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Good morning guys!
So we basically ran away from our previous hostel
Pretty early (6am)
And I did manage to record some of the Hello Kitty train that we was on
But we were tired. And kind of dead.
Going back to Taipei
It's so cute!
Right now we are getting some brunch with T's friend
I'm not sure if I'm going to record her friend
Just in case she feels uncomfortable
We've come to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant
Because her friend is vegan
And we're going to try something new. You know us- we love our vegetables too
And to be honest, throughout the whole trip
Yeah, that one don't like her vegetables
Yeah, that one there doesn't like her vegetables
You'll be like
(Cantonese) What?!
I do eat some! Like know
Carrots and cucumbers
And I was like, "Yeah what about the ones still on your plate?"
And she's like "No, I don't like them raw!"
She's totally like that lol
If we're lucky we might get a peek of T's friend later
We're meeting a pop star!
Yeah, but just a regular girl!
Who's just trying to have regular brunch with us so you know
I'm wearing a hoodie today. I'm not overdressed!
Anyways, we shall catch you guys later!
Allo guys! So we just finished a nice brunch
And we did meet T's friend
I'm not going to say who she is...but she's very sweet, very nice.
Why won't you say who she is?
She needs promotion!
You need to promote my friend!
OK! Fine!
Fang Wu!
A Taiwanese pop star/singer
I guess she's still fairly new to the scene
But hopefully with our videos
(our amazing videos that no one watches lol)
Her popularity will rise up!
We're going to help her promote from London
She was very down to earth, very nice, friendly.
Thanks to T, she treated us all to lunch today!
To be honest, I ate everyone's lunch lol
I ate yours, I ate hers and I ate hers hahahaha
And I ate mine so...I'm like lol
Yeah, lunch is on me!
It was good, it was nice
We did have a group picture towards the end
So we'll see how that turned out, but it was still nice
We're going to try and shop
We shall catch you guys later
Afternoon guys!
I don't do my intros like that ACTUALLY
(I do lol)
So...what do I-where shall I start?
Explain what happened
No, we're not explaining what happened! We'll do that later
HA HA...
They're over-reacting. I don't know...
Basically someone just asked for her...
No, we were just making friends
Anyways we're going to cross the road
- How you going to explain that to your boyfriend!?

I don't know what you're talking about!
Anyways, we're gonna go shop
Just ignore them, they're a bit stupid
Just grabbing some breakfast
At the Star Hostel
Everybody's still feeling a bit like...
I think by the end of 3 weeks
Our energy levels have just...dipped down
We're probably going to grab some more food after this
Do some more shopping
Hello everyone
Today is our last official day in Taipei, Taiwan
Why do you have to copy me?
I don't copy you! You copy me!
I took mine out first!
That's what I've been dealing with ALL WEEK
Them two vlogging.
It's like "Why you copy me?!" etc
It's our last day
So we're going to do some souvenir shopping
We're going to Memorial Hall
There's actually a lot of stuff to do in Taipei
which we haven't done yet.
I am tempted to join in myself!
So we decided, let's try
Lay's English Rose Honey Tea
So I opened the packet
First thing to mind:
It's actually rank!
It's so bad! It's disgusting
It gets you at the end
It's awful isn't it?
It's actually rank!
T can have it all!
She says it tastes okay!
How would you summarise your Taiwan trip?
Which was your favourite city?
I think... Taichung was my favourite city
And the rice fields
The Taroko Park
This is the end of our Taiwan trip
After 3 years...
3 years!? I meant 3 weeks!
OH MY DAYS, it feels like 3 years!
It does feel quite...long
I miss my bed!
I randomly got my haircut this morning lol
May's not here because she's on a different short flight
We'll meet her in Hong Kong
And have a longggggg
Long haul flight
Bye bye!
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(Taiwan Travels ep. 7/7) Returning to the UK! Goodbye Taiwan!

119 Folder Collection
TT published on November 30, 2018
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