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  • This is Vauban, focused and methodical.

  • Vauban creates a deadly environment for his enemies.

  • Well versed in the art of trapping, he is a master of the unexpected.

  • Tesla allows Vauban to place an electrically charged grenade, shocking all enemies within range.

  • Need a lift, Tenno? Bounce can be applied on any surface and provides an unexpected launch pad

  • for anyone who triggers it; both friend and foe.

  • Bastille will levitate your enemies, holding them in place, making them a perfect shooting target for your squad.

  • When a Vortex is triggered, enemies within range will succumb to its deadly force

  • crushing their atoms into a singularity and blinking them out of existence.

  • Vauban's traps can be upgraded for greater effect via the use of mods and fusion cores.

  • Extended duration, efficiency, and range mods will allow a greater trigger range

  • in Tesla's shock strength.

  • An increased duration mod, coupled with fusion core upgrades,

  • will hold higher strength enemies in place longer, allowing for increased damage to your target.

  • Upgrading Vortex with fusion cores will increase its range and crushing power,

  • affecting more types of enemies than before.

  • Vauban willingly sacrifices his own safety in the name of mayhem.

  • Use him wisely, Tenno.

This is Vauban, focused and methodical.

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