be a graphic designer
and the business side of the industry I have something I've just made up myself
and if someone else already done this fair enough but I just made this up and
that is the three P's I'm going to tell you what the three P's are later and all
three of them are crucial for you to be a successful designer in this day and
age but first I want to ask you guys a question what does it mean to be a
graphic designer to you what does it mean to be a graphic
designer think about it and maybe put a comment
in the comment section below I'm gonna give you my answer at the very end of
this video because I feel that many designers design logos posters or
whatever and they don't actually know what they're doing or they don't know
what their role is sure they know how to design something they don't actually
know what they're doing as a whole so some real talk on graphic designers of
Korea coming from someone with a nearly a decade of experience
the first P is persistence I was thinking about this yesterday but if I
was magically sucked back ten years to when I was in university or heck even
when I just finished university and even if I knew what I did now it would still
be a very very big mountain to climb to be to where I am right now today
forget about Mount Everest to establish yourself in graphic design as a
successful designer takes a lot of work and it needs a big slug and ice even if
I had the knowledge that I do today but the thing is if you talk to anybody
who's climbed Mount Everest they're gonna tell you that it was
really really difficult and it was brutal but it was one of the best
experiences in their life likewise something there becoming a professional
and established graphic designer it's worthwhile and anything worthwhile takes
a lot of time and effort and persistence that's why persistence is the first P of
the three peers I can't really think back to a time where anybody in my
career that's handed me something that's put me to where I am today for free I've
had to work slog and fight it out to get to where I am today sure they're gonna
be times when you're kicked down and even kicked when you are still down but
you know what you have to get back up if something goes wrong if it's fixable
sure give it some time energy to fix it but if you can just forget about it and
move on every single designer out there has hard
times what they want to quit and then down on everything but you know what
we've all come back from it and we all can fly again to see another day and
design a new project so you need to have persistence and you need to keep going
and going and going nothing in life that's worth doing is
ever easy and sure you're going to beat negative people this industry that's
just par for the course and it's to be expected
I've had my fair share of brood and hard to work with clients you'll either deal
with their well you just move on to the next one but don't let a few negative
responses or our interactions ruin your career as a graphic designer
keep persisting and keep going on
the next P on my list of three P's that you must have within yourself as a
graphic designer to be successful it's passion I'm talking about that fire in
your belly about that gusto you should have when being a designer it could be
anything it could be you know you turned on by typography it could be that every
time you see a professional logo you marvel at it in all it could be anything
to do with this but as a designer we all probably should have these things inside
of us that when we see them it triggers inspiration it makes us want to create
something for me it's pretty much been um editorial design magazine layer on
typography I can spend hours looking at professional design online of this
nature so I'm asking you guys what is your passion when it comes to graphic
design what trick is you into wanting to go your head and create something
amazing and be the best designer that you can be if you haven't got a passion
you have punk all that fire that's gonna give you drive and determination to keep
going and wanting to create more and more and more what do you think Kurt
Cobain spent 10 hours a day playing his guitar because you love doing it
simple as that and if you'd love doing something you're gonna keep coming back
to an it over and over again and it's gonna become second nature and of course
the more you do something the better you get at it and my dad always told me that
he doesn't care what I do and I'm older even if I'm cleaning dust bins and sure
he might not have had like high expectations for me but his point was
that I should do something I enjoy in life there's no point being stuck in a
job that you don't enjoy doing so you need to have passion you need to have
passion so you can take your design work to that next level
I'm sure 99% of graphic designers love what they do to some extent I know I do
I know many designers that I know do too so what is your passion lemon in the
comment section below
the last P on this list of three P's is practice yeah I know it's quite cliche
everyone's going to tell you practice makes perfect yada yada yada but it's
true just think about it if you spend ten hours doing something you're gonna
have a like a basic understanding of it but if you do that for a thousand hours
well you're gonna be any way to become a professional right it's said that it
takes 10,000 hours of practice to master anything now of course that's just like
a rough guest and it's gonna be different for everyone but the point is
that it takes a lot of work and a lot of time to master anything so you need to
refine your skills you need to keep practicing get really good at what you
love and what your passion is I left University nearly nine years ago now and
I'm still learning things every single day within a day Bailey straighter which
I teach you guys so I'm still learning as well for example there are a few
shortcuts and a few hacks about the pen - I didn't know about before so keep
practicing and keep going on with your skills if you think about sport there is
no athlete out there who basically goes to training twice a week for a few hours
and then turns up into dominates the game every single weekend it just
doesn't happen they put in hours and hours and hours of
work every single day to be where they are now and of course all of these peas
tie in together the passion they keep coming back with their passion for it
persistence to keep persisting because they want to be the best and practice
practice makes everything perfect going back to persistence a second I was
meaning to tell you guys that if you look on social media on Instagram in
facebook groups about graphic design you find a community you find people helping
each other now this is amazing this is great and with the advent of like social
media and internet this has been a very very positive outcome for sure but when
it comes down to the nitty-gritty when you're there trying to secure a job with
a client things can get brutal out there essentially in the day everyone's
fighting for themselves everybody wants to earn money and you are going to get
rejected and you are gonna get turned down and you are gonna lose jobs that's
just how it is but keep persisting and keep fighting on
so there are my three P's and being a successful designer in 2018 that you all
must have as a graphic designer persistence passion and practice let me
two of today's video in the comment section below and drop a like if you
didn't enjoy it share my content on social media because
it really does help our channel yesterday uploaded the video that I
wasn't actually totally happy about so I brought it down so for those few people
that did see it before I pulled it down that's why it's not there anymore I can
be a perfectionist sometimes and it might be my downfall but I rushed it and
I wasn't happy with the final outcome so yeah until next time
design your future today peace at the start of the video I asked you all a
question and that question was what does it mean to be a graphic designer
I totally forgot to answer it when I was recording maybe because I got sucked
into the main topic which was persistence passion and practice so I'm
going to give you my input to this question now I'm also looking forward to
what you guys have written in the description below in relation to this
question I see graphic designers as being translators this might not make
sense at first but just think about it for a second a graphic designer creates
visual communication we speak for brands and companies we express a feeling we
send information and sell things through visual communication we act as
translators between the seller and the buyer we engage and interest people into
something that they either have an interest in already or if they don't
know about that is essentially our job to communicate in a visual manner that's
my answer to the question of what it means to be a graphic designer
this obviously applies more to local design and brand design but in general
graphic design is a form of visual communication quite simply put
but yeah in closing I hope you enjoy today's video I know something a little
bit different to what you normally have here in this channel and of course I'm
going to keep on with Adobe Illustrator tutorials under technical aspects of
graphic design in general that's always going to be the backbone on this channel
here as a thorough graphics but remember to subscribe if you haven't done already
and to turn on your notifications also let me know what you guys want to see
here on this channel and for the second time today
until next time design your future today peace
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Graphic Design As A Career | REAL TALK Ep1

85 Folder Collection
TK published on April 24, 2019
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