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♫ Back to the fairytale, back to the show ♫
♫ Back to the wall and there's nowhere to go ♫
♫ Hopeless and desperate, all paths adverse ♫
♫ Things looking bleak, and they're bound to get worse ♫
♫ Helpless and doomed, and there's no way to win ♫
♫ Goals unachievable, faith running thin ♫
♫ Lost and forlorn, impossible odds ♫
♫ That's when you'll learn you've been messing with gods! ♫
♫ Send in your grimm, tear off my limb ♫
♫ Strike me with bolts of lightning ♫
♫ I won't die ♫
♫ The battle seems unwinnable, but all we need's a miracle ♫
♫ We're going up we'll never be denied! ♫
♫ Can't wish away the dismal days ♫
♫ Can't bring back what is gone ♫
♫ Won't waste more tears on yesteryears ♫
♫ Instead we'll carry on ♫
♫ We'll win, we're sure we will endure ♫
♫ And though our goal is far ♫
♫ We'll be the ones to touch the sun ♫
♫ The Triumph will be ours! ♫
*Yang and Ruby blast in*
*Mercury Blasts Ruby's gun out of her hands*
Mercury: Uh oh, what're you gonna do now?
Ruby: Whatever it takes to shut you up.
Nora: You guys doing okay?
Jaune: I- I think so.
She's coming to.
I just wish this would go faster.
Nora: How about you don't complain and just be thankful you unlocked your Semblance when you did.
Jaune: My Semblance?
Nora: How else do you think you're healing her, dummy?
Jaune: No.
I don't think I'm healing her.
Our Aura heals our bodies.
It feels…
it feels more like I'm using my Aura to amplify hers.
Nora: Wait,
aren't you worried about running out?
Jaune: Pyrrha once told me I've got a lot of it.
I still believe her.
Weiss: Jaune?
*Dust Hazel fires shots at Ren*
Nora: REN!
Jaune: Go! I've got her!
Weiss: Jaune…
…what's happening?
Jaune: You took a heavy hit, you need to stay with me while the others fight.
Weiss: That's…
Jaune: Good to have you back, Weiss.
*Qrow slams into the top of the platform and onto the floor*
*Dust Hazel rages*
Dust Hazel: Hiding behind the face of a child?
A monster like you must be stopped!
*Nora exclaims*
Dust Hazel: How many more children must die for you?!
Ozpin: His Semblance…
He can block out pain.
It's how he is able to handle injecting so much Dust into his body.
Nora: I don't need him to hurt…
*Dust Hazel exclaims*
I just need him to GO DOWN!
White Fang Guard: What's going on in there?
Dust Hazel: None of your concern!
*Hazel injects fire dust into him*
*Hazel Hulks Out*
Ren: *Pant* *Pant*
Yang: *Pant* *Pant*
Adam: Stay focused! Our friends are almost done here.
Blake: ADAM!
Adam: Blake?
Dust Hazel: Who is that?
Adam: Wait!
*Adam laughs*
To think that I went through so much trouble to find you,
only to have you deliver yourself to me.
Blake: This isn't what's right for the Faunus!
Stop what you're doing and we can end this peacefully.
Adam: You're wrong, Blake.
And you can't stop us.
Blake: No, I can't.
Not by myself.
Sun: That's why she didn't come alone!
Adam: WHAT?!
White Fang Guard: WHO'S THERE?!
Ghira: Your brothers and sisters.
White Fang Guard: M-
Mata: Please…
stop this…
Adam: Make no mistake, brothers! These are our enemies!
And we will not let them ruin-
Police Woman: Adam Taurus.
This is the Mistral Police Force! Lower your weapons and surrender peacefully.
Emerald: Huh?
Weiss: What's happening?
Jaune: I'm not sure.
How are you feeling?
Weiss: Better.
Much better.
Keep it up.
Adam: HOW?!
Blake: Adam,
it's over.
Adam: Then it's over for all of us!
Female White Fang Guard: Hey wait!
Adam: Huh?!
White Fang Guard: What are you doing? Trying to get us all killed?!
Blake: We sent someone over to confirm your explosives,
and once we did, she disarmed them.
Adam: What do we do?!
Dust Hazel: This… is your business. Not mine.
Fix it.
Blake: I told you, Adam.
It's over.
Adam: AAAGH!!!
*Adam slices through the clone*
Adam: KILL THEM!!!
Blake: Yang?
Ruby: Yang! Go!
Emerald: NO!!!
Cinder: Vernal was a decoy the whole time.
The last Spring Maiden must've trusted you a great deal before she died.
I bet that was a mistake.
*Raven battles with Cinder*
*Sword shatters and penetrates Cinder's grimm arm*
Raven: Aura can't protect your arm,
it's Grimm.
You turned yourself into a monster just for power.
Cinder: Look who's talking.
*The swords shatter sending a huge shockwave through the room*
*The stalactites collapse to the ground*
*Cue Jeff Williams - All Things Must Die*
♫ This is the end ♫
♫ Here's where you'll die ♫
♫ Legends should scatter ♫
♫ So just say goodbye ♫
♫ No one will miss you ♫
♫ When you're finally gone ♫
♫ At your conclusion ♫
♫ Sing your swan song ♫
♫ Murder, unkindness, conspiracy ♫
♫ Embers extinguished in effigy ♫
♫ Black out the sky ♫
♫ All things must die ♫
Cinder: *Pant* *Pant*
Raven: Had enough yet?
Cinder: *Pant* Shut up!
Raven: If you were stronger or more clever,
then maybe…
…you'd remember to watch your back!
Cinder: *Pant* *Pant*
*Vernal Fires one last shot*
Raven: Ah
Thank you, Vernal.
*Rest In Peace Vernal : Volume 5 Chapter 3 - Volume 5 Chapter 13
*Raven inhales and exhales*
*The sound of an Ember Celica firing*
*Yang's gauntlet retracts*
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RWBY Volume 5: Chapter 13 - Downfall | Rooster Teeth

522 Folder Collection
published on February 8, 2019
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