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Hey great you're back, this time I'm in the city of love...
... the main capital of France..
... and the place home to more dogs than people.
Welcome in Paris.
To amp out the city for you I've got this map for you. 20 arrondissements make up Paris.
Every arrondissement comes with it's own local government...
...their own mayor and city hall like everything in Paris is highly bureaucratic.
Starts out with the 1st arrondissement to then snail around in a spiral shape the rest of the city.
For most people arriving in Paris this is your point of entry, as it is for me, Gare Du Nord.
Whether you arrive by train from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium or England this is where you'll arrive in Paris.
Also when you pick up the train from Charles de Gaulle Airport, a trip which takes up to 1 hour. A long ride.
France is a strike heavy nation, if they're on strike there may be a chance there won't be any train at all.
This is my favourite neighbourhood, the 10th arrondissement.
It's not the most affluent part of town which to me makes it even more interesting.
You can feel the creative vibe and there are great restaurants with a relaxed not uptight vibe to them.
The buildings are being restored though some can still use a bit of paint.
Paris brings a rule for all buildings to have their exterior cleaned at least once in every bit of time.
Which is why most buildings look great despite the air pollution.
More culture! According to the trend this is one of the last remaining classic churches.
The St.Vincent de Paul.
The city is filled with beautiful museums, you'll find some recommendations below in the comments.
1 specific hot spot: The Louvre.
This is the place for tourists to take the well known picture with the museum carefully positioned between 2 fingers.
It requires precision, and it's such a brilliant building.
You'll also find romance hidden in the amount of bridges, over 30. This is the 'newest' bridge, Pont Neuf.
That's what it's called but it can't be right.
It's the oldest bridge in the city which completed its strucural work in 1607.
Wow, thats a long time a go.
This bridge crosses the river right here, The Seine.
It's shores marked as world heritage in 1991 though the water hasn't.
It used to be so polluted it would create an immediate rash upon contact.
It's gotten a lot better today so much so could catch a salmon if you dropped your fishing rod for a catch.
Welcome to the 8th arrondissement, pretty boring really.
Mostly embassies, expensive houses and fancy restaurants.
You will find a couple of well known hot spots here such as Arc de Thriomphe.
Built a long time a go after Napeloun sieged an important battle. What a gift that must have been.
This has become the sacred place for the unknown soldiers after the first world war.
From here you'll walk straight into the widest and best known street of the city. You guessed it…
It's the Champs-Élysées.
Also known for the final Tour de France ride which is held every year.
Lots of touristy restaurants and if you ever wanted to start your own shop here you need to be prepared to pay up big.
100m2 will set you back €1m per month on rent (hellooooo)!!
The road gets closed every first Sunday of the month for all car traffic. Making it a quiet place.
Paris is equivalent of course to the Eiffel Tower.
Built for the 1889 world exhibition.
You can go up but you'll need to buy your tickets in advance.
I messed up so here's a piece of advice, try to look for tickets 2 months in advance else you may not be able to go up.
Otherwise you visit this Trocadero square.
This is where you can shoot the typical Eiffel Tower pictures.
It feels like being in a small village when you get to this place, Le Marais.
A lot less traffic which makes it a lot quieter.
Great for a quiet walk, shopping, eating and drinks at night. Great vibe.
Don't forget this square. Place des Vosges is one of best ones in the country according to the French.
Check this impressive structure, Centre de Pompidou, a landmark museum.
You may think, they never finished its construction.
It's supposed to look like this.
Everything you never see in a regular structure has been left out in the open on purpose.
This is where you may get that cosmopolitan feeling, the Opéra.
Always something going on.
Lots of shopping, affordable hotels and of course the impressive Opéra building.
If you're all for shopping there's a couple of great options like the boutique shops in Le Maris and of course the biggest mall in Paris: Lafayette.
If you really want to spend cash head down to Rue Saint Honoré in the 1st arrondissement.
This is where you'll find some of the most expensive shops around town...
...and its a nice walk. The road stretches 2 kilometres.
This is where my Paris trip ends.
If you're excited for more of my adventures around the world then please check out the other videos...
...or subscribe to my YouTube channel. It opens your view on the world.
Really appreciate a thumbs up. Thanks!
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345 Folder Collection
Jane published on March 15, 2019
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