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  • My brUdDaS

  • *Clucking*

  • WaT do wE wAnt!?

  • Da WaE! Da WaE! Da WaE! Da WaeEEeE!!!

  • wE WaNt dA waE

  • *Clucking*

  • LoOk, mY brUdDaS, dA qwEn

  • *Clucking*

  • Das dE wAE My bRuDdaS

  • *Clucking* *Muttering of "dE wAe"*

  • 00:00:29,840 --> 00:00:31,680 *Pure Spitting, Rumbles*

  • gAsP!

  • sO yu aRE aLSo lOoKinG fOr dA WaE

  • DaTs OuR QweN

  • *Spitting*

  • P R O T E C D E Q W E N


  • TieM tO reVEEL maH seLf

  • *Pop*

  • GaSp!

  • :O sHe iS deFeNiTElY dE wAe

  • *Cluck War*

  • The End. Oh wait no! *Crosses* THE wae

  • If yOu wAnNa fInD de Wae

  • SuBscRieb tO AniMeToONs (Srsly, Do it...)

  • anim e tooz iz da wae

  • *Clucking*

  • D A W A E

My brUdDaS

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A2 wae da clucking queen de wanna find

Da wae

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    iliketaiwan posted on 2018/08/04
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