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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
seven-word superpowers from you guys.
This first one is from FMarquez117.
His seven-word superpower would be
saving popcorn until the movie actually starts.
Oh, there you go.
No one does that.
This one's from JillianNewman15.
Her superpower would be
the ability to refill all my enemies's bladders.
Oh, that's evil.
This is from @PCPirhanas.
Her superpower would be convincing phone's autocorrect
I don't mean "ducking."
All blinds to go. She's throwing some shade.
This one here is from @HaleyLinskey.
Her superpower would be to make my grandfather say
"Tuesday," not "Tuesdee."
-Come on! -"Well, see ya next Tuesdee."
"See ya Tuesdee."
"Oh, no, I can't see you Tuesdee.
I got to work Tuesdee."
When do you work next? You work Wednesdee or Tuesdee?
-This Tuesdee, next Tuesdee. -Meet me at four-fiddy.
Four-fiddy on Tuesdee.
This last one here is from @OneEyedSloth.
His superpower would be that he
can smell what The Rock is cooking.
There you go.
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365 Folder Collection
Clément published on January 25, 2019    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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