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Hey guys! So today we will be talking about the second task in the Writing
section in IELTS, which is a highly requested topic and here on my Twitter
again I conducted a poll to get to know this. So, yeah that's probably when you
should subscribe not to miss another poll
you start to tackle the second task in writing? Well, you should remember that
this one weighs more actually than the first one, so that is why you probably
should put more attention and effort to it. However of course you should tackle
equally perfectly all the tasks in your exam. So as long as the second task weighs
more you should really put effort to make sure that you vocabulary and
grammar and synonyms are on point! So, basically there are four types of
majorly encountered questions on the task - the first one is "How a problem
can be solved?" The second: "Discuss both points of view on one problem and then
give your opinion", then "To what extent or just generally do you agree or disagree
with a statement?" and then "What advantages and disadvantages do you see
in a statement?" Okay. And although the structure of the essay for those
questions may be slightly different but overall one structure, which is the model
structure that we will be using today and as always I will put a free pdf
working sheet in the description box down below so that you can have a look
yourself. So there is one big model structure that can be applied basically
to any type of task question and today we will be discussing a big essay
according to that structure. Okay so when you see your task in front of you, the
first thing that you should really do is first PLAN your answer, and before
planning your answer you may want to highlight a couple of keywords in
your task but this is not a strict requirement, because personally I have
never done this, but there are students who really appreciate this technique. But
always spend some time to plan and I advise spending roughly 5 minutes on
planning your answer because this is where you should allocate the main idea
what the task is about in general, and then think of a couple of arguments or
better even 5 arguments that you would present in your essay, because
further you may cancel one of them. Okay so here is the task for the modal essay
that I have prepared for you today: "More and more qualified people are moving
from poor countries to rich ones in order to film in vacances in specialist
areas such as IT technology engineering or medicine. Some people believe that by
encouraging the movement of such people rich countries are stealing from poorer
countries. Others feel that this is the only part of the natural movement of
workers happening around the world. Do you agree or disagree? So when you have
to tackle such question first you have to evaluate both views, what is your
perception on those views and how you will present them in your essay. Think
about that and write down a couple of words or even a couple of sentences if
the time allows. So basically what you have to do is to CHALLENGE the ideas who
disagree with completely and to think of EXAMPLES that you will show to support
the ideas you agree with and then remember to always present your own view.
However you don't need to agree or disagree to the full to one of those
points but still you have to present your own perception of what's going on
in this topic. So now the first step is to paraphrase tasks and paraphrasing the
task will be your first topic sentence in the essay. let's think how can we
change the words that we see in our task right now. A perfect word here to
describe the situation is brain drain so we can
start the essay like this: "the so called brain drain from poor to rich countries
is now robbing the poorer countries of essential personnel like doctors nurses
engineers and this trend is set to continue". Then you present your outline
sentence this is generally what you will speak about in your essay. Here you can
say: "I will discuss both views on the issue and present my own opinion". We
will continue to the main bodies and there will be two main bodies, two,
not four. Just two. Two main bodies where we will be giving our arguments to support
or undermine the question. Remember that one paragraph should have only one main
idea and when you want to jump to another one please create a new
paragraph and start fresh because that is how your examiner will understand how
you structured your answer is and that you know that you just don't have to mess
everything around, but you have to be very clear and direct in your answers.
Okay so what we are doing in our main body paragraphs?
First we present a topic sentence, which is essentially a sentence where are we
trying to cover what we will be talking about, then we try to explain it and to
give it a little bit of support we will also try to give examples. So let's think
how can we basically argue this statement? We can start like this: "Some
people believe that this kind of movement is not new in the world. Migrant
workers have always been attracted to wider range of opportunities and
employment in the biggest cities of their own countries and abroad". So basically
what examples can be think of when talking about that? Probably in poorer
countries with the technology advancing there are more and more companies that
are in shortage of really good workforce and
good IT specialists who can work with the company. So that is why the companies
try to run away to other countries like the USA for example, to find there
developed and skilled specialists to hire. And for example also many original
European countries are trying to attract skilled IT specialists by offering them
higher salaries than in the other places and with that process, that is often called
globalization people just think that it's very hard to stop. Those are the
examples that we can put to undermine the argument and we can see in our
working sheet how they are arranged in the essay. Then there goes another body
paragraph with an opposite argument and we will now try to mix the two: the
second argument and our own opinion, which will be: "Other people, myself included, are
of the opinion that measures should be by
compensating poorer countries in the loss of investment of people they have
trained like nurses or doctors". Now we should think of an example how can we
support this argument? Probably we can even use the globalization to tackle
this. So what if Western countries would help poorer countries and would help the
specialists in poorer countries to stay there and to pay them some
scholarships or subsidies for initiatives? Why not? Or they can send
patients abroad for treatment for example, and this is already happening.
Now, when we discussed two major arguments that we had in our two main
body paragraphs, it is time to go to the conclusion and here we will try to
present the general idea as clear as possible. And what was our general idea?
We understand that it is very difficult right now to change the whole situation and
probably it's foolish to try to do so, however there might be some measures
that can be taken to approach this. So that is it, guys. We practically tackled a
big task 2 in Writing. And as always I will be very happy if you
leave a like for me or even subscribe. And I will be delighted to see again
here. Ciao!
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IELTS Writing Task 2 | qualified people are moving from poor to rich countries(band9)

185 Folder Collection
ben published on July 27, 2018
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