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  • A storm.

  • I was at work when a violent storm started.

  • At first, it was just rain.

  • Soon after that, a strong wind picked up.

  • There hadn't been such a storm for years.

  • Suddenly, my colleague told me that someone was hanging out near my car.

  • That day I had parked it in the street, across the road from my office.

  • Angry and worried, I rushed outside into the rain.

  • There was nobody near my car.

  • But when I approached it, I noticed that one thing had changed.

  • Somebody had shut the roof hatch of my car that I had left open in the morning so that the rain didn't get inside.

  • After Katrina.

  • Hurricane Katrina destroyed the house of Joanna but that wasn't the worst.

  • The young woman had to move in with her parents.

  • She was in despair, but the reason wasn't her lost belongings.

  • During the hurricane, her beloved cat, Simone, had disappeared.

  • Joanna didn't know anything about her destiny.

  • Six years passed but the woman never considered adopting another pet.

  • One day, Joanna got a phone call.

  • A man introduced himself.

  • He was from the Human Society of the United States, the most popular animal protection organization.

  • He informed Joanna that her cat had been found.

  • When the shocked woman came to pick Simone up, the cat recognized her at first sight and rushed toward her.

  • Nowadays, Joanna and Simone are inseparable.

  • A sales assistant's story.

  • I work in a clothes store in Boston, and nothing special ever happened there before.

  • Then one day, I had two customers.

  • It was a lovely couple: a tall man and a nice woman.

  • The man was holding the hand of the woman who seemed very shy.

  • All the time, she was staying close by his side.

  • The man started to explain to me what they needed.

  • It was some clothes for the woman.

  • I found the whole situation extremely strange because it was the man who described the color and the style of the necessary clothes.

  • He mentioned what size they needed and specified that the fabric had to be very soft.

  • At the same time, the woman kept silence.

  • I went off in search of the garments.

  • All the time that I spent choosing skirts, dresses, and pants, I was thinking about how bossy the man was.

  • After all, he didn't let his partner utter a single word!

  • When I returned, the man took the clothes and thanked me.

  • After that, he took the hand of the woman and carefully led her toward the fitting rooms.

  • And at that moment it dawned on me.

  • The woman was blind, and the man did all he could to take care of her.

  • A poor man.

  • We were traveling across Africa with my friend when this happened.

  • One day, we encountered a poor man.

  • He was gaunt and exhausted.

  • We asked him how to get to the post office, and he showed us the way.

  • After that, my friend struck up a conversation with the man.

  • We got to know that he hadn't eaten for two days.

  • My friend offered the hungry man his sandwich.

  • And the first thing the poor man said was "We can divide it into three parts"!

  • Your kindness pays off.

  • This happened on the day when I was driving to a job interview.

  • It was the final stage of the hiring process, and I had to meet with a big boss that day.

  • I was incredibly excited since it was the job of my dream in a big corporation.

  • On my way, I saw a woman.

  • She was standing by the side of the road near her car.

  • She looked distraught.

  • One of the tires of her vehicle was flat.

  • I knew that I could be late for the interview.

  • Nevertheless, I stopped to help her to change the tire.

  • She thanked me, and I hurried to the interview.

  • Imagine my surprise when I found out that she was my interviewer!

  • She was the CEO of the company.

  • It probably won't surprise you that I got the job.

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A storm.

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