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Today we're going to the Blue Lagoon
Depending on how Soh Kwan is feeling...
We'll go from there really...
SK, are you feeling a bit better today?
We've got no plans
Just catching the Lights tonight?
Tonight's the only chance to catch them
She wants KFC...
Taco Bell...
And KFC!
All of that for how much?
Look at the sick girl having KFC...
Aren't you just going to make yourself worse?
We just finished
being in the Blue Lagoon
How long were we in there? 2 hours?
It was cold...
It was too windy, if it was still it would have been a lot better but it was really really windy
Like really windy...
Like your body would be really nice and warm but your face would be
But it was nice, I quite liked it
I fell over in the steam room
And then there were 2 couples in there. Thank god it was only 2 couples
And they were kind of old so they were like, "You alright?"
I kind of clambered up, rubbed my bum and left
She just sat there and I was like, "Do you want me to help you up?"
You're like no no, i need some kind of dignity
i think this is my first proper meal
this er... trip
look how much this is
so we're pretending it's my birthday. A day where I'm not throwing up
(grilled fish) - don't know why the font didn't show up!
The last chance to catch the northern lights tonight
The weather is like raining
And windy...
And snowing..
Snow storm...
Oh, it's just a car park!
We give up!
Well it's impossible to see the northern lights
Alright, next stop: Norway
Are you upset because you didn't see the northern lights?
You're too ill to care
I just wanted to go home, man!
My eyes are so tired
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Travel Vlog - Winter in Iceland (ep.5/6)

62 Folder Collection
TT published on August 10, 2018
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