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Hey guys welcome back to the English factory so today we're going to be doing level 5 Lesson 1.
So if you're ready, let's start.
So today's words are
abandon, abandoned, abolish, absurd, abundance
So the first one
abandon: so abandon means to leave something or give up on something
So for example number one : He always abandons his friends.
He always leaves his friends
Maybe he leaves early or he doesn't go to meet his friends.
So he always abandons his friends, okay?
Next one.
Abandoned : so abandoned means something that has been left or unwanted okay?
So number two this is an abandoned car.
This is an unwanted car.
Next one abolish : so abolish means to stop something or end something okay, discontinue, okay?
So usually It it's related to country laws, okay.
So number three I will abolish this law.
I will discontinue this law.
I will stop this law. I will end this law.
So abolish.
Next one.
Absurd so absurd means inappropriate or very unreasonable
Okay, so number four : his speech is absurd.
His speech is very inappropriate.
So maybe he gave just a really crazy speech so everybody thinks it is very inappropriate.
Okay, so last one.
Abundance means a very large amount of something okay?
Number five : we Have food in abundance.
We have a lot of food, basically.
So those are the words for today
I hope they were easy for you to understand if you have any questions or need more help, please feel free to comment, or leave a message.
I hope you have a super fantastic day, and I'll see you next time peace.
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Vocabulary Words for TOEIC English Test (Level 5 Lesson 1)

5271 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on March 18, 2019
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