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  • This video explains the features of AT&T Phone,

  • Voicemail, and Caller ID.

  • In addition to crystal-clear calls,

  • AT&T Phone provides you with several convenient features

  • so you can enjoy greater control of your calls and messages.

  • Like our Locate Me feature,

  • which rings up to 5 phones at the same time,

  • so you'll never miss a call.

  • When you subscribe to both AT&T Phone and U-verse TV,

  • you can see who is calling

  • or view your call history right on your TV screen.

  • You can also initiate a call from your TV screen

  • with Click to Call.

  • AT&T Phone subscribers

  • can also take advantage of convenient online services,

  • including listening to voicemail online,

  • emailing voicemail messages,

  • placing calls from your online account,

  • changing phone features,

  • and viewing call history online.

  • To view your voicemail messages online,

  • Sign in to your online account by visiting

  • and entering your user ID and password.

  • Your user or member ID is the email address you created

  • when you registered your phone service.

  • If you've forgotten your user ID or password,

  • follow the "Forgot User ID or Password" links for help.

  • If you subscribe to AT&T Phone and AT&T Wireless,

  • you can access a single voicemail box

  • for home and wireless messages

  • and have home phone messages signal on your wireless phone.

  • AT&T Voicemail simplifies your messaging service

  • by integrating your AT&T Phone and wireless voicemail

  • in one centralized area.

  • You can access these messages from anywhere

  • via your personal computer, telephone, wireless phone,

  • or any other device with data access.

  • With Voicemail Viewer,

  • you can check and manage your messages

  • right from any compatible smartphone with a data plan.

  • Everything you need to get started is on our webpage

  • at

  • AT&T Phone Caller ID on TV

  • allows subscribers with AT&T Phone and U-verse TV

  • to receive caller ID and voicemail message notifications

  • on their television screens.

  • If you would rather not be disturbed

  • by calling notifications while you're watching TV,

  • you can easily turn these notifications off.

  • To access caller ID settings on the TV,

  • select "Go Interactive" on your remote control

  • to bring up the Interactive Apps menu.

  • Scroll to "Services", select the "Phone Services" tile,

  • and follow the prompts to make any changes.

  • You can set up your AT&T Voicemail by phone

  • or online from your PC.

  • To set up by phone, simply dial Star (*) 98 from your home phone,

  • and follow the prompts.

  • To set up your voicemail online,

  • access the Setup Wizard

  • by signing in to your online account at

  • and entering your user ID and password.

  • Here, select "Home Phone", then select "Mailbox Setup".

  • Now the Setup Wizard will launch.

  • Here, select "Next",

  • and then follow the onscreen instructions.

  • The Voicemail Setup Wizard

  • will walk you through every step of setting up your voice mailbox

  • and creating up to 8 subaccount voicemail boxes

  • for family members.

  • Get connected with AT&T Phone and messaging services

  • and enjoy more options and integrated features.

  • For additional help with your AT&T Phone features,

  • such as forwarding and blocking calls,

  • go to

  • and enter the keywords "call blocking" or "call forwarding".

  • Thank you for choosing AT&T.

  • AT&T jingle

This video explains the features of AT&T Phone,

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AT&T Phone and Voicemail Features | AT&T Phone Support

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