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So my friend recently had a baby
My (other) friend and I are thinking of coming up with...
A big...
Baby package
Full of baby essentials and baby clothes
This is soooo cute!
I want to get him some...
teething toys...
The problem is I don't know what my friend has and what he doesn't have...
I see nappies and I see different sizes and...
I don't know what it means
2-5 kilograms
1 or 2...?
Ahh, I don't know how big he is!
I should ask for his weight
Everything is so cute!!!
It's so cute!!!
It's a dinosaur
Need to send these over to Tam
The first thing we got was
A few baby essentials
I've got baby nappies- one in size 3 and one in size 2
I think he's size 2 at the moment
And he should grow into size 3 next
Next thing I've got are
baby wipes!
These are water wipes
Which are 99.9% made out of water
And then we got...
a few babygrows!
We got this one in zebra
This little car
Just a plain one
And a sailor one here
The cutest one is this one
This teddy bear dungarees
Look how cute that is!
I also got this Matchstick Monkey teething toy
He'll be teething soon
So he'll definitely need one of these
Back home for the weekend!
And I have really missed driving my car!
So going to my friend's house
To meet Baby Ayannnnnnn!
Let's go!
Can you say something, mate?
The state of the economy is not too good!
Brexit is very detrimental!
Is it true that you have fake butt implants?
No? Yes?
Are you pooing?
Do you have permission to poo?
Do you have a lavatory pass?
Do you have a lavatory pass, yeah?
He's glaring at you, Tam
Aw you look so cute together!
Actually it could be your baby, innit
Could be your baby
- Could it be my baby?

All babies like...
All babies look the standard.
- Look the same?

Look Asian
Asian babies look all the same!
What Asian though? Because the Asian, us Asians are different
I think Asian is us Asian
When we say Asian, do you think your Asian or us Asian?
Depends if they're American
If they're from the rest of the world or the UK
By Asian I mean, East Asian and West Asian
We're not West Asian, fam...
We're South Asian!!!
Did you hear what your Dad said!?
What's West Asia then?
What's West Asian?
- No one says West Asian!

They say South Asian!
But we're-
-What's West Asian?

Isn't that just...White? lol
No one's ever said West Asian!
West Asian, what's that? Europe.
He's so comfortable it seems...
It looks like he's following the camera
Are you following the camera?
Is this your good side? Or is that your good side, what do you think?
Who's that handsome boy in the frame? Hmm?
Is that you?
Ooooh feisty one you are
He's looking at it like "what the hell?"
- What the flame?!

What's happened now?
Who is that?
Why does he look like me?
He's sticking his tongue out at himself
Oh yeah, you like the swaying~
He looks so drunk
Oh no he's about to spit out
No, he swallowed it.
- Gross!

It's like ah ah mmmmmm
He's proper staring into it
Naughty monkey!
You can see the little tongue!
- Monkey baby

Doesn't he look like a monkey?
Yeah but like adorable! Awww!
I should probably go because I'm filming someone's garden lol
Going to walk all the way to my Grandma's house
Don't know what's happening with my hands lately
But getting crazy rashes
Like this...
And this
And this
And here as well
And it's driving me mad
Because as some of you guys may know I do have a history of eczema
But I went through something called "Topical steroid withdrawal" two years ago
I did try and make a video about this but
never ever got round to finishing it.
(Diojiu) Grandma!
(Cantonese) Your hair is too long!
(Cantonese) Washing your hair is effort
(Cantonese) What you showing me?
(Cantonese) That's good exercise
Grandma, where am I?
Which one is me?
Are you this one?
I can't see!
Chop off those ends!
You look like a fricking ghost!
Grandma farted...
Yes I did!
These are so pretty
When am I ever going to get my own house like this!?
I'm so poor T_T
The hype for this
(dancing to Gangnam Style)
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daily UK life ep. 3 - hello baby!

79 Folder Collection
TT published on April 21, 2019
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