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Looking for a laundry bin...
[£30 for a laundry bin!? No thanks!]
Which one shall I get?
Hmm...I don't want to spend more than £15...
(Seems impossible to find one that is < £15...)
I think I'm killing my plants...
The tips have gone...
I don't think I'm overwatering it though?
I water it like...once every 2 weeks?
And I'm getting new leaves sprouting...
So I don't know if it's dying or...what...
[Cutting potatoes]
[The sound of cutting onions]
[Chopping courgettes]
[Drizzling sesame oil]
[Frying beef]
[Adding onions and potatoes to the pan]
I wanted to buy the wheat noodles (I meant jajangmyeon/udon noodles)
But this (spaghetti) is 30p!
So it's like SO MUCH CHEAPER
[Adding courgettes to pan]
[Adding 2-3 tablespoons of black bean paste]
[Stir and mix well]
[Adding cold water]
[Adding 2 tablespoons of sugar]
My answer to everything:
nuoc mam (Vietnamese for fish sauce)
[Adds one tablespoon of fish sauce]
[Stir in and add a few tablespoons of cornflour to thicken]
(Food is ready to serve!)
It sounds so...
I wonder how it tastes...
That was pretty good
A bit TOO spicy though (Added too many chillies lol)
[comical music]
[sneezing] ATCHOO!
I'm going to sneeze!
[sneezing] ATCHOO!
[sneezing] ATCHOO!
[sneezing] ATCHOO!
[sneezing] ATCHOO!
[sneezing] ATCHOO!
[Am I going to sneeze again...?]
[Playing Duolingo]
(Vietnamese) I'm here, can you see me?
You will...
[Watching Trevor Noah] If you lose your accent, don't come back
Did you just threaten me?
What does that mean if you lose your accent?
How do you LOSE your accent?
People make it sound like you're going to be walking down the street
And then just out of the blue you'll be like
?????? [taps pockets]
Where the hell is my- OH!
(different voice) Oh hello!
How are you going to LOSE your accent?
So the landlady said her ex was really angry one day
And he punched the door
Causing this crack
And she hasn't gotten it fixed
Instead she's just covered it up with a mirror in a shape of a hand
Which looks really ugly
So we took off the mirror
And now I've got like this hand mark here
And I've been trying to figure out what I want to cover it up with
I'm thinking of covering it up with...
Some posters or something
Or a painting or something
I'm not sure what kind of ...
Designs I want on it?
What to buy...
To buy or not to buy... #indecisive
[Signing in British Sign Language]
How are you?
Can you sign?
All love is the same
You are right?
Where are you going?
I'm going to school
I'm going to work
I'm going home
I don't know what to say...
I don't know what to talk about (as always lol)
Other than...
I'm not doing much these days...apart from...
Working all the time...
Working, sleeping, eating, cooking
Dancing. I am still dancing by the way.
This tap water tastes so bad...
So bad...
(But continues to drink it anyway lol)
I've been going to like Chinese church recently...
I'm not a religious person.
And I don't consider myself a Christian or anything like that.
But sometimes I will go to church
And I guess it's because my Mum is Christian and I used to go to church as a child
But the past few weeks I've been going to Chinese church
Because I use English every day
And I hardly get to practise my Cantonese
And I can just feel like my Chinese skills are just going [decreasing hand motion]
And like proper decreasing
And just getting worse because I use English every day.
And if you don't use a language, you will LOSE the language!
I found like my local Chinese church community
And they do a bilingual service of
Cantonese and Mandarin
Which is great for me because I get to learn like two languages in one!
(Cantonese) Why have you received this rescue?
(sentence is translated in Mandarin).
(Cantonese) That is because they serve God's will
(sentence is translated to Mandarin)
And I get to talk to people in Cantonese
which is great because
My Chinese skills are dying #RIP
[Church music]
I will just... leave it at that
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daily life vlog | living alone & my indoorsy life

142 Folder Collection
TT published on March 24, 2019
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