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hey what's going on everybody red rhino
music here bringing you another video
today we're back on some PC building sim
we've got two missions this guy wants to
play some rocket League and this person
needs some RAM so we're gonna take these
two hopefully is Riley one won't be too
they aren't paying us quite a bit of
money and we have two deadlines so I
assume they have four and we need like
eight or something like that
I actually know we have to replace it we
don't have to all right so they need an
eight this one we could do it next day
on that all right see what this guy
needs now would be nice to have the
second workstation all right all he
needs to do is play rocket League and I
don't know what the hell that takes but
we're gonna find out like you can play
rocket League on anything they have it
on the switch and all that rocket League
okay we need processor a graphics card
and some RAM how much is he paying us he
was paying us it's 500 bucks we need
some RAM CPU he's got an Intel board too
so that means we have to do that no boy
let's see what this is gonna cost memory
he's got two three more of those BPU he
needs what 1500 did it say 260 more the
doesn't need anything crazy from that
plus we had a bomb there's a graphics
card which is gonna cost a lot how are
these two the same price isn't this one
like better
mm-hm like isn't that just automatically
better because it has eight gigs of VRAM
or whatever we're gonna go with this one
just cuz that's on the list I don't
think there's any way we can save him
money actually what's a one stick of
eight no that's too much so what Ram did
he have that here that no he's got the
green stick yeah no there's no way it's
gotta be like we get paid based off of
just selling his old part I'm not going
to dismantle that yet we're going to
shut everything down I'm going to get
these shipments and we're gonna get this
other lady out of here with this Ram
this is like a whole fiasco going on
here it's also really stupid that they
both have the same case you just needed
a replacement and this one I am going to
have to clean out my lists here stolen
how are that on good help please thank
you for the money oh wait Dan all right
we got our stupid electricity bills hell
but I think we can just sell all of his
stuff besides the RAM you know what
before we do anything I'm going to clear
this out because it's way too much going
on in here this is the new one get this
thing out of here
it's just RAM I'm surprised it made us
like unless that's the cheapest chip we
could get you know there are CPU the
feel like of the 1500 isn't the cheapest
but I guess it's the minimum actually
the minimum the play rocket League is
that doesn't make sense to me doesn't
sound right would be cool if they
actually like went on the store and like
looked at what the minimum specs work
hey dad we saw that stupid or me not you
guys you didn't do anything
I hate that I sold that thing I didn't
sell it what the hell is it doing here
oh my god no I'm really pissed this game
hates me you know it this game hates me
oh that's not gonna fit thankfully let
me see what's going on before we do
anything maybe it's just being dumb no
it's definitely not gonna fit for some
reason that's strange
maybe that's why he said something about
cooling no I'm not removing that install
well he's got plenty of case fans in
here Jesus reminds me I should probably
get some more last week when I was
playing murderous pursuits or whatever
the thing was again hot things I want
some fancy ones light up and then I got
to buy the whole like thing for that
it's fun to work alright I guess we have
to get this gang a thing I don't do I
know what it fits this is the 150 so we
need something smaller than that we're
spending a fortune but I mean I want to
play the game as well I don't really
care like we may never get our fancy
tools but at least we're playing ok
what's the deal oh my god I'm an idiot
that's the deal you know I need to stop
playing this so late at night
that's the problem I always play this
late at night
I have a horrible sleep schedule so I'm
always tired I gotta fix that well
that's something for another day I
really hope I connected all of the
cables I'm pretty sure I did why is it
saying it's missing cables what did I
miss there's nothing in there
I have cable mode on right now I don't
see anything I was there no CPU what did
I do
I didn't put in his old motherboard did
I that wouldn't make any sense okay
what's going on now I also hate that
this takes off that thermal paste every
time I take it out wonder why it's sing
vents not in there see I definitely need
to find out more about pcs like I am NOT
the guy to be playing this yeah I like
this game's final I wouldn't understand
why this isn't working because we bought
the right board I believe motherboards
we buy we bought this thing yeah it
supports that once I failed to plug
something in well there isn't something
plugged in but I don't know what that
would be I don't see anything
only it's like a little orange dot
unless it doesn't like that fan yeah why
say there's missing cables no it's not
it say maybe his graphics card didn't
have enough how was that not connected
that wasn't there before if that was
there before I hate myself that was it
that was really the problem that doesn't
make any sense because we were getting
power to everything else I think that
was a book I don't know if that was
there before then somebody slapped me in
the face also how do we not have a
complete case all of course my favorite
little thing the lock having to take
that off the other day when I was fixing
my computer drove me crazy yeah if I if
I missed that thing I apologize for
being dumb it's it's late I need to stop
doing this I need to fix my sleep
schedule not record these at whatever
time 3:00 in the morning 4:00 in the
morning you and this hopefully it
doesn't bulb the computer well we also
got that other thing out of here plus I
have all of this parts now to sell so
let's see what's going on with it so so
so anti should probably wait until it's
fixed but we're selling all of it to all
that thing all right we got a little bit
of money I still think all these
upgraded missions are making us lose
money definitely the fact that I thought
I had to buy another CPU because I sold
everything I don't know if you'd notice
but like I've complained about it before
where like sometimes you'll have all of
their parts in this PC parts section and
then you got occasionally things show up
in occasionally thing
though what this fits in this PC thing I
wish there was like a bin for this
specific guys order like always we can
order things for certain computers and I
have it organized like that well he
survived that thing let's see if we've
got rocket League playable we meet all
these requirements good stuff get out of
my house
collect all right we got $1,000 again
getting literally nowhere plus we gotta
pay our damn bills don't know what
either one of those are I think it's a
motherboard and power suppliers I know
that our bill isn't that bad actually so
maybe saving up or say it's hurting
everything off is good we got some new
CPUs that's cool all right that's it for
this one guys thanks for watching if
you're not already hit that subscribe
button below because we're getting close
to 500 and I may have something going on
I don't know yet but anyways that's it
for this one thanks for watching see
y'all next time peace
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Let's Play: PC Building Simulator - Episode 15 - Late Nights = Dumb Stuff

16 Folder Collection
wei published on December 3, 2018
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