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  • (warp sound)

  • Jason, are you here?

  • Jason?

  • What's going on?

  • (laughs) Oh my god, Chrisi!

  • I missed you.

  • Really?

  • No..

  • Aww..

  • But seriously, Jason's missing. Have you seen him?

  • Missing!? What happened?

  • Well, someone changed our password

  • I changed the password.

  • You did? Why didn't you tell us?

  • I did.

  • Guys, I'm changing the password on our YouTube account!

  • I just don't think that 'cheese' is secure enough

  • But it's so tasty!

  • (thud)

  • Oh, I remember that

  • Oops.

  • So, where's Jason?

  • Well, we tried to log in to our account, but it wouldn't let us

  • (narrator) Dan explained everything to Chrisi,

  • leaving out the parts about porn and chat roulette.

  • What!?

  • (narrator) Uhnothing.

  • I'm still confused. Where's Jason?

  • Umm

  • (panting) Nearlythere

  • This is so boring. I wanna go do something else!

  • (laughs) We're on a mountain. Where are you gonna go?

  • (Jason "la-la-ing")

  • That was there the whole time

  • Damn it, Jason, come back!

  • (narrator) Dan climbed back down the mountain to search for Jason,

  • but Jason wasn't there.

  • "WHERE COULD HE BE!?", Dan thought.

  • We really don't need you to explain what's happening.

  • (narrator) Oh, I, uh

  • jerk.

  • Jason!

  • (distanced) Jason!

  • Jason! Where are you!?

  • Ugh.

  • Jason?

  • Heeey. You wanna

  • (sigh) …join us?

  • No.

  • Jason?

  • Oh.

  • You lost him!?

  • Yeah, but we can get a NEW Jason!

  • A better Jason! A Jason that doesn't kill people with cheese!

  • Yeah, that is kind of annoying.

  • Wait! I know where we can get another Jason.

  • (whispers)

  • Oh yeah

  • Come on!

  • Wait! Did you find out what was on the top of the mountain?

  • No, I didn't get a chance.

  • © Element Animation 2013

  • English Subtitles by Peso255

(warp sound)

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