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- Hello everyone, and welcome
back to English With Lucy.

Today, I bring you an extremely,
highly requested video.

After the success of my video,
Three Ways to Sound More British,
I bring you Four More Ways
to Sound More British.

Yep, I'm going to teach
you how to differentiate

between an American accent
and a British accent,

and how to achieve that
perfect British-English accent.

Quickly, before we get started,
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Right, let's get on with the lesson.
Now, when I say British English,
I'm referring to received pronunciation,
which is the British English
that we tend to teach our students.
American English, well, I'm talking about
general American pronunciation,
which is the umbrella
variety of American English.

Of course, there are so many
other accents and dialects,

but let's not over-complicate things.
Received pronunciation
and general American.

Sometimes it's really
difficult to differentiate

between received pronunciation
and general American pronunciation.
Have you ever wondered why some people
are really good at imitating people,
and impersonating people, and
doing impressions of people?

Well, it's because they
have a fine-tuned ear,

they can hear the differences
in vowel pronunciation especially,
and also consonant pronunciation.
Today I'm going to teach
you those differences

that you might not have noticed,
and then you can sound either more British
or even more American, if you fancy it.
So, let's start with the letter O,
or in received pronunciation, /ɑː/.
In general American,
you might say, /bɑːks/,

So we've got /ɑː/,
and /ɔː/ sounds,
/a:/ as in
and /ɔ:/
as in
In received pronunciation,
it's much more simple.

It's just /ɒ/,
To make this sound, you need your lips
to be a nice round circle.
/ɒ/, /ɒ/, and it's a short vowel,
not a long one like in general American.
Other examples, /stɒp/,
/pɒsəbl/, /nɒt/.
Right, let's move on to the letter A.
We're looking at longer vowels here.
In general American you might
pronounce this word as /pæs/,

with an /æ/ sound.
In received pronunciation,
we say /pɑ:s/, with an /ɑ:/ sound.
/æ/, /pæs/.
/ɑ:/, /pɑ:s/.
More examples, /dæns/, /dɑ:ns/,
/dʒəˈræf/, /dʒɪˈrɑːf/.
I apologise if my American
accent makes you cringe.

It makes me cringe too.
The next one, again, we're
looking at the letter O,

but it's a different vowel sound.
It's actually a diphthong,
which are 2 vowel sounds together.
In a word like this,
Americans would say
/kroʊ/ with an /o/ sound.

Their mouth shape will be different.
In received pronunciation,
we say /krəʊ/, so it's more
/ə/, /ʊ/, rather than /o/, /ʊ/.

/kroʊ/, /krəʊ/.
See, the difference?
It's very, very subtle.
But if you're an actor, and you want
to nail that British English accent,
this is something you can really work on.
/oʊ/, American English.
/əʊ/, received pronunciation.
More examples?
/noʊ/, /nəʊ/.
/noʊ/, /nəʊ/.
/goʊ/, /gəʊ/.
/goʊ/, /gəʊ/.
It's so, so subtle.
It's very easy to miss.
It's all about the mouth shape.
And the last one, the last way
that you can sound more British
is to avoid yod-dropping.
Yod-dropping is a phenomenon
that I'm not going to go into,
but basically, it's this difference.
In general American, I would say /nuː/,
and in received pronunciation,
I would say /njuː/.

General American, /tuːn/.
Received pronunciation, /tjuːn/, /tjuːn/.
General American, /duː/, /duː/.
And received pronunciation,
/djuː/, /djuː/.

In received pronunciation,
we include that /juː/ sound,

and we include it in certain environments
after /t/, /d/ and /n/.
/njuː/, /djuː/, /tjuːn/.
It's actually the way that Americans
used to pronounce things, but
it's been dropped over time,

and Americans don't always drop the yod.
They still say, oh that's cute.
So, cute is an example of a word that is
pronounced equally in
both Britain and America.

Right, that's it for today's lesson.
I hope you enjoyed it.
I hope you learned something.
Don't forget to check out Skillshare.
The link is in the description box.
And remember, the first
500 to click the link

will receive two months free membership.
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4 Ways to Sound More British | British Accent Pronunciation Lesson

445 Folder Collection
Cathy ♥ published on March 4, 2019
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