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My hair is a mess but oh well
Today is the 19th April
And I've come back from a few holidays
I've just come back from Taiwan
I was there for about 2.5 weeks
Before that I was in Austria for a couple of days...
And now it's April
My job in Brighton, the contract ends soon...
I only have about a month left
Before I move back home to London
So now I've realised I've only got a month left
I've realised I've really haven't filmed much during my time here
I mean, I've only done like one major vlog
And that was it
But this is the thing like my life in Brighton is pretty dull
But I thought because I'm here for one more month
There are so many places I wanted to see which I never got round to doing
And there are so many food places I wanted to go to
That I never got round to going to
because it just works out being quite expensive.
and I just prefer cooking myself.
I just want to record my time here
So that at least I have some kind of memory of it
So I just picked up my camera just now
And I've got a dance class
soon. So I'm just going to take you with me
So let's go!
So I've arrived in dance class pretty early
Like half an hour early
I'm going to check out
Nando's egg tarts
Since going to Taiwan KFC
I've really been craving egg tarts
Yes! Taiwan KFC sell egg tarts!
Why can't England do the same?
Meanwhile KFC England has run out of chicken lol
so yeah lets do that
This is Brighton Marina
Everyone's got their sea of boats
And around here we've got loads of restaurants as well
Just finished dance and I'm like all hot and sweaty
I'm here to show the sunset everyone
I've kind of finished a little bit early today
so I thought it'll be nice to explore Lewes
Because it's a village area
It's quite historic
And they even have a castle here
So let's go and find this castle
They've come all the way to visit me!
What just happened?
What just happened is we took a hundred years to park!
into a spot
thinking we could park there
but it was permit holders only
and JL is feeling great about it
Going to igigi cafe today which is my favourite cafe in Brighton and Hove
And we're going to have afternoon tea! So let's go!
It's amazing
ok, so we're trying to vlog
and OH SHOOT. I think I zoomed in. How do I ZOOM OUT!?
So we've zoomed in and we've hijacked TT's camera
I don't know where to look, where's the lens?
- I look really fat

my arm is not stretchy enough
hey! we're trying to vlog and hijacking TT's camera!
We don't know what to do
We're not vloggers.
-This is really awkward

I only just got instagram like a week ago lol
Yeah, I don't really know what else to say
But this is a really cute shop
Look around!
Which direction am I going?
JL is doing a 360 degree
Oh Teresa's making her grand entrance!
wait wait. And we don't know what we're doing lol
I was like ???
Teresa said we could vlog!
So we're vlogging
I didn't think you were actually gonna do it lol
we're stuck in the car
still waiting....
- to find a parking space

i'm so sweaty
- we're in!!!!!

omg let's go out!
an hour and a half later
that was horrible

What is the Pavilion?
And can you tell us something about the history of this place
Erm... er...er...why don't you read the sign?
Because I have no idea lol
we're running out of time so we're just going to some random place to eat
we're at the bok shop
getting fried chicken
ready steady eat *mouth full*
so it's time for these girls to go home
we are going home!
it was a quick short trip
i'll be back home soon
they're leaving! T_T
Your car looks so cute in this shot
We had a great time!
Thank you for coming! See you next month!
Thank you for having us and thank you for being our guide!
I'm just gonna go with thanks lol
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Brighton Vlog | April, May & Life

170 Folder Collection
TT published on August 10, 2018
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