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So we're not going to...
TT going exploring without you...
On the lookout for a pharmacy!
Lemsip for throat?
Would you like the receipt?
Yes please
Thank you
Walking back to our house
Our airbnb home
I'm doing a different detour because I want to see this view!
Noooooo there's a dot!!!!
I feel like a house wife right now LOL
Don't mess with me!
So I'm just going to chill in our airbnb home
No appetite but she's eating Doritos...
I'm lining my stomach in case I throw up again
She's thrown up twice...
She's just been sleeping
Hopefully you'll be recovered by tomorrow
But we don't know...
We'll see...sigh
Poor birthday girl...
Making sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch
Sandwiches packed and done!
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Travel Vlog - Winter in Iceland (ep.3/6)

83 Folder Collection
TT published on August 10, 2018
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