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Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER
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ideas to use for your important IELTS Writing

Here is today's question
Some people point out that there will be less

international travel
in the future

Do you think it is a positive or negative

Well, this question is kind of easy to understand,

You don't really have to rephrase it
So, here, you have to decide

if the number of international visitors goes
down, is it a good or a bad thing?

But first, let's find out why there will
be less international travel.

You know, turmoil is happening around the

Conflicts between countries, wars, epidemic
diseases, etc.

All lead to stricter visa policy.
Moreover, constant rising fuel price results

unaffordable travel budget,

making traveling abroad less & less possible
But look at bright side
If fewer people travel,

oil, which is often misused,
will be lowered immensely, helping save the

Besides, safety problems related to travel

such as smuggling, drug-trafficking, diseases,
even hijacking,

will be lessened considerably.
Well, it seems quite pleasant BUT lots of
sacrifices have to be made.

Even though the media is strong,
YouTube, Facebook, discovery channels, travelling

blogs everywhere,
they do not satisfy our curiosity about the

In other words, no more travel to a new, unfamiliar

land means
no more fun or real experience.

I mean, how can you feel the thrilling taste
of the local dishes

if you don't actually try them?
Can you be overwhelmed without standing at

the amazing landmarks
like the Buckingham Palace

or Taj Mahal? Or can you really enjoy the
outstanding, breathtaking views of the Great

Wall of China
and Mount Fuji

Furthermore, the decline in international

will adversely influence some regions & countries
where tourism is the backbone industry.

There is no doubt that their economy would
be hindered.

So, in conclusion,
travel is an important part of human life

as well as a crucial contributor to the world's

Therefore, some effective solutions must be

to tackle the obstacles which discourage international

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109 Folder Collection
ben published on July 26, 2018
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