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Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER
The video series which gives you the best

ideas to use for your important IELTS Writing

Here is today's challenge
Some think that cultural traditions may be

when they are used as money-making attractions

aimed at tourists.
Others say it is the only way to save these

Discuss both ideas & give your opinion

Your challenge here is to decide if tourism
destroy or save cultures

It is undeniable that a trip to an unfamiliar

far away from your everyday life
is a fantastic experience,

but we cannot ignore its negative impact on
the local cultures.

First, let's talk about cultures-
why are they destroyed?

Firstly, as cultural traditions are commercialized,
some dishonest business practices appear.

For example, souvenirs, handicrafts, and local
specialties are often fake & overpriced

Besides, in the peak tourist seasons,
the quiet, peaceful land becomes an overcrowded

and noisy market because there are too many

Traveling to a remote area means escaping
from the busy city.

What's the meaning of the trip if you see
the same hustle and bustle?

In addition, tourists, (unintentionally, though)
pose a threat

to the local cultures b/c the youngsters are
easily attracted to Western styles.

For example, they might want to wear baggy

Instead of their traditional ones.
However, surprisingly, tourism does save cultures
as well.

Why do I say that?
First thing, MONEY .

Oh my God. Who doesn't like money?
Tourists bring an incredible and stable income

to the host country.
Thanks to this financial resource,

historical buildings are renovated,
traditional festivals are kept and held every

beautiful nature is preserved in good condition.

Artist & artisans also benefit from this great

which enables them to continue their art work.
In other words,

without financial support, they would lose

and the traditional arts would die off
Finally, Tourism is an awesome way to promote

the host country.
When travelers get home, they share their

unforgettable experience.
Therefore the unique traditions and cultures

are spread to the whole world.
So, to ensure that cultural traditions are
only saved. Here is the suggestion

The authorities should find the right balance
between tourism development & cultural preservation.

Specifically, they should build effective

to strengthen tourism as well as protect distinct
traditions & cultures

I must say, the authorities really play an
important role here.

Thanks for watching this video.
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151 Folder Collection
ben published on July 26, 2018
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