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Welcome to Saarbrücken
Today is our last full day
And we are going to the French border town
I can't remember it's name...
It's still on the Saar...river
We are going to have a look around
And maybe go to the pottery museum
We're gonna be like
And then
We're in France
And then
Wrong language
I want some of Teresa's hair
I look like I'm bald compared to you
Even if I like took it all to the front of my face
I just look like I walked through a tornado
♫ Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques ♫
♫ Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Something something something
Something something something
De de da de de da
So we were en route to find the border
of France and Germany
Because we wanted to be like
"Hi! We're in France!"
"Hi! We're in Germany!"
and so to kill the time
We decided to play the game
"20 Questions"
Where one person has to think of an object
and the others have 20 chances to guess what it is
And so
We got completely distracted by this game
That we walked past the border
without even realising it
Is it a place?
Is it an object?
Is it green?
It can be...
Can it move?
Oh is it machine operated?
OMG, could you imagine it could be human pushed!
Like slave labour
Get your back into it!
It's creepy
I'm just joking
Don't take me seriously!
What are you doing!?
I cannot speak French
We're going to walk back and
find the border
on the bridge
We're in France!
We're in Germany!
So this village is Rilchingen-Hanweiler
and Sarreguemines is 0.5km across the bridge
So after we cross the bridge
We'll be in France
Now we're in Germany
We're in Germany!
We're in France!
Bye bye
Go back into France
We're in France!
We're in Germany!
We're in Germany!
We're in France!
It's our last night together
*sad face*
How you feeling, Manisha?
I don't feel that sad
I know I'll see you again
Yeah yeah yeah
I'm sitting alone...
Shall we go inside?
Alright, Dave?
How you doin'?
Y'alright Dave!?
It's just like England here
Meet you in the diner for a cuppa
Maybe we'll go down the pub for a pint of beer-
A pint of beer!?
A pint of beer and curry la'er
Curry and chips
Curry 'n' a beer I could do with!
Hit the spot y'know!
Post office!
Post office?
Tourist office!
I think I need to see a post office!?
My friends left me again...
And again...and again...
They left me
Guys! They left me!
What about me!?
They just left me again!
Hi! We're off to Luxembourg Airport
Please mind my hair
It's been caught in the rain
Bye Manisha!
Thank you!
We had such a fine time!
We've hidden an egg in your room
A chocolate egg
You have to find it
And have a look at it
And let us know when you do
Let us know if you can't find it
Because we don't want it to rot
We can leave a few clues but lets see if you can find it first!
Gandhi Easter hunt!
Bye Gandhi the Grey!
Bye Gandhi the Grey!
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Europe Vlog (Part 2) | France & Luxembourg

54 Folder Collection
TT published on August 10, 2018
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