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What is a BIM execution plan and when is it used?
Okay, that is a very nice question, Justin. A BIM execution plan is probably one of
the most important pieces of this whole BIM methodology. Well, I may say that in
my point of view BIM is used, if you allow me, I may put the question a little
a more broader saying that BIM can climb the stairs of five steps.
In the very beginning you are looking for a tool and it's one to one
game. You learn how to work with a modeling tool. You learn how to work with
the quality of the model, with a platform. You know, one two one two. Then you come
to the second step, which is where the tools come to communicate together. The
structural engineer communicates with the architects and needs to make the
clash detection region and you are working in a collaborative way. You know,
the level two step of this stair on BIM. The third one is when you look at the
project. When you are applying BIM to a project that's where it enters, the BIM
execution plan. It is the third one. You look at the project. I will explain in a
minute what we will do there. The fourth one will be the implementation in
an organization. You have an organization with several projects,
several processes. So, the organization must be BIM oriented. It must have
the qualifications to do BIM. And then in the fifth level you implement in an
association level, government level, you know, the eye level, when all the industry is
gathered together. You have the politics, the strategy is being put there. Well, let's go back
to the third step, the BIM execution plan. The BIM execution plan is mainly a document
where you say what will we do on that process. You will say what kind of
formats you will use. What kind of software you will use. Who will be the
one responsible for each one of the processes. Where will be the interchange of data
between all the people together. What is the quality of the model that you will
need. What are the level of developments of the model through each one of the
phases. So, you will put in the BIM execution plan all requirements and how
we will achieve them throughout all the time that the project will be done.
So, there are countries who have two types of BIM execution plan. The
first one from the owner that gives you a template of BIM execution plan
explaining what kind of BIM execution plan they are expecting and the people that
make the BIM, could be the contractors, could be the designers, could be the
operators, will deliver their way of doing things with their own BIM
execution plan pointing to the owner, to the client, this is what we intend to do,
is it okay? So it's a very central piece of this BIM process.
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What is a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) and when is it used?

63 Folder Collection
Man Tung Yip published on December 8, 2018
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