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Last night, the crying of the children kept me awake,
and i had a terrible vision;
I saw the fall of our city,
bleached bones under a harsh sun -
Carthage gone.
Why would Ba'al send such a vision? He is not cruel;
He has watched over us.
We have had victories of plenty in war.
Our merchants sail to all corners of the world,
and yet now, I fear I cannot help it.
We are the envy of lesser people.
They tell terrible lies about us.
They do not understand, so they lie.
But the Romans - they are the masters of falsehood.
War will come - I am sure of it,
so I will have no more false visions
and I think the children will be quiet tonight.
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Rome Total War - Carthage Intro

34 Folder Collection
wei published on December 14, 2018
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