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Hi, are you alright?
I'm fine
Hope the luggage bags won't fall
What's that noise?
I didn't see it either, what is going on?
What is this?!
What is that?!
Don't ask me, i'm also confused
Get off the bus quickly, come on!
Get our stuff!
Are you joking? Leave them and let's go now
Let's go! Move it!
He won't come in right?
Don't you think this is so ridiculous
He won't eat us right?
Shut up!
*Fan Jian is still yelling*
Can you stop it already?!
No! I really don't wanna die!
Let go!
*Palace maids are all screaming*
Men!! Assassins!!
Quick! Where are the assassins?
Oh damn, let's get out of here
Why do i have such a clumsy pig like you as a friend? Oh no, this way!
What's wrong?
There are assassins General!
Where are they?
They went that way
Search the area!
Yes sir!
Humble greetings to you dear General
*Random Korean words*
Have you seen the assassins?
I saw two shadows passing in that direction
Sorry to bother both of you
Are you kidding me?!
We can pass off as women just like this?
Are they blind?
Hey, do you think they will let us off this easily?
Shut up!
Don't jinx it
Dear General
Anything else we can help you with?
My ladies
Could you kindly put on some makeup.............
Before leaving your quarters in future?
Yes sir
Kindly appreciated
Damn, you're good
All palace maids who have taken a bath
are to report at Peacock Hall immediately
Why are you still here?
Hurry, we have to report at Peacock Hall
Peacock Hall?
My hearing is fine right?
Did they just speak in Mandarin Chinese?
Ancient Korea had many noble families
who took pride in speaking and writing in Mandarin Chinese
What's so strange about that?
Huh, that's it?
So this is Ancient Korea?
Ancient Korea? Does that mean?
Stop your nonsense, let's go
What are we gonna do?
One step at a time for now
Great work everyone
All women who enter the royal palace belong to the king
Refrain from actions that will go against the rules of the royal palace
You must all put in effort to learn well in the palace
And become the most outstanding palace maids
It's too late to back out right?
Can you just stop talking?
Just follow the flow
Raise your hands
Leg hair!
You're mistaken, this is not leg hair...this... is pubic hair
I've had more pubic hair since birth, so....
Pubic hair can also grow on your legs?
Take him away! Lock him up!
My lady! Spare my life! Please! I beg you!
Come on, start plucking!
You want it? Quick!
My lady, she has an Adam's Apple!
How dare you dress as a woman! Take him away! Feed him to the dogs!
My lady!
Please, give me a chance to serve the king!
The king works so hard, he should change his taste!
My lady! Please!
This is unbelievable
She's more shrewd than me!
Her royal highness arrives
Greetings, Consort Sukwon
Enough with the formalities.
Please continue
I just came to take a look
That is?
Jin Ying
Oh, Jin Ying? Come here
I heard that you are the most outstanding palace maid in culinary skills
Your highness, thank you for the compliment.
My cooking skills are just basic compared to the rest of my family
My skills are nothing compared to
the esteemed kitchen palace ladies in front of me
Her social skills is legendary
Can you put your brain to better use
and think of a way not to get eaten by dogs?
Your highness, may i introduce you to my niece, Jin Ying.
She had learned to cook since she was 6.
Naturally gifted and well versed in different areas of studies.
She is the most qualified palace maid in the royal palace.
A natural born talent?
Yes, a natural born talent
I see, can i test your knowledge?
My lady, please go ahead
Fin soup is made from the fin of which animal?
Shark fin
Let me ask you another question
When is the first time that the human heart start beating?
The first time it beats? Do you know? I don't know
Nobody has an answer?
When a human embyro is in the third week of development
Isn't she our tour leader?
Can you just stop talking already?!
And you are?
Your highness, i am Chang Jin, at your service
Chang Jin?
Chang Jin?
She's Dae Jang Geum?!
I've watched the series before
It looks like we really time travelled
My brain is overworked
But it's ok
i've watched the whole series
I have experience
Jin Ying
It looks like you have much to learn from Chang Jin
I will ask one more question
New palace maids who can answer this question
will move on to the next stage
In the horror movie The Ring
Who crawls out of the TV ?
Well, that's easy.
Ju-on! Let me answer
Bingo! That's right!
You can move on to the next round!
I'm tired. I'll take my leave now
Continue without me
Farewell your highness
Inspect the rest of the palace maids
Dismiss everyone back to their quarters to rest for the night when inspections have finished
Wait a minute
Something's not right
How did the Royal Consort know about the movie?
Isn't it weird?
How did she know about the movie?
Does it mean?
The movie was already made during ancient times?
Hey, what are you doing?
Beat her to death!
Palace maids who don't play by the rules
deserve to be disciplined
You're right
She deserves it
The answer is Ju-On?
What is Ju-On?
Is it famous?
Ju-On is famous
You just don't know who she is
How dare you fight back!
You're strong willed
If we let you continue like this
Won't you climb over our heads in future?
Save your energy and stop talking too much.
Bring the good stuff!
Good stuff? Unbelievable!
Sui Yi! Save me please!
Isn't that the legendary Soul-Suppressing Stone from a Chinese movie i watched?
I am impressed that you know what this is
Yes, you're right.
This IS the Soul-Suppressing Stone
Palace maids who have been suppressed by the stone
won't reincarnate for 3 lifetimes
Are you sure about this?
Another word from you and i will make you join her!
Come, let's do this
Brother Sui Yi, save me!
Both of you, follow me
To where?
Consort Sukwon has summoned both of you to her quarters
Consort Sukwon?
Let's just go
My lady, i have brought the people you have requested
Bring them closer
You can go now
All of you can leave as well
Raise your head
Look at me
Do not blink
It isn't right
This isn't exactly child friendly
If you even dare to blink once
I will gouge out one eye
Oh trust me, i will ensure i take in every fine detail
By the way, looking's fine. No reaction is allowed
If not, i will feed you to the dogs
Haha, are you scared?
Oh come on, surely you have already guessed who i am?
Who is more brave than the bravest man on heaven and earth?
Hao Da Dan?! (It means very brave in Mandarin Chinese)
Your face
Your boobs
Your legs
Have you reincarnated in the wrong body?!
Damn you asshole
Da Dan....
What have you become?
How would i know?
I just woke up looking like this.
My ding ding's gone too
How am i supposed to answer to my mother?
Isn't she gonna beat me to death?
Oh don't worry, your dad will be pleased
You just like to cause trouble right?
I had a feeling something wasn't right with this Royal Consort.
She even helped us so many times
Now it all makes sense
Can you find a way to get us all home?
You look amazing as a woman
No point getting home
People like you can only survive two episodes of a tv drama.
Sooner or later you will die here
Can you both stop fighting already?
The important task now is to find out where are we exactly
Have we really time travelled?
Are we in a dream like Inception?
I don't think so
Try and bite yourself
Why did you bite me instead?
Who else can i bite? Someone else's girlfriend?
Her skin is so light and smooth
I haven't had enough time to enjoy touching it
Based on my observation
We are now
in the Korean era of the Joseon Dynasty.
This is the time which Dae Jang Geum lived in
Dae Jang Geum? (Da Chang Jin)
That's right
Dae Jang Geum (Da Chang Jin)
My lady, did you summon me?
Chang Jin
What is the matter?
My lady
I have prepared supper at your request
Have it while it is hot
The flavour may change if it gets cold
I see, bring it in then
My lady
Place it on the table
BBQ skewers in ancient Korea?
Wow, so fragrant!
You really do know how to enjoy life
My lady....Da Dan.....what happened to you?
She's awake
You scared me to death, honey bear
You will be reborn upon death
What is the diagnosis?
Her pulse is firmly flowing through like beads on an abacus board.
It is a fetal pulse
Don't act so professional
What is her illness?
What i mean is
Her highness is pregnant
Congratulations, my lady
This is not a funny joke
Did you feel my pulse wrongly?
Aren't you a cook?
How do you know about pulse reading?
You must be wrong
Look at her
She doesn't even look like a fertile woman.
My lady
I have some basic medicinal knowledge. The diagnosis is correct.
Besides, you must have watched Dae Jang Geum
You should understand what is happening
Are you sure that what you said is appropriate?
Sui Yi.... Sui Yi
What am i gonna do?
Help me find a solution
I haven't found a wife to have kids with.
And now i'm having my own kid first
After my kid is born
What is he gonna call her?
Aunty? 2nd Aunt? 3rd Cousin Aunt?
Oh god.......oh my god....what is all this bullshit
Your highness
Don't panic
I have a feeling that
This may not be a bad thing
How can any good come out of this?
Shut up
Her majesty the Queen has arrived
How are you Queen Sister
Why is Sukwon breaking out in cold sweat?
Is your health weak?
Your majesty
Your majesty, i have just read Lady Sukwon's pulse.
She is with child.
Are you really sure?
Lady Zheng
Summon the royal physicians to come and confirm the pregnancy
Queen Sister
You must have many methods to cause a miscarriage
I don't care how
As long as it gets rid of this child
I trust you
It's best if it is painless
I'm just afraid of pain.
How have you palace maids taken care of Lady Sukwon?
To the point that she has uttered these words of madness
Queen Sister
Say something!
Say it, say it
Your famous stare
How are you going to poison me?
Just let me know now, i don't want a cliffhanger
Your majesty
Lady Sukwon is a first time mother.
She is understandably restless and speaking nonsense.
This is normal.
This is true your majesty.
Please excuse her behaviour.
Lady Sukwon is now pregnant with the King's child.
It's the King's first child
This child will be a blessing to the monarchy
And the people
Since Lady Sukwon is pregnant
All of you should take extra care of her
I shall not disturb you further
Return to my quarters
Queen Sister!
Starting from today, all of you must take extra care of Lady Sukwon
Hey, Queen Sister!
Surely you won't just walk away?
How did i get knocked up?
Who is the bastard who knocked me up?
Your majesty, be careful
I have been in the royal palace for 7 years and i am still childless
This bitch Sukwon just entered the palace and she already has good news
God is just trying to go against me
Your majesty, please do not be angered by these little issues
Blame my incompetence instead
I will research about foods that will assist
in getting you pregnant with the King's child quicker
I will also seek help from the royal physicians to increase your fertility
At the same time, i will instruct the priests to pray for you to have a child
No need to blame yourselves, it is not your fault.
Why ask for help when i can help myself
What is meant to come, will come
Can you just save your efforts?
Can you just take in the experience of being a hot mom? It's pretty good
Pretty good?! Why don't you try it instead
I actually do want to experience it
But unlike you, i didn't reincarnate to become a woman
I feel you just want to experience what happens BEFORE the pregnancy
Sui Yi, can you not act as though you have celebrity fame issues?
Stop acting cool, no one's here. Come come
Come on
Hit me! Hit me! Quick
Hit me....Hit me....Hit me
*Imitating Bruce Lee*
Did you really have to hit me that hard?
The royal announcer arrives
Consort Sukwon, this is the decree of the King
By the grace of the heavens
The kingdom now has a successor.
Consort Sukwon has played a big role
From today, you shall be promoted to Noble Consort Shu Gui Fei (*Highest ranking concubine*)
Take extreme care with your health
Protect the child
Expand the royal bloodline
and produce future heirs to the throne.
The King's decree is complete
This royal degree is dated in the era of the Joseon Dynasty
Congratulations, Royal Noble Consort Shu Fei
You're welcome, congrats to you too. Thanks.
His majesty has also instructed
that he wishes that Shu Fei and the Queen both attend the selection ceremony of new palace maids
This is to provide assistance to him in his royal duties.
Spread the King's glory to the nation
Rest well Lady Sukwon
And be mindful of your heath
I will take my leave now
What are we gonna do now?
Maintain eyesight on the bowl
Control your balance
Perfect balance to a palace maid is a basic requirement
A palace maid with no balance
is just a horse carriage with a single wheel
Unable to satisfy all needs of the King
I have this bad feeling that we will die pretty soon in this place
Human life is just like a sinkhole
one more or one less does not make a difference
Within half an hour
palace maids who do not spill a single drop of water from the bowls
Will have a chance to serve the King
Little sister
I have served the King for 7 years and i am still childless.
Yet you are with child just after your first night
Do you have any secret formula for getting pregnant?
Could you teach me how to serve the King better?
Queen Sister......
Stop pretending you're so humble
I can tell from one look that you are not a kind saint like Mother Theresa
You need help from ME? Are you really serious?
f you are having issues getting pregnant, that means........Oh dear, you are infertile
Look for those advertised doctors.
There's so many TV ads about them
Infertile? Huh? Advertisements?
Can you tell me more about them?
Nah, forget it. You won't understand anyway. I'll tell you more in future
The dishes smell very fragrant. What are they?
Your highness
These are imported musk cakes from Fu Sang
Musk cakes?
I've watched countless period dramas about concubine feuds
You know about musk which causes miscarriages?
If this cake is musk cake, then the dessert soup must be saffron soup
Pardon me your highness, i have committed a terrible mistake
Don't throw it away, it's such a waste
This tastes so amazing. Smells good too!
Starting from today
there will be strict monitoring of all food items served to Noble Consort Shu Fei
7 palace ladies have to inspect each item before serving it to Shu Fei
If there are any more mistakes such as this, i will grant instant death
Yes, your majesty
Wow, Da Dan can be pretty cunning if he puts his heart into it
Don't you know?
He's an expert on imperial harem feuds
He has done his "research" by watching all the recent period dramas on tv
Time is up! You may now remove the water bowls
No way! We're the only ones left?!
Your majesty
The selection process has concluded and we have our final two winners.
I see, bring them closer so i can see them
Lift up your heads
This is definitely God's will. Bring them to my quarters
I would like to test them out myself
Test them myself?
Sui Yi...Sui Yi
The Queen wouldn't kill us in broad daylight right?
You're overreacting.
I have this bad feeling that it's just a matter of time before we drop dead
Just follow the flow of events
We have to find Da Dan first
Escape from the palace then decide
All of you
Your highness
Your highness
Oh my god, you ancient Korean Uber drivers are so reckless on the road!
Are these two women the newly chosen palace maids for the King?
Princess, these two women are indeed the winners of our selection ceremony
Queen sister-in-law is very thoughtful
No wonder my King brother keeps talking about giving up his throne
Go back and tell Queen sister-in-law
i am bringing them back to my quarters to have fun for two days
I do not feel this is appropriate
If the Queen hears of this....
Then tell her to come find me instead
I am sure you are aware of my temper
It's settled then
Take them away
I can't believe that palace politics is all about money AND sexual intentions
What?! This is unacceptable!
Alert the security department and bring them back here
I will request an audience with the King
It's awesome right?
Be careful your majesty!
Look, it can also turn around!
It's cool right? I invented this!
Your majesty.....your majesty
Look at me. Let go of me...... Turn around.
Look at me
Your majesty, please be careful with that
It turns perfectly, am i right?
Your majesty, please. Be careful.
Your majesty, the Queen is requesting an audience with yourself
Can't you see i am busy here. I do not want to see anyone now
Your majesty!
Your majesty!
Move aside!
Come my queen, the Emperor of China sent me a gift of this carriage
After my modification
No manpower is required
I can just pedal to where i wish to go to
Isn't it awesome?
My King, why do you surround yourself with these useless toys?
And you are not up to date with the kingdom's political matters
Alright, stop nagging
The kingdom has never been more peaceful and prosperous. My people are happy too
There's nothing else to do
Your majesty!
Nothing is permanently good. You have to maintain the peace and prosperity
You're always right!
Why are you looking for me?
Who else can cause trouble? It's your sister Zhen Xian again
Zhen Xian?
What has she done again?
The two new palace maids i chose for you today....she....she took them away again
Yes! Every year!
If she keeps taking them away
When can i ever see a new concubine?
I have to keep facing the same.....
Well, i have to see my lovely Queen more.
I am a lucky husband
But, come to think of it....
Zhen Xian has taken these palace maids away
I'm curious. What has she done to them?
I'm surprised that she is cultured and well mannered.
Don't judge a book by it's cover
*random Korean words*
Why are you covering your face with a veil?
What the hell!
In this royal hall, there is no struggle and political feuds.
You can even eat and drink to your heart's desire
No need to serve the King in bed
Go ahead and enjoy the time of your life here
Is this place really as good as you say it is?
This is necessary
Haven't you seen
the happy faces of the palace maids who live here permanently?
But....why are their faces......
They are in progress
I don't get it
Where does all the bullshit you say come from?
Bring them in
What are you doing? Let go!
*Plastic Surgery Department*
It cannot be!
Plastic surgery had already begun in Ancient Korea?
I won't go in even if you beat me to death!
Well then. Guards! Beat them to death first!
Bring them in
Come with me!
Sui Yi.....Sui Yi
Such fresh meat
You have to bid farewell to the golden years of your youth so quickly
Your highness
Pardon me for being so direct
What is the success rate for the surgery?
No success so far
Sui Yi, it's a shame that you have become a lab rat
As a palace maid
What is there to worry about when you already look like this?
If not for the Queen's efforts to look for the ugliest palace maids
Why do you think i have to worry and come up with this to help my King brother?
Wow, Princess!
He's so manly!
I want it too!
Advertisements are always a lie!
Please do not visit this company
Your highness
The King has requested to see the two palace maids
They're both there
No need to thank me on your way out
Take them away
Princess, i shall take my leave then
The man in white clothing cannot leave!
Your majesty
The royal physicians have imported another batch of fertility medicine
Big brother Xiong
Let's try it out together shall we?
It looks very potent to me
Not only this
I, your beloved, have carefully selected two new concubines for you
They have maintained their child-like innocence and are also beautiful in their own way
They will definitely bring you back to the peak of your sexual glory
Sorry to trouble you my Queen
Your majesty
How will your majesty reward your Queen?
Your majesty
What are you wearing?
My Queen
I have carefully designed this anti-rape vest
Look at the master lock. It has 36 keyholes.
So, in order to unlock the vest
You would have to go on a treasure hunt around the royal palace to find all 36 keys
If you can't find all the keys
No one can ever unlock this vest
Even i forget sometimes where i have placed the keys
This vest also acts as a bulletproof vest.
Would you like me to custom design one for you too?
My King, who do you have to treat me like this?
Come on now, my Queen
Why are you getting so angry?
Didn't you ask me earlier how i can reward you?
I've given it much thought
I have decided
I will bestow to you the dragon carriage that i have customised
This is no ordinary dragon carriage
It can travel by air and land
It can also travel through time!
Shouldn't you be extremely happy about it?
You will forever be more interested in your weird inventions than me
Your majesties
General Min has returned with the two palace maids from the princess's quarters
Summon them in
Let them raise their heads
Yikes, why did you bring the guards Hei Bai and Wu Chang from the Underworld?
Your majesties, there has been some facial changes due to the plastic surgery they went through at the Princess's quarters
How can fine young women turn into this?
And what is this black thing we have here?
One is called "Fresh Meat" while the other is called "Black Pearl"
I can see that all of you Head Palace Ladies are out of your mind
These two weirdos are to be my concubines? No thank you!
Just make them kitchen palace maids
Yes, your humble servant apologises for not doing the task well.
Please forgive me
I will ensure that these two palace maids will be trained well in the kitchen
I can't count on any of you at all. Forget it, i'm just going to visit Shu Fei instead.
Your majesty!
Chang Jin, did you get any information?
Your highness
Your friends were taken away by the Princess on the way to the Queen's quarters
The Princess?
The King has arrived
What? The King?
I see that Chang Jin is here too
Sigh, you are only palace maid who is pretty
If you get bored with cooking
Don't forget to come and find me instead
All of you, wait outside
This is an order. Do not enter even if you hear anything out of the ordinary
Shu Fei!
I have come!
I haven't seen you in days. Your skin has become fairer and smoother
Your majesty.
Why don't we have some tea instead?
No tea for me
Please, no!
Your majesty, let me teach you rope skipping instead
Shu Fei understands me too well
You even know about bondage?
Your majesty!
You mentioned before you have hundreds of concubines for your pleasure and entertainment
Can't you just find someone new to have fun with?
There's no one among the concubines who i favour
I only have eyes for you
I know, i have put you through a lot in the early days when you just arrived at the palace
But now you are pregnant with my child
It's different now
Once you give birth to the crown prince
I will make you Queen instead
You want me to be Queen?
You can have anything your heart desires from the palace
All my inventions and also the dragon carriage. They can be yours
You will definitely like them
Dragon carriage?
This is no ordinary carriage
I personally customised it
A new invention
Not only can it fly and run on land
It can also travel through time
Travel through time?
Where is the carriage?
I bestowed it to the Queen
But don't worry, you can have it all after you give birth
Crown prince
Crown prince
Your majesty
I have notified the medical hall
Chang Jin knows medicine
She can check Lady Shu Fei's pulse
Your majesty
Her highness is in the first trimester
She can't have sex
To prevent miscarriage
Are you sure?
Oh no
You can go now
It's not that i don't want to, you know...
The crown prince i am carrying is not allowing me to, you know.....
Yes, i know
You care care of yourself
Shu Fei
Just take good care of our crown prince
The next time i am here to see you
If you dare come again the next time
i will beat you to death
I don't know how Sui Yi and Fan Jian are doing
Sui Yi
Sui Yi
Sui Yi, what happened to you? Sui Yi!
What have you done to him? Sui Yi!
Wake up
Sui Yi
Alright, enough
I can't believe that "Fresh Meat" is so weak
I just want to know
What have you done to my buddy?
How did he become like this?
You will know once you try it too
I was curious
As a woman, you don't even have boobs
I don't know how you managed to come into the palace
I used to have them
They've gone back to sleep
What are you doing?
What acupuncture treatment is this?
Why told you to be born dark skinned?
Do you know?
This special needle can only be used by the Queen
Radiant Needle?
The name sounds familiar
This needle is so fine that it can pass through the bloodstream
And convert uric acid to Vitamin C and bring it into your skin
Increase the moisture of your skin
Shrink your pores to maintain elasticity
Thus achieving skin whitening properties
Allowing your skin to recover smooth baby skin
Why don't you use it instead?
Because we are still researching the effects
It has never been successful
The Queen has arrived
Any progress?
Your majesty
One has taken the medication
His reaction is intense
We are still testing the acupuncture treatment on the second person
Test the medicine immediately
What is this?
What is going on?
So hot
I can feel my true potential arising!
Gently blowing
My pride is spread out
Gently blowing, release my pride
Gently blowing, it has caused unrest in the peace of my heart
Gently blowing, release my pride
Gently blowing
the peace of my heart
Your majesty
Both of their reactions are identical
Your majesty
The acupuncture treatment is working too
your majesty
They have already been rejected by the King
Why go through all the trouble?
What men say and what they really want is never the same
What do you know?
I apologise for being wrong
Bring them back to their quarters
Teach them properly
Dragon carriage
Dragon carriage
I need to find a way to get that carriage
These two idiots are not here
They made me feel embarrassed with myself
Your highness
Lian Sheng would like to see you
Come in quickly
Your highness
Stop bowing already
The Queen?!
Fan Jian, Sui Yi. Don't fear
i am coming
The palace is huge
Where does the Queen live?
Take it off
You take it off too
I know, i am taking it off
I can't unbutton my shirt
Let me help you
No way!
Juicy drama
i can't believe my luck
If the deed is done, you will be greatly rewarded
Please send a message to the Queen, her wish is my command
The palace is indeed not a good place
Politics everywhere
I have to get out of this situation quietly
Your highness?
I just passed by
I didn't see anything
Please continue
Lady Choi?
I understand
Every girl
has a man they deeply love
I've seen countless period dramas
I get it
Even though
we are exclusive to the King
That doesn't mean i do not have one man that i love deeply
Your relationship with this General
I totally understand
Don't worry
I will not tell a single soul
Me and General Piao
are childhood sweethearts
who have always loved each other
We beg for your blessing
We beg for your blessing
You have my blessing
I will definitely agree
Don't worry
Put in more effort into pleasing your in-laws
I will not let anyone know
Who is there?
Your highness
Escort her highness back to her quarters
Is this appropriate?
Shu Fei is now with child
Killing her
You think that we can get away with it?
Just play along
You can all leave
Stop pretending
Get up
If you still don't get up
I will get the girls
To bring the Soul-Suppressing stone in
i can't believe
I can't even cheat you
Fan Jian
Wake up
It's showtime
For what?
What do you want to do?
What are you doing?
What is this?
These two pressure points
From today onwards
You will have to repeatedly practice it daily
If i didn't remember wrongly
We are
supposed to learn how to cook?
Both of you
think too much
But, what is the use of practising this?
Putting pressure on these two pressure points simultaneously
Will enhance your performance
That good?
I see, you're experienced
start practising
*Korean swear word*
Be serious!
Let me teach you
Your hand
cannot tremble
You have to apply force swiftly
Most importantly,
you have to find the right position
Turn around
You have to aim here and slowly move down
This is the spot
Use force