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we get a lot of videos actually from students studying abroad to make the
case that their country's universities are better than university in the u_s_
has had belgium eva canada we've had the u_k_ will finally we get a video from a
student is making the opposite cases from will he's studying in the u_k_
right now and he makes the case that the schools there are much easier than
schools in the u_s_ abacha's reviews on the three years long
i mean given did you do dissertation at the end of the provision of only eight
to ten thousand words long
anyways at the airport managing upon the results
another point is that people need to be
six classes and your
they don't one of the semester system if the terms of some sort of returns
the same classes for the four-year embark on we have a lot more assessments
here there's maybe one or two research papers and one of them
there's an exam of all and that's what the whole entire year you need thirty
five percent
to path
carrying five percent
possible solution don't think there were two sisters on
i mean i don't know if it's just the u dot bye ma'am right
people don't refer cost
promising american who's standing in the day right traveling abroad so i don't
know maybe that's is way up like you don't take a jab at institutions in the
u_k_ while saying that you know american study a lot harder
it's interesting that he brings that up because there is a sin tire documentary
called race to nowhere where they talk about how there's too much pressure on
students in the united states right not i've personally don't buy that out all i
don't think there's too much pressure in terms of academics i think there's
definitely too much pressure when it comes to standardized testing
um... but you know their students who complain about too many study hours too
many classes to take too many test too many books to read
online on it so difficult why can i just focus on living my dream in final and
most passionate
it's the model that they're trying to go after in in this particular school he's
going to in the u_k_ i don't know what there
i guess objective is do you think this is just some slacker school or do you
think it's just a different model the more used to in the united states and it
could be a very successful model
uh... i'm not sure enforcing business say which particular school this is
possible that he's going to universities that isn't as rigorous is like oxford or
can produce
they've been anyway oxfam kolkata it's possible he is going to school it isn't
quite as rigorous um... he doesn't say unfortunately uh... but capital of the
things like
isn't pennies in the middle studies like this stuff is so is young and they could
be a fancy word to you about the threat of unelected that the philosophy behind
the schools is definitely different in different countries with a focus on
we're focused on cigarettes testing you gotta get the grades
there they need thirty five percent the past year we need sixty five or seventy
or something like that or more focus on the numbers
well that's a sort of the general education sort of liberal arts aspect
uh... but that's what i love about getting his views from different
countries you get the car window into those different worlds right after we
leave you see how different models could work for students seen a lot
and definitely
the power of the pressure to do well on standardized testing here in the u_s_
keeps kids in like this box where they don't focus enough on their futures with
their passion about and would be really wanted to
so maybe man
avoiding focusing on number so much to be a really great thing
so um... and i i would love to get another video from him to get a better
idea of what university he goes to and why they use that kind of model um...
and of course perception is everything maybe to him it's like the easiest thing
in the world into other since he can be difficult no
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UK Universities Easier than US Colleges? Drama!

180 Folder Collection
Vera published on April 16, 2019
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