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Attention, all operators. 30 seconds remaining in the scenario.
Smoking hell.
District 2 participants, please report to Room B-4 for hot wash.
Don't worry, maybe we'll get it right next time.
Two more seconds and we would have had eyes in the room.
If they were already on cameras?
That's two seconds too slow.
Blue 3, Red 4. Report to your station.
You are on deck.
Piece of advice.
No lag then.
He has no respect for anything.
If it doesn't fire a bullet or explode, he dismisses it.
Look at this! No lag.
Oh, careful!
My wife has a strict policy about knives in the house,
And I have a strict policy about not pissing off my wife.
I know Thatcher is supposed to be the best,
But he's a hammer and i'm--
I'm just a nail to him!
Sit, it won't bite.
You're angry, that's good.
Anger-- anger can be a powerful tool,
But we're terrified of losing control.
Of embracing it.
And that's why I envy Mike.
Mike faced his demons.
He knows how to channel his anger.
Your retirement plans come to shite?
Who beat ya?
Come on, leave it alone.
It was a misunderstanding.
Who beat ya, Paulie?
It was Nick and his boys.
It's just them bending me elbow a bit.
How much this time?
Five large.
Oh, now, come on, Mike.
Don't do this.
This isn't your Dad's online poker, boys.
Big blind is 10 quid.
But if you wanna piss off, your money stays on the table.
Here's the money me brother owes ya.
But what comes next, my good sons.
Is from God's mouth to your ears,
And I will make it hurt
For the rest of your miserable fucking lives.
Hello, Nick.
How's your mom?
This isn't about how Thatcher's been treating you, is it?
It's-- I'm just tired of trying to prove myself.
It'll take time for some, but you are nobody's nail.
You're much too sharp for that.
Rainbow needs people who will challenge the future of the unit, and--
And those who remind it of its roots.
It needs people who can be the scalpel and the hammer.
Thank you, Six.
She left some very large shoes to fill, didn't she?
I'll tell you what. For now...
Please call me Harry.
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Rainbow Six Siege - 'The Hammer and the Scalpel' Short Movie

1369 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on February 20, 2019
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