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(Train announcement) This is the Victoria Line train to Brixton
Did I go the wrong way?
I'm here to check out a bookshop
Oh, cool.
Good morning!
(way too happy lol) GOOD MORNING!
How's it going?
I saw you on The Guardian (UK newspaper)
So I was like, I have to come today!
WAHEY! Thank you for coming down!
They're so funny!
00:02:17,200 --> 00:02:18,740
(fake posh voice) Hello good afternoon

Would you like to try perfume on today?
I recently moved to a new place
This is a little small sneak peek
of what my new flat kind of looks like.
Carrots, swede,
and coriander...pepper...etc.
And I need thissssssssss
(watching kdrama)
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London Vlog | Bookshop, Jollibee & getting Christmassy

69 Folder Collection
TT published on December 30, 2018
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