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Come here, come in here. Look.
You can't just keep saying "Hello" to people.
People can't see you moving and talking.
But why?
Because, because, you're different.
And people don't like things that are different.
So, I shouldn't be me?
No! no, no you...you should always be yourself.
No, this is very confusing. It may be the hunger.
You've just eaten!
Oh that's right.
Maybe I didn't eat enough.
Look, never mind about that.
For now, just try and be um less, less exuberant you.
Flop, sag, go limp.
Flop, sag... go limp.. -- Yes!
How about, I know! I've got it, how about playing naptime?
I love play!
Well, let's see it!
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Christopher Robin

4604 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on September 6, 2018
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