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Automated technology has found its way into more and more of the world's
manufacturing facilities. Someone needs to customize, maintain, and repair these
machines. With a Robotics & Automation Technology degree from UNOH, it could be u
With this degree you'll be more than just an operator – you'll learn to install,
repair, upgrade, and test electronic and computer controlled mechanical systems.
You'll build, maintain, and repair robots in automated manufacturing plants and
other settings, using computer programming and electromechanical engineering skills
and knowledge.
NICK B-When I started the program, I didn't know anything about robots
besides what they look like basically. I didn't even know what they're really
used for. And now I can do everything from tear it down and rebuild it,
reprogram it, master it, make it do whatever you want pretty much all from
this program. And it's been a great opportunity.
NARRATOR:Trained technicians, who have knowledge and hands-on experience are in
high demand and accoring to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average
annual salary is $57,860. UNOH can help you acquire the skills to work in
the factory of the future.
MASON H: There are plenty of job opportunities. There's a lot of companies
that come to the school itself to actually recruit us. I've had 2 interviews so far
and they're always looking.
DYLAN S : We heard about the CoOp through the school with Honda. Honda really
pushed for this program to happen at UNOH. When I got there I just worked as hard as
I could, put in as many hours as I could and it payed off, they offered me a
full time position.
NARRATOR:You'll train on FANUC, ABB, and YASKAWA/Motoman machines along with those
from other robot manufacturers.
Using these training aids you'll learn:
Through specialized training at UNOH, you'll even have the opportunity to become
Rockwell PLC Certified. Graduates will be ready to enter the
workforce and apply their skills customizing, programming and repairing
robots, and quickly solving problems to maintain production flow.
JOSEPH J: The foundation that the school has built so far has definitely prepared
me for whenever I go out into the workforce I'll have an understanding of
99.9% of everything that I'll have to be doing in the workforce.
Robotics and Automation Technicians can work in a variety of fields.
High Paying jobs are going unfilled each year, most of them requiring an associates
degree. Get the degree that will get you the job at UNOH!
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UNOH - Robotics and Automation 2018

209 Folder Collection
Alvin He published on January 27, 2019    Alvin He translated    Evangeline reviewed
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