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Hey guys!
So we are on the local train and we are heading to our next destination
Which is Taichung
Is that correct?
We have Soh Kwan at the back
We've bought the local bento boxes for our lunch
The journey is going to take about 2 and a bit hours?
Can you say that again for my camera? lol
Good morning guys!
I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry
We're on the local train heading towards
It's about a 2.5
2 and a bit
hour journey?
We are very prepared
We've bought the local bento boxes
Which will keep us fully nourished.
For the time being
But we will check that out and
let you know how it tastes.
I'm so greedy, I have 3 to myself!
But we'll see how it goes!
And we'll check back in 2 and a bit hours?
Hi guys, just a quick update
We have landed in Taichung now
This is Soh kwan
We've just checked in
And this is the place we're staying at
It's pretty cool
This is our outside view
It's ok
I don't know if you guys can hear that icecream sounding van
It's actually the rubbish bin.
So, it's quite funny.
So for us, if we hear the icecream van
We're like, "Oh! Icecream van outside" you know
But no, it's actually the bin men coming to collect rubbish
So yeah...something that's different
This is our reception area
I can show you our bedroom actually
We are in our hostel...
It's so much nicer than the one in Taipei
Which is good
This is our bathroom with a shower
This is our bed
This is a new attraction!
And it's right next to our hostel here
And over here is a famous ice-cream place
Guys, I need you guys to read it to me
Very good. We all passed the test!
We've got the icecream
We are - don't stop! Carry on walking!
We're going to have a seat on the steps to enjoy
It's kind of scary holding this at the same time
But as you can see
We have cheesecake
We have the mango flavour
Green tea flavour...
Lychee flavour...
We've got the pineapple cake on the side
We've got a butterfly biscuit
And some earl grey
Inside a nice waffle cone
So, there we go!
So this is where we're coming back to later
But for now, we're just going to enjoy the icecream
We just spent the last 3 hours washing clothes
Trying to do laundry
Battling with the tumble dryer!
I don't understand!
I did it for 20 minutes, yeah, and it was still wet.
It was wetter than before!
I don't understand that!
It's pumping water in, it's terrible
Now we're on our way to get some food!
Look at this!
A pig!
Why is there a pig?
A pig wearing a Superman coat...
And basically the sign says:
This is really unbelievable!
Why would you do this though?
What's this for?
This is so wrong!
Maybe they're feeding it?
That's a wrong name!
"The Baking Place"
So it becomes a cha siu bao at The Baking Place!
Don't say that!
Guys...think about this when you eat your bacon in the morning, alright!?
You think about that
We're at the student night market
And hopefully it will taste good!
Interesting sweetcorn
Good morning guys!
So it's about 07:30 in the morning
A total early start for us
We're heading towards the Rainbow Village today
T really wants to go see that
So Soh Kwan is upstairs...
Can't say anymore, you guys know.
We're having a McDonald's breakfast
And it's ready~
We have arrived at Rainbow Village!
It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be!
Hey guys, we're just having a quick rest
Before we head back to the city centre
As you can see kind of behind me we have lots of children here on a field trip
Which is really cute and all
But what's a bit...I don't know...
Paedophillic....is like...
We have tourists and they're just randomly going up to the children taking pictures with them
And the teachers aren't really doing anything
We ourselves have resisted the urge
They are very cute
But like-
This one here, she wants to talk to the little children!
Er.. hello!?
Soh kwan is being very nice and giving tissue
for the little kid who's got like a runny nose.
I think we're
We're falling into the urge now
That we are going to have some sort of group picture
Look! Look! Look at this one!
I told you! She couldn't resist!
It's because the teachers make it out like it's okay so....
I'm just shaking my head
She's attached now to one child
And I'm scared she's going to take the poor child away
I wonder if this will start making them feel broody...
Which kid is your favourite kid, eh?
The little chubby one over there!
The original bubble tea place!
Going to Gaomei Wetlands
Are we like- repeating ourselves?
This is the bit where she's like, "Oh, can you just repeat your intro? I forgot to do my intro"
Every time you're going to film yourself-
You know what, just,
Just send the video to me!
And Soh Kwan is just enjoying her...
They won't feed me!
Why do I have to feed you!?
That's a [dessert] with a mixture of grass jelly, red bean etc.
We joined a tour bus because it's a faff getting their by public transport
What do you hope to get out of this visit today?
That's it really.
We've come all this way hopefully just to take a nice picture.
She can't get up and she's blaming on us
Because apparently we made her crouch down and take photos
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(Taiwan Travels ep. 2/7) 2 Days in Taichung

148 Folder Collection
TT published on September 27, 2018
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