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if you're asked the following question
why should we hire you can you answer

this question in a meaningful way that
will impress the employer and you're the

best candidate for the job coming up in
this video I'll show you how to prepare

the best response to this question I'll
also provide sample answers that you can

use to modify to your own circumstances
stay tuned

hi i'm matt from where our
motto is simply resumes and cover

letters Zoodal is a resume and cover
letter builder and is free to use so log

in today and begin creating professional
resumes and cover letters so you want to

answer the why shall we hire you
question in the best possible way the

question is designed to match your
skills and abilities to the job

description as well as show how well you
fit into the company structure

essentially you're being asked how do
you think you can fit into the company

and benefit the organization with your
skills abilities and personality as you

prepare for the question take the time
to review the Job Description make a

note on the employers requirements then
match your qualifications skills

abilities achievements and personality
traits to the job requirements select

between two and four of your best
achievements and strengths that are the

closest match to the job requirements
and then use those as the basis of your

answer if you're unsure of where to
start watch the video of how to create

your resume summary or resume
objective if you have included a summary

or objective as part of your resume
correctly then you can use that as a

starting point to answer this question
that's because the resume summary or

resume objective is a highlight of how
your skills and abilities match the job

requirements that the employer is
seeking in a new employee the link is on

the screen now this answer is all about
selling your skills and abilities and

it's important to match your knowledge
and experience to the job description

make sure you don't sound as though
you're bragging and don't over

exaggerate your skills abilities and
accomplishments a simple follow-up

question by the employer can raise red
flags if you cannot qualify your answer

with relevant details or you sounded
hesitant or appear to be making up the

answer on the spot when you answer this
question communicate to the employer why

you'd be best for this job over all
other applicants for example maybe you

have industry based qualifications
perhaps you have relevant experience

maybe you have recognized certifications
to use specific software maybe you have

specific employment achievements that
you can relate to the employer that will

highlight your abilities and potential
fit into the organization the wrong

answer to this question is to give
generic or broad-based answers such as

I'm smart I'm always on time
work hard not only is this answer boring

and shows you haven't prepared for the
interview but the employer is also

expecting you to be on time and does
expect you to work hard always structure

your answers to highlight your skills
and abilities and what you can bring to

the job that other candidates can't
here's a better answer in the job

you requested experience in accounting

and Finance and experience using the
Xerox accounting software I completed my

masters in finance two years ago and I
have four years experience in the

accounting industry additionally I have
an advanced certification and four years

experience using the Xerox accounting
software and I've completed eleven

different projects using the software in
the past eighteen months at this point

in the answer you can then talk about
employment experience and how it relates

to the job description here's another
example answer for the same type of job

but with a different employer in my
resume I've highlighted that I've been

the top salesperson for the past 14
months I require a job that will push me

to always achieve my very best I've
outgrown my current job and I now

require a workplace that will offer me
new challenges I believe your company

can do that as the size and sales reach is
almost 10 times that of my current

employer I know that I can bring my
skills and abilities to your company and

hit the ground running as part of your
sales team he's a third answer for a

personal assistant job that gives a
detailed example based on what you've

said during the interview and from
reading the job description I believe

that my organization skills as well as
my interpersonal and communication

skills would make me a great fit for
your company for example last year I was

the personal assistant for the CEO of a
large organization and I was asked to

organize a four-day international
conference for eight months I was the

chief organizer of the conference which
included organizing the venue the

accommodation and meals solving
technical issues arranging each day's

itinerary and answering hundreds of
questions by a phone email and in person

after the conference I received an award
from the CEO for my calm and friendly

demeanour in all communications related
to the conference

I'd love to bring my organizational and
communication skills to your company

what if you spend time and effort
preparing the perfect answer and the

employer doesn't ask the question well
not every employer will ask this

question but you can still use this
answer with a slight modification to

similar questions such as tell me about
yourself what are your strengths why do

you want to work here you can even wait
until the end of the interview and

provide the answer as a final point or
as a response when the employer may ask

if there's anything you want to add
before ending the interview remember this

question is about communicating how your
skills abilities qualifications and

personality will be the best match to
the job and the organization and how

you'll be a better match in any other
candidates I hope you found this video

helpful you can log into the Zoodal
website and begin creating professional

resumes and cover letters today the
website is free to use and paid

subscriptions are available for access
to greater resources if you haven't

already subscribe to the YouTube
channel and click on the notification

bell for our weekly videos about resumes
cover letters and job interviews there

are links to other videos in the YouTube
description below I hope to see you in

the next video happy job hunting
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Why Should We Hire You Interview Question

417 Folder Collection
李良哲 published on January 21, 2019
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