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It's 8am and I accidentally woke Susu up.
I don't know...I kind of always am already up at this time...
Yeah, usually I'm up at 6
But the difference is...
We're on holiday, luv!
Although everyone's English is really good here...
So that explains why we were showering yesterday...
And I was like, "The water smells really funny..."
And I was like, "What is that smell? I can't describe what this smell is"
But now they've said sulphur, that makes so much more sense.
Like rotten eggs!
Yeah, that makes complete sense now.
OK. Fair enough, if it's not harmful.
That's fine. Fact of the day!
We're going to Kronan Granda - the biggest supermarket we can find.
To do some grocery shopping!
And then we're going to do the Golden Circle tour.
It's just going to be of us like...
These sweet potatoes are so big!
Oh, these are from Israel?
They're huge!
That's like £12 for cheese!
That's quite a lot of cheese though...
Did we just spend £100 on groceries?
It was about £80
We are at...
It is oval, about 250m long and 150m wide
We paid £4 to see this? (400 isk)
Is this it?
We are so unimpressed right now...
This is what of those like- if you've got nothing else to do days
We walked from there to here...
There's all of this...
But we can't be asked to... do that because...
It's just...
- I don't know what's over on that side

It just feels a bit pointless...
I know right, let's go x 2
We're on the way to Geysir!
I'm so unimpressed...
Think of it like this...
It's a natural phenomenon that you won't really see anywhere else...
Next stop:
We've not actually had a proper meal
We've not had a proper meal apart from last night
No! Last night we had a meal at 12
I think that's why maybe I'm not THAT hungry...
Let's go!
- We had pizza...

- We had a...kinda bread...blah blah blah

It's fine, we've got thing to see
The sun is setting
That's true, we'll eat in the hours of darkness
Only 5 hours of daylight!
Stuff a cookie in your mouth and off we go
And some crisps and some tea!
And she just feeds me
It's windy!
Show us your heat pack
Where is it from?
I got these from Hong Kong
Not that Hong Kong is very cold
They're Japanese
What you do, you just get them out
Shake them
It gets warm
(Stays warm) For about 24 hours?
Oh, that is nice actually
It's nice isn't it?
Look at the sunset!
There has been a car accident...
Is everyone getting out of their car to help?
That's so cute!
Oh Gosh..
-Oh my goodness

Oh my goodness me
Yeah, let's not get into any accidents during this trip...
(second car incident) Another problem on the road...
I'm staying in the car, trying to call vehicle breakdown...
We couldn't help...
Yeah...we're so useless...
We don't have any equipment...
We couldn't even get her out
Tried to call the number- didn't work which is worrying
That's the third car we've seen!
Today! Today is the first day
On the way back
we are back for a quick dinner break
Our food shopping haul~woo!
All of this cost like...£80 (expensive)
So we made rice...
Without a rice cooker
We were really close ...
To getting it to be perfect
It's still a tad hard but it's okay
Now we're eating some oranges
Then we're going to head out
Even though today is fairly minimal in terms of like forecast for northern lights
But we might as well go out
Hello, we are back from trying to catch the Northern Lights
What do you mean try? We did catch them!
Well, I didn't see them with my own eyes!
I did not see them with my eyes
But I saw them with my camera
Does that even count?
Not really.
It's like 3AM...and...
We're having...ramen.
And she made birthday girl cook!
It doesn't count! We haven't slept!
Unfortunately we couldn't capture the Northern Lights with the camera on video
We managed to get a few shots
With my newbie amateur skills...
Pffff- your newbie amateur skills?
Me and my weird Samsung trying to get weird arse shots
We got some good shots though
I'll insert: here x 4
It was a trial and error process
Jeez, she was just standing outside like...
It was freezing
But I was happy when I got a good shot
Yeah, I could tell *rolls eyes*
I was like, "Ah, yes!"
I could tell and I was like, "Ok engine on"
She's asking for it.
You know, one of these days, I'm just going to like
Get in the car and leave her by some
Frickin waterfall
And some nice Chinese family will adopt her
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Travel Vlog - Winter in Iceland (ep.2/6)

165 Folder Collection
TT published on August 10, 2018
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