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Trying to...
go to this bakery. I've forgot where it is...
Why are you closed!?
(Skoob Books - a secondhand bookshop)
Why is everything closed today?
This is one good cafe
This is an underground cafe
Looks like it's closed
(sarcastic) Great...
Everything's closed
(Announcement) Please stand clear of closing doors
Train's now ready to pass thank you
Closing doors!
Thank you!
So I'm home for Christmas now
And I'm just wrapping up some presents
Be my (cellotape) holder for a second
Thank you!
I'm waiting for you (to take a picture)
I'm so sorry, I didn't even realise!
Merry Christmas!
OK, so what's the new lingo that kids use these days?
Right, so one of the new ones at the moment is...
'Pattern your life up!"
That is like= fix up
Like pattern, p-a-t-t-e-r-n?
Yes, like a pattern
I've never heard of that
Well, us normal people-
But no, these guys are like, 'Pattern your life up!"
That's like 'Sort yourself out' or 'get your sh*t together"
The 'calm' ones weird, like 'be calm'
Be calm? No no no!
You don't 'be calm', Teresa!
You've got some learning to do!
No no no!
Don't ever say that!
"It's calm!"
It's calm, means it's good/I like it/it's cool
It's cool, but don't use the word cool!
No one uses the word cool!
Cool feels a bit old, even though I do say it
And the other one is 'peak'
I always get 'peak' wrong
Which you would think peak would be like...
Something positive/really good/up there
But it's actually not
Peak is like negative...
Like a certificate. Like a certifed?
But what does it mean?!
Like she's safe (old British slang)
Like she's cool
Or not she, but he as well. Could be he.
Basically another word for safe?
Yeah...Kind of
Someone you think positively of.
Is that the end of this English language lesson?
I think it might have to be
Because I don't know any more
In my house
Recycle old Christmas cards by...
Re-using them and turning them into Christmas tags
I guess it's quite a useful way to recycle!
I miss doing DIY stuff
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London Vlog | Home for Christmas & Learning New British Slang

48 Folder Collection
TT published on December 30, 2018
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