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  • Hello everyone! Many students asked me how I learned English.

  • My answer is quite simple.

  • I never paid attention in English classes in high school.

  • That's not a joke!

  • Don't take it the wrong way.

  • I love my high school teachers. They were amazing!

  • The thing is, I hated textbooks so much. They were so boring!

  • So I read lots of novels. I watched TV series, especially those TV shows.

  • They were so interesting.

  • I loved them. I spent time on it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  • Most importantly, I was a little bit dramatic while I was watching the shows.

  • We will get to that later.

  • When it comes to learning English, there's an annoying myth.

  • I can't speak English fluently because I have a limited vocabulary.

  • And...

  • Grammar it's not my friend!

  • Remember how you learned your mother tongue?

  • Let's say the first day you learned the word "apple."

  • Your mom and daddy introduced apple to you.

  • They kept chanting "apple".

  • And you were like what on earth is apple?

  • Then you found, hmm... it smells so good. It's tasty!

  • So you happily shouted " Apple! Yummy!"

  • Your mommy and daddy were so happy!

  • They even posted a video of you trying apples on Facebook.

  • And got thousands of likes.

  • So how did you learn the word "apple"?

  • It's a connection between the word and all the vivid memories.

  • Including your parents' smiley faces, the taste of the apple, and you will never forget.

  • To put it another way, you have to feel the language when you learn it.

  • It's like when we live in a foreign country, we soon pick up the language.

  • You must be thinking now...

  • Great! Serena, You know what?

  • I cannot move to another country,

  • so I don't have an all-English environment.

  • You can create the environment yourself.

  • Here are some tips:

  • First, don't think that you have to learn general English that you can use in all kinds of situations in like three weeks or three months.

  • It will be a long journey.

  • So you have to break it into small and actionable steps.

  • For example, if you are a foodie, start with food, find interesting videos online about your favorite food,

  • pick up those words and use it immediately.

  • By doing so, you won't feel stressed out.

  • Because you only need a certain amount of vocabulary to describe the items you like.

  • That also means, you will be willing to practice on a daily basis.

  • Second, let's talk about shadowing.

  • I know you've heard that! But, did you do it right?

  • Why shadowing is helpful?

  • It's for us to have the connections between the situation in the TV shows and the spoken English.

  • When you shadow, you not only learn what you're saying, you also have to pretend that you are the actor or actress in the TV shows.

  • That's what I did when I was in high school.

  • For example, when the actor shouted "I can't believe it."

  • I would say "I can't believe it!"

  • Why dramatic shadowing can help you learn English effectively?

  • Because you will have vivid memories.

  • Just like the first time you tried apples, and learned the word "apple".

  • So, let's learn English together and have fun!

Hello everyone! Many students asked me how I learned English.

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