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But one challenge stops them in their tracks: a Giant petrel.
They try to flee, but running isn't an Emperor's strong point.
A slip is all the petrel needs.
The chick is grabbed by his neck feathers, but the down just falls away.
They form a defensive circle, and prepare to stand their ground.
Despite their chick-like appearance, they are close to a meter tall.
Quite a size, even for a Giant petrel.
The chick towers to full height, protecting those behind.
His defiance buys time.
It's a standoff. Then, as if from nowhere: an Adélie.
The feistiest penguin in the world.
He fearlessly puts himself between the chicks and the petrel.
Even petrels don't mess with Adélie's.
Their plucky rescuer accompanies the chicks to the sea.
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Penguin chicks rescued by unlikely hero | Spy in the Snow - BBC

15584 Folder Collection
PC home published on April 17, 2019    Vvn Chen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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