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Okay technically I could be done and this is a really happy, colorful poop but one thing that I want to also add is maybe some glitter...
This is Angela Guzman.
In 2008, she was a design intern at Apple a year after the first iPhone was released.
On day one she had no idea what her assignment would be.
And they sort of just said, "Oh you're gonna draw a bunch of emoji," and I'm like what's an emoji?
And I was a little bit embarrassed to ask that question but actually I think a lot of people that speak English at the time didn't know what an emoji was.
Somebody sort of chuckled in the background and they're like oh it's it's an icon, it's an image, it's an something that expresses an emotion like an emoticon.
Well it may be hard to imagine a world before emoji.
In the summer of 2008, only about 13% of Americans even owned a smartphone.
When I joined I did not have an iPhone I had a flip phone, and I remember my manager saying get that away from me.
Here's an iPhone.
Guzman worked closely with her mentor Raymond Sepulveda on the illustrations.
Raymond is definitely a big shot in the icon world.
Together, they ended up designing around 500 of the original emoji.
The ones that I've done that, the ones I really like are the party popper, all the colorful hearts, so the red heart is pretty popular.
And then there's some that are not as popular I would say, but that I still gravitate towards because of the attention to detail.
And that's like the gas pump because it still had real text to indicate how many gallons there were.
But the little icons were not initially intended for an American audience and were not made widely available here until years later.
The explanation was, we need to provide these emoji, these icons, for the Japanese market.
And in the Japanese culture was quite common to have an emoji keyboard, but as we all know like after a couple of years it went everywhere.
Emoji did indeed go everywhere, transforming the way we communicate digitally.
And helping resolve the very 21st century problem of conveying emotion while texting.
In 2011, Apple officially made the emoji keyboard available in the US.
Soon Guzman started seeing emoji paraphernalia popping up everywhere.
I was extremely surprised when I started to see them in what I called the wild.
Oxford dictionary even dubbed this emoji the 2015 word-of-the-year saying it was the word that best reflected the ethos, mood and preoccupations of 2015.
With hundreds of emoji to design Guzman and Sepulveda figured out some time-saving tricks by reusing the same design for multiple, sometimes unexpected purposes.
Guzman's favorite story is how the happy poop emoji came to be. Sepulveda designed that one.
He was really inspired by an ice-cream swirl.
He kind of looked at both of them simultaneously and he ended up starting with a happy poop first.
And then when it was time to draw the ice-cream cone he went on to copy/paste it and changed the color and that was pretty much it.
As for why the poop is happy, that will forever remain a mystery.
Then, there are the emoji that were an absolute headache to design like the engagement ring which was Guzman's first.
The engagement ring probably took me about three days to make.
Three solid days to make of constantly looking at the screen for eight hours a day.
When it came to like the diamond for example, I had no idea how to render something that was so shiny and see-through.
But when Steve Jobs reviewed the set about halfway through her internship, the response was overwhelmingly positive.
As for herself, one of Guzman's personal favorite emoji is this.
This, because that's how I feel half of the time, like what?!
But clearly Guzman knows what she's doing.
After four years at Apple, she now works as a design lead at Google, managing teams of user-experience designers.
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Apple's Emoji Origin Story

7154 Folder Collection
Jessieeee published on June 28, 2019    Jessieeee translated    Evangeline reviewed
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