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He's telling her how much his pension is!
I'm going to say bye bye
Today we are visiting the Taroko National Park
And we're going to do a bit of hiking today
On the way we had a very interesting experience with a grandpa
My friends tried to sell me off lol
Technically, not.
We tried to get him to like, recommend anyone to her
And he was like, "Ah- you (starts speaking Cantonese)
"Oh you want to marry me?"
I was frickin' about to talk in Chinese (Cantonese) then
And he was like, "Yeah!"
At first he said like,
"No! I'm too old!"
And then he was like, "Oh I have like 60,000NT$/year"
"Even if I die, you get to have a half"
And I was like...
So, on average, most of the hiking trails are about 2-3 hours here and back
But hopefully it will be worth it

Hey guys, so we are at the second part of the Shakadong trail
What happened there?
She made the little boy get in trouble!
What do you see?
I think it's a monkey
What, you calling the monkey?
I don't know if it's a monkey or not
Someone's helping you
Hello guys
So we just done an hour of walking
And I think this might be the end of the trail
It's not the end! She's like "No no no!"
Another 2km!
We're just taking a pit stop
Down by the river~
That's quite a view!
What they doing?
Someone's parked their car there
And it's blocked...
This is also the bit where they said, "They need helmets!"
Because stuff might drop on our heads!
It is extremely dark inside as you can see
So I will do my best to film this
Whilst the girls provide the lights
Where do you get the helmet though? I want a helmet!
For me I keep looking up!
Everyone's wearing a helmet but us!
It's pretty
It looks like a [scene] from a film
I like this one too
It's like a...
A film where like...a triad being chased...
- Pirates of the Carribean!

And they get shot
And they get here and there's like a trail of blood...
Might as well join the crew lol
We are in Hualien Night Market
Good evening guys so...
We ventured into one of the markets
The night market's in Hualien (Fa Lien is Cantonese)
Our second to last city
To be honest...we were feeling a bit lethargic when we first arrived
But I think as we smell the food
And we kind of get used to this little city
It's going okay
It's very very busy as you guys can see
We are on the lookout for some coffin toast at the moment
It's one of our list of foods to eat so we're trying our best to find it
This market is a bit different to our usual night markets
Yes that is true
It's got a bit of a festival kind of feel?
That is true. Everything has structure and order!
There's so much food!
So much food! So many choices!
What we gonna do?
Anyways, we're moving up on the queue.
So we will show you guys the fruits of our waiting labour soon
Let's get out of the way
It's like a...
French toast?
An eggy french toast
We've been abandoned lol
Yeah, I don't know how to feel about this...
She just abandoned us...
She didn't leave us any money!
She left us the map!
And some tissue
But no money!
Soh Kwan is feeling a bit... I don't know...
Uncomfortable in this place?
Me personally, I quite like it
It's like every other night market
I like that it's spacious
It's spacious but busy
And it's got structure to the whole thing
She's just gone back to the hostel
And we're going to slowly head back
She said, 'Oh, you know. Take your time"
"Eat slowly..."
She doesn't want us to be around her lol
_ But you didn't give us any money lol

We've upset her lol
What did we do!? We didn't do anything...
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(Taiwan Travels ep. 6/7) 2 Days in Hualien

343 Folder Collection
TT published on November 18, 2018
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