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I thought I'd share some of my favorite
#DecorationDisaster stories from you guys.
This first one's from @Kaylubdraven.
She says, "My mom bought an artificial tree
at a thrift store,
and when we put it up, the top half was missing.
We decorated anyway and called it the Christmas bush."
Who wants to put the star on the Christmas bush?
This one is from @turryx0x0.
She says, "My parents thought it was festive
to put a light-up Santa and Mrs. Claus in the yard.
But I was petrified,
thinking two old people were haunting our house.
This one's from @mwattles98.
She says, "My dad hid our elf on the shelf in the chandelier,
and half of his face melted off."
"Hey, Dad. Have you seen Herbie?
Oh, my goodness!"
This one is from @Krissybumblebee.
She says, "My grandma got drunk
and accidently knocked down the tree
then blamed it on reverberations
from the snowballs kids are throwing outside."
This one's from @brainlessskip.
Oh, that guy.
He says, "One year my dad put up a life-size nativity scene
on the front lawn.
One morning he found a drunk guy
sleeping in the hay under the baby Jesus."
This last one's from @Hermanshorns.
He says, "When I first met my in-laws,
I wore an ugly Christmas sweater to make myself seem more fun.
I didn't realize the reindeer on the sweater were getting it on.
Set the bar real low."
There you have it.
Those are "Tonight Show" hashtags.
Check out more of our favorites.
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Hashtags: #DecorationDisaster

292 Folder Collection
Clément published on February 18, 2019    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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