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from Taipei~
Today is day- well, officially Day 1/Day 2-ish
We arrived yesterday morning
This is our hostel...
The plan today is to eat.
And to eat.
And to eat!
We're in Elephant... Park
And we're going to hike to Elephant Mountain
OK guys, so we are going to hike up the Elephant Mountain
This is the bottom
We have Soh Kwan here who is ready
Teresa she's ready. She's getting her gear out.
This is a before and after!
We're very cheerful at the moment, but we will continue this
And I'll tell you how it goes
It's only 20 minutes!
Oh, is it!?
You'll be fine. It's easy. Let's go!
Hey guys, so we've just reached the
middle stop.
It's not that hard but the steps are quite small, quite narrow.
And now we've reached a fork in the road.
Do we go...
To the left?
Or to the right?
Where we going guys? Left or right?
See you on the other side!
Going into the forest now!
Teresa is way up ahead!
Where are they?
And I have Soh Kwan behind me
How you feeling?
Slightly out of breath
Hi guys, so we made it to the top
Very out of breath, very hot
Soh Kwan! T!
What's your thoughts on the mountain?
It's not that hard...
So sunny...
This one is doing her vlogging thing as you can see
And I'm doing my vlogging thing
Soh kwan is doing the L'oreal thing there because she's worth it
And there's 101. We didn't really go off it.
But it's ok. You know, me and heights innit, but hey-ho.
A mosquito has bit my bum
There's no way the mosquito bit your bum!
- She has an itchy bum

I just feel itchy all over!
There's ants in her pants!
That may be true actually
I don't think it bit you. Maybe an insect went up there...
Just general conversation that we have randomly...
Itchy bums and all. Poo! Pee!
Poops, yup, number 1s and number 2s!
This is a happy meal and it's only round one. YAY!
Guys, guys, this is the piece de resistance!
The smell is not as bad
No, it's not
First stinky tofu, completed!
They look so cute!
ok, go!
Anyone want some Taiwanese sausage?!
The food was good but not like
WOW amazing which is what we're after.
None of the food we had today stood out
It was just okay.
We can tick it off the list but now we're looking for something more
Quality foods now
Cheap and cheerful but still yummy!
That phrase is copyrighted by me!
Copyrighted by me!
We just had breakfast
And we are now taking
a taxi and we're heading towards
We've hired a taxi for the day
And our first stop is
the Geopark
A park made out of all these stones which has been naturally eroded
by the sea.
the wind.
So it'll be cool.
Look forward to that!
Look at your face!
Yesterday...I spent
my day like a
local... a Taiwanese local.
But I didn't get a clear memo of what we were doing
So I was overdressed
Underdressed. Overdressed.
I think it was over- she was overdressed.
I was overdressed.

I was under the impression
Well, I knew what we were doing
- She was going to the beach, man!

I thought I was going to the beach!
But I didn't realise it was a stone beach full of rocks!
And community service...lol
I don't mind the community service - that's fine!
Then I tripped and cut my foot
On a stone
I started bleeding. Everyone else went diving
Everyone else went diving but I obviously I can't dive
So I just sat and watched
This is my first time meeting everyone actually so...
I feel kinda shy. (I was awkward af lol)
And then...
We went to a hot spring, a completely natural hot spring
She was naked!
I was naked!
I'll sssh now!
You carry on, T
I didn't bring any swimwear
So basically I stood out like a sorethumb
Because I was overdressed
(And also shy, awkward, quiet and language barriers lol)
#introvert problems
I thought you was very pretty and was very dressed for the occasion
Still overdressed lol
*overthinking...annoyed at my shy self*
And then I hurt my foot and I've been hobbling
So today we hired a driver to drive us for 8 hours
Hi guys so we're at part 2 of our destination for today
We're going to a waterfall
But...look at this
Look at this bridge
You know me and heights!
No, it does not move!
So I'm holding onto the railings
You're walking too quick!
slow motions!
I'm literally holding on to this thing and closing my eyes
And they just left me! x 2
Jesus, people are running
Soh kwan is all the way at the end
I don't know if you guys can see
They don't care about me at all!
That's the way back as well!
She's laughing inside
She made it!
Oh, look at this little girl, go! Just like OOOOHHHH.
Over the hill and far away~
Teletubbies come to play~!
Yeah you can see how much more
cheerful I am now
Now that I'm over that
dreadful bridge
I mean,
I knew it was coming...but...
I didn't expect it to be that...
Thank you Teresa for waiting for me!
She's just like, "Meh"
Soh kwan is long gone!
She don't care! She don't care!
This waterfall is - they're calling it the
Taiwan's version of Niagara Falls
So we'll see how it goes
Bridge part 2
Conquer the fear!
Remember guys
I am the bridge
Be the bridge
There's Soh Kwan there
Do you have anything to say, Soh Kwan!?
Like what?!
- I dunno!

How's your feeling so far?
Bloody hell, she just says "come on"
I don't think she realises...
This one shakes even more than the other one!
I'm literally-
No lie, this is worse than the bloody Millennium Bridge!
These people! They're not walking straight!
They're walking wonky!
They're walking wonky! It's not good! This ain't good!
Noooo don't run!
She's running- she's trying to make me walk fast!
No arms no arms
No arm no arms you see, no arms!
That was not a squawk
That was a ...the parrot in the sky y'know
She's like "hang la hang la" , like let's go let's go
Like it is nothing! Er, excuse me!?
I just want to say I just conquered this!
Could you imagine!?
So we've done our selfies
I know, it was literally a quick visit
Just to see this waterfall
But I think it was worth it
That's so funny!
The reality of it all
We're here at Shifen
We're not going to light the lanterns
This is exactly the reason why
Isn't that tree catching on fire though!?
And that is why we are not doing this today.
(super bad for the environment)
It's always going to be busy!
I was like, "Is there any time we can come when it's not" but no
holy sh*t
Hi guys
So this is my last vlog of the day we're currently having some dinner
after our very exciteful road trip today
Our taxi driver he was cool, wasn't he?
How was his driving skills?
Got us where we needed
In a record time
this is from 3 drivers!
Just green tea is fine
Yeah at the moment we're having some dinner
At a sushi place
Guess how much each plate is?
It's like $39 which is like...
And it's about 75p PER PLATE!
So we're just going to have
kind of like a sushi challenge-ish, not really
but we're going to fill up our stomachs
and tomorrow will be another day!
I shall catch you guys later!
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(Taiwan Travels ep. 1/7) 5 Days in Taipei

79 Folder Collection
TT published on September 13, 2018
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