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This is our new hostel
Here you go
It's not a hostel, sorry. It's a B&B.
Guesthouse. Yes, that's the right word!
What is it?
It's a Moving Castle
This run down house?
Egg tarts!
KFC is so much better here
Close and open!
We've come to Taiwan for Japanese food lol
We've come for Japanese food
We still yet to find a really good restaurant though
We went- where did we go yesterday?
We went exploring
And we found a park yesterday
We saw the beach
But we were kind of expecting a nice sandy beach
It was sandy but it was more like gravelly and grey
There were lots of wild dogs around
It's really hot. We've been bitten by mosquitos
I'm really upset
After all my preparation last night!
But T probably has evidence of that like...
Hey guys so we've decided to spend the afternoon doing karaoke
We have the whole room to ourselves
T's picking out the music
We're going to see how this goes
It's definitely much cheaper
Good morning guys
So we were walking to the train station
We were walking to the train station and we decided, "ok let's make a pit stop for breakfast"
Because we already missed our train
And the next one's not until like 1 o'clock
And it's like half 11 now...
So we've started it off with some ice cold soya milk
And some iced milk tea for myself
You see those rosy cheeks!
You know, the tan is going well
We've ordered some egg crepes
Some sandwiches...
We're going to enjoy it
Get some energy before walking the rest of the way
Well, we're half way there!
So hopefully maybe another half an hour or so?
But there's no one actually walking on the roads...
Everybody's on scooters
Or they have their own car
So we might have to hitchhike
And speaking of hitchhike...er...
Our lovely T, she got approached by a "friendly"
old man
Can't decide whether he was being friendly or being a creep
But er...you can tell the story
She's still a bit traumatised
That's why she has her cardigan covered
So it's a very hot day, as you can see we're dressed for the weather as always
So she was approached by a "friendly man"
On a scooter...
Looking her up and down...Checking her out...And then was asking her,
"Oh you know, would you like a ride?"
"Where are you going?"
What happened?
I told him to go lol
She did a good job. She made the right decision.
"Oh, I'm going the same way! Don't worry, hop on!"
He was probably like 40 or 50?
Dad's age
I'm not really sure where we're going
But supposedly
It's a very...
Picture perfect
place with rice fields
So we're picking up some rice
And bringing it home
This rice station has been here since 1939
It's considered as the most traditional
We are going to check out the museum in a bit
After we've eaten
T, I'll let you do the honours of unwrapping your most traditional [bento]
Back in class everybody!
I need a stick!
Why you sleeping in class?!
She actually whacked me with it!
It's all quite red but you can't see it because it's quite dark
She's going to sue the teacher!

That's child abuse!
I was a good girl, I did my homework
Hi guys so we finished our bento
Basically we have just hired a 3 people
scooter/motorcycle (electric bike*)
And the girls are just trying to get the hang of it
We have Sohkwan in the driver seat at the moment
T is doing the navigation, our personal GPS system
So hopefully we won't go wrong
We have no indicators
We hit the curb!
We did not hit the curb!
There is no curb! What you on about?
There's no pavement!
Sorry, we're just trying to like drive...
Following the UK rules...
But those rules don't apply here on Taiwan roads
So we're going to have to wing it
LOL I hope I caught that [on camera]!
Go slow!
5 mph!
There's no speedometer!
- Hello
- Hello
- Y'alright?

It's great to see another British person!
I know!
It's not every day you hear voices like that down here
Where are you from? Where do you come from?
Worthing in Sussex
I can tell you're all from London!
You sound like you're from Eastenders
Get out of my pub!!!
Well have a good day!
-And you!
_ Enjoy!

Having a nice picnic
This is really nice. This is like their version of the Lake District
We are doing fast and furious - bicycle style
We've just hit the nitrogen
What we gonna do? What we gonna do?
There's a kid on it!
Oh ok...this is the reality...
This is not what I imagined...
People are queuing up
To take a picture
The famous thing is the tree further down
I'm so sorry x 3
I'll wait for you
pig on the road...
Is that his pet pig?! That is WEIRDDDD
Good evening guys
So we are still here...
Waiting for our train
We're still here waiting for our train!
And it's been delayed for like 66 minutes!
We wanted to get on the fast train
They said, "Yeah yeah don't worry the fast train is the 6:30 one"
It is now...
Quarter past 7! (7:15)
And our train is delayed for 66 minutes
There was another train delayed
half an hour before that
And that's been 81 minutes. We may just YOLO and jump on that if it ever comes.
Wait, is it coming?!
It's not our one, but f**k it, IDK
OK, we're just going to go for it. F**K IT
So I'm hoping we'll be able to jump on this
Don't care if it's the wrong one like f**k it
We don't care if we get fined either- we're tourists, it's alright
We can't speak the lingo!
67 minutes late!
We're on the train now
Let's see where it goes...
How long to our stop?
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(Taiwan Travels ep. 5/7) 3 Days in Taitung

82 Folder Collection
TT published on November 3, 2018
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