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Hey, what's up?
John Sonmez here from

So today, I want to talk about
a problem, a serious problem

that most often
developers have--

that I've struggled
with myself--

which is basically being
overwhelmed by technology

and feeling like you just can't
learn things quickly enough.

This is a huge problem.
Like I said, most
developers that I talk

to mention this in some way.
They talk about how technology
is changing so fast, how

there's so many new JavaScript
frameworks out there,

how they are trying to learn
a programming language,

and learn a framework, and
there are so many things

that they have to
learn in their career--

especially if you're
a new developer,

or you're trying to get
into software development,

and you can't get
that first job,

and you just have so many things
that are overwhelming you,

and it feels like it's going
to take so long for you to be

able to absorb and
gain the knowledge

that you need to
succeed in the field.

And, you know, the
other thing about this

is that having the ability
to be able to learn quickly,

having the ability to be
able to absorb information

and to systematically get that
information into your head

and to become proficient
is a huge, huge advantage

in this field.
The software developers
that can learn quickly,

that can assimilate
information, they

end up rising to the
top of their field.

They end up making
a lot more money.

They can basically be
on the bleeding edge

if they need to, because
they can learn a framework,

they can use learn
a new technology

and use that right away.
So this is a huge, huge problem.
And I do have a solution for it.
And I want to talk to you about
that solution for it today.

Because some of you have
been following my channel

for a while.
Some of you are brand
new to the channel.

You've never seen this.
You're just interested in how to
you to learn something quickly.

So I want to tell you
about this product

that I put together
specifically for that.

And it's one of those
things that, like I said,

it's so important
and so critical.

This was one of the
very first things that--

when I started creating
products for Simple Programmer--

that I created,
because I thought

it was so, so important.
And it was something that
hurt me so much in my career

when I didn't know
how to learn quickly.

So let me tell you
what my story is, like

how I developed this program
and the results that I got.

So I had always been the
person who bought books

from the bookstore.
I bought a lot of
programming books,

and I would read through
those books cover to cover.

And it was a waste of time.
I spent a lot of my
time, a lot of my money.

And I didn't really
absorb a lot from it.

I didn't understand
what was going on.

And, you know, I did gain
some knowledge, but not nearly

what I wanted to.
And I felt like it was
just not fast enough.

It was just taking too long.
And plus, who wants to
read a damn boring book

all the time, right?
So what I ended up doing, or
what end up happening to me

was I started creating
courses for a company called

And you can check
out-- actually,

I've created 55
courses for Pluralsight

on a variety of all kinds
of different topics,

all different
programming languages.

And I did this over about a
two and a half year period.

So we're talking two
to three hour courses.

So basically, my feet
were held to the fire.

I wanted to become the most
prolific author on Pluralsight.

Site And in order
to do that, I needed

to keep on pumping out courses.
But the only problem was
that I very quickly reached

the end of my knowledge.
Even with 15 years development
experience, I still--

I didn't know every technology,
every framework, right?

And plus, they
wanted to do courses

on brand new programming
languages like Go,

and Dart, and Objective
C at the time.

Well, I guess it
wasn't new at the time,

but not too many people were
well-versed in it that could

teach courses--
way back then at the time when
I first created that course.

But I had to learn
all this stuff--

right-- to be able to teach it.
And I had to learn it quickly.
So basically, in order to
keep up with my routine,

I had to be able to
learn entire programming

languages, entire
frameworks, in less than a

week and then be able
to be so competent at it

that I could teach them.
I'm teaching those
programming languages

and a lot of different
frameworks and technologies.

And I'm teaching
them to a level that

will help someone else
to be proficient at it.

But how did I do that?
How did I master that stuff?
How did I learn so quickly?
Like I said, well, my feet
were held to the fire,

so I had to figure out systems.
I had to figure out
ways of doing this.

So I spent a lot of time
trying to figure out,

trying to absorb
information quickly.

And really, because I was
in such a bind, because I

had got in over my head,
I had to figure out

how I was going to do this, OK?
So what I ended up doing was I
ended up developing a system.

I ended up figuring out
that I couldn't just

read books cover to cover.
I couldn't just watch
entire tutorials.

Instead, I had to come
up with a learning plan.

I had to come up with
a process, a system

that I could use
time and time again

in order to accelerate
my learning,

to be able to absorb
more information,

to really deepen
my understanding

and be able to quickly
move on to the next topic

and even know it well enough
that I could teach it.

So that's what I did-- was
I developed that system.

And I was flying, right?
In one year, I ended up doing
over 30 Pluralsight courses.

That was my most prolific year.
And I ended up actually taking
the last month or last two

months of the year
off, because I

reached my goal ahead of time.
So I know that this system
works, because, believe me,

I've used it, OK?
And not only that, but
I have hundreds of--

actually, thousands of
developers at this time--

that have bought my course on
"10 Steps to Learn Anything

Quickly," which we
can put up here.

That's what I'm telling
you about today.

And I I'm a big believer in
it, because, like I said,

I've gotten the results.
We've got tons of
developers that

have gotten results from it.
So I wanted to do a video
just to tell you about this.

I know that some of
you have been watching

that channel for a while.
Some of you haven't
heard about this course.

Some of you have heard
about it if I've talked

about it in other videos.
But I wanted to do a dedicated
video just to talk about this,

because I think it's
such an important thing.

And I want to tell you a
little bit about the course.

So the course, basically,
is a fairly short course.

It's not it's not a
huge investment of time.

I didn't want to make it
a huge investment of time.

It's a video of course.
It has a workbook, an
interactive workbook,

where you can go through
and actually go through

and practice that process.
Because you've got to
go through this process,

this 10-step process
multiple times.

I have a filled out
version of the workbook

that you can see how I
went through the process.

And in the video of
course, I show you

exactly how I'm applying this.
And I actually learn
how to dual pixel art,

you know, something that's
kind of weird and abstract.

I also include a bunch
of bonus information,

a couple of different videos.
I've got a specific
video where I

talk about how to learn
a programming language

and how to learn a
programming language fast.

And I go through
the process that I

would follow to do that--
so pretty much
everything that you

need to know to be able
to learn anything quickly.

Like I said, thousands of
developers at this point

have used the course, have
been able to get huge results.

I get emails every
day from developers

that say that now
they can learn quickly

and how they wasted
so much time--

This was me.
I hope that I can save you
from this, which was basically

spending so much time
reading books cover to cover.

So I'll tell you what--
here's the deal.
You can check out
the course here, OK?

And if you have any interest
in this, I'm telling you,

this will help you as
a software developer.

This is why I'm going
to push this course so

hard is because I
really honestly believe

that this will help you.
If you develop
these set of skills.

It's fairly simple of
framework, but you've

got to see it in action.
And I'll tell you this--
this is how sure I am.

I give you a 100% money
back guarantee, right?

If any reason, for up to a year,
you feel like this course is

not helping you,
it's not worth it,

whatever reason that
you have-- right--

you know, I'm trusting you.
I'm trusting that you're not
going to take advantage of me

and just buy the course
and ask for a refund.

But whatever reason, if you feel
like the course is not for you

and it's not helping you,
100% money back guarantee.

We don't get a
lot of people that

ever ask for refunds
on this course

simply because it
really does help.

I mean, it really is useful.
Like I said, I used this myself
to do 55 Pluralsight courses

in like a two and
a half year period

to learn entire
programming languages,

frameworks, and be
able to teach them.

This is going to be
life-changing for you

if you're a developer and you've
struggled with learning things.

And this is just the best
method that I've ever found

to be able to learn quickly.
So I still use the method today.
There's still a lot of
things that I have to learn,

and I learn them quickly.
And I hope that
you find it useful.

Again, check it out.
Let me know what you
think about the course

after you take the course.
Like I said, thousands
of developers

have already taken the course.
And 100% money back guarantee,
so there's really no risk.

You might as well try it out.
And I wouldn't push it so
hard if I didn't really

believe in it so
much, but I feel

like everyone needs
to have this knowledge

and to be able to go
through that course.

And like I said, it's
not something I can just

distribute on YouTube.
You know, obviously,
there's some depth to it.

And there's a workbook and a lot
of different components to it.

But go check it out if
you haven't already.

All right, hopefully
you find that useful.

I'll talk to you next time.
Take care.
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How to Learn Programming Language Quickly, Java, JavaScript (How to Learn Anything Quickly) Career

39 Folder Collection
劉佳豪 published on November 10, 2018
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