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Hey everyone, it's Jill
Welcome to Sweet Art Made Simple
Now, there are lots of schools of thought when it comes to cookie icings
I am going to show you three popular cookie icing recipes
I have used them and some are my favorites.
These are my go-to recipes as they are easy to make and I get great results
Other decorators have their stand by recipes
I would love for you to see which one you like the best
And then comment below of the recipes you use or like
So, let's get started and show you the recipes
I actually use all three of these recipes for cookies
It depends on what I am going to decorate
If I want a real glossy look, I will go with the corn syrup recipe.
If I want a dryer, matte look, I will use the meringue recipe
Especially if I want the royal icing to dry really fast
If I want a semi-gloss look but want it to dry fast, I will use the egg white royal icing recipe
All the recipes start with one cup of powdered sugar.
With the glossy recipe, add 2 teaspoons corn syrup
and two teaspoons of milk
If you using an extract, add 1/2 teaspoon of clear extract
If adding a color, just add a drop as it will absorb the color really well.
Powdered sugar is just refined sugar with some corn starch
When it hits liquid it is like a sponge and absorbs fast
To make the hardened quick dry royal icing you need meringue powder
1 Tablespoon of meringue powder,
1 and 1/2 Tablespoon of water
and mix it. adding 1/2 teaspoon of extract if needed
And with the egg white method, add one egg white
This will give it a glossy look too, but harden quicker than the corn syrup recipe
Then add 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and then extract if needed
When ready to add color, just add and stir
You get to pick the consistency you want
If you are flooding a cookie, you don't want the icing to be too thick
But if you are doing detail work, you may want to add more powdered sugar
Just make a well with the powdered sugar and add the ingredients.
For thicker icing, just add more sugar
I am going to decorate three cookies and let them sit and I'll wait thill they are dry
This way you can see the difference in the three cookie icings
As you can see I have mixed all three recipes
This is the one with the egg white.
I did have to add more powdered sugar
as the egg white was more than usual
It is now the right consistency that I like
This is our recipe using meringue powder
They all look alike now, but wait till you see how they dry
And then this is the one with the corn syrup and milk
The look alike and I have the consistency I want too
I am adding a drop of electric green to each one
It will make a pretty green color for our Christmas Treres
I am going to decorate each cookie
and then let it dry
and we will see if we can tell the difference
Oh, I did want to say that the glossy recipe does take longer to dry
The one with the meringue powder dries fast
So if you are in a rush, use the meringue recipe
You just won't get a glossy look
Oh, I love that color
It will be pretty for the Christmas Trees
So, as you can see the three trees are iced
The glossy, the meringue royal icing one and...
and this is with the egg whites
As you can see I covered by bowls so the icing wouldn't harden
The icing will dry up quickly if not covered
If I touch the meringue cookie, it is already hard after 20 minutues.
The one with the egg whites is almost dry
And the one with corn syrup is still soft
They will all dry hard, but ones goes al ittle quicker
I don't know if you can see, but this one has a glossier look
This one has more of a matte look
And this one is more of a semi-gloss
It depends one what you want
The nice thing is you have variety
So, thank you for joining us today
Remember to stay sweet and simple
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How to Make Cookie Icing Three Ways with Three Looks

158 Folder Collection
Belinda Fang published on November 21, 2018
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