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Hello everyone, happy Saturday.
So, a few days ago, I asked you guys which topic
you wanted to see me cover in a vlog this week,
either creating original story ideas,
or how to write and use a prologue,
and there were quite a few votes for both of those,
and it's funny because I'm actually seeing these two
topics pop up a lot lately, and it seems like
the writing community is feeling a little bit of stress
about both of these things.
So I definitely wanted to make sure that I covered them,
and had a conversation with you about them.
So today I'm going to be talking about how to come up
with original story ideas, but don't worry,
there is definitely a vlog about prologues
coming at you very, very soon.
So, let's just go ahead and dive right in with how to create and come up with an original story idea.
Imagine this scenario, you've been brainstorming,
and you've come up with an idea for a book
that you're really excited about.
You've started your outline, and your character charts,
and you've even written a first chapter
that you're really, really proud of.
But then something kinda devastating happens.
A fellow writing buddy asks about your new project,
and you tell them all about it,
and this is their reaction:
"Oh, so it's a lot like The Hunger Games."
"You know, that reminds me a lot of Harry Potter."
"Have you ever read The Hobbit?
"Your book sounds a lot like that."
And here's your reaction.
(alarm buzzing)
We've all been there.
You get a brilliant idea, only to realize later
that it sounds an awfully lot like something
that's already been written.
So what do you do?
Do you trash the idea and try to come up with something new?
Or do you soldier on, even though that nagging thought
of, "Holy crap kittens, am I copying someone?"
is slowly eating away at your soul.
Or do you stuff your face with chocolate,
watch 800 YouTube videos, and avoid the problem altogether?
Well my friends, the answer is none of the above.
Well, except for maybe the chocolate.
There's always cause for chocolate.
When writers find themselves in this situation,
the question that always pops up is,
"How do I come up with an original story idea?"
But here's the thing guys.
Everything already exists.
Let that sink in.
Every single character arc, world, plot point,
creature, fantasy element, trope.
Everything has been done before,
it's already out there in the world.
I know, take a deep breath.
So, when it comes to story ideas, guys,
writers need to retrain their brains,
because true originality isn't coming up with something
that's never been seen or heard of before,
because that's almost impossible.
It's about taking familiar concepts, things that we have
seen before, and remixing them together
in new and fresh ways.
So if you have an idea for a story that contains an element that feels a little too familiar to something else, don't just trash the idea, find a way to reinvent it.
The truly original stories come from writers
who've taken something familiar and made it their own.
It's also important for writers to understand
that even fresh ideas might still be in the same vein
as something else, and that's okay.
For example, let's say I've got an idea for a book
about an ordinary guy who suddenly discovers
that he's the "chosen one," and he has an important
task or mission to accomplish that could
literally save the lives of pretty much everybody else.
What comes to mind?
Some of you are thinking, "Harry Potter."
Maybe some of you are thinking of Frodo Baggins
from Lord of the Rings.
Or maybe Luke Skywalker comes to mind.
My point is, is that a lot of books are gonna carry
similar plot structures, character relationships or tropes,
but the difference comes from the execution of the ideas.
No two writers are gonna write exactly the same book.
That is unless one of you is plagiarizing, and literally copying words from the other person's book.
Don't do that.
So many writers get hung up on this idea of needing to
come up with something new and never seen
or heard of before, and others spend more time
worrying about how similar their book is
to somebody else's book that they never actually make
any progress with the writing.
It boils down to this, guys.
True originality comes from taking familiar,
done-before concepts, and bringing them to life
in a new and unique way.
So how do you come up with that new and unique way?
Well, you use your imagination.
You take that familiar trope, and you flip-flop it,
or you take something that is very, very common,
like the hero's journey, and you ask yourself,
how can I flip this on its head?
What situations can I bring to this that are going to
change things up and make it fresh and new?
Use your imagination, guys.
You're writers, after all.
And don't spend a single second worrying about
whether your book sounds too much like this person's book,
or that person's book, there's only one you,
and only you can write your book.
The likelihood of you writing a book that sounds exactly like somebody else's? Slim to none.
Unless, again, if you're plagiarizing,
and seriously, don't do that.
So there you have it, guys.
I hope you found this video helpful,
and it's given you a little bit more confidence
in coming up with truly original and creative story ideas.
If you have any questions for me, about coming up
with story ideas, or anything else writing-related,
then you can leave me a comment below,
or you can tweet me @_KimChance.
For those of you that don't know,
I'm now offering editing services,
so if you're interested in having me do a critique for you,
then you can check out my website for more information.
I have posted the link for you below.
Also, I just got a PO box, and I am super,
super stoked about it, and love getting mail,
so if you would like to send me something,
I would love you forever, and my address is also
listed for you below.
And one last thing, my debut novel, Keeper,
is coming out in six months, you guys, aaah,
on January 30th, 2018, from Flux Books,
and you can now add it to your TBR shelf
on your Goodreads account.
So the link for that is, you guessed it,
also listed below.
Thank you guys so much for joining me today.
If you're new to my channel,
welcome, thank you so much for watching,
please consider subscribing on your way out.
I post writing advice videos on Saturdays.
Have a great day, you guys,
and I will see you soon.
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How to come up with Original Story Ideas for your Novel

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Cathy ♥ published on January 5, 2019    Cathy ♥ translated    Evangeline reviewed
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