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Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER
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ideas to use in your important IELTS Writing

Let's look at today's topic
The development of technology changes the

way people connect with each other.
In which way the development of technology

change the types of relationships that people

It has positive or negative effects on the

notice the keywords here
in which way – change – relationships

– positive – negative
In this essay, you have to analyze how technology

has changed our relationships
& that change is good or bad.

Well, it's clear that technology has revolutionized
the concept of communication

& led to a considerable change in the relationships
we have

Of course, there are beneficial changes as
well as detrimental ones.

The most significant impact of technology
on communication

is that the speed has incredibly risen
& the cost has been drastically cut.

The computer & internet have made the process
of creating & editing documents easy

Besides, amazing features such as spell check
& grammar check can be applied automatically.

Moreover, distance is no longer a barrier
as email allows sending a document to any

part of the world within seconds
Thanks to modern communication technology,
people now enjoy lots of convenience & efficiency.

Firstly, relationships have become better
b/c people are connected to each other all

the time
& there is little chance of misunderstanding

due to communication gap.
Secondly, the Internet helps spread our network

by tracking down old friends and teachers
Well, if you use Facebook & Twitter, you know

how to do this
Finally, it creates new business opportunities

by assisting business owners in seeking potential
customers & business partners.

BUT, on the downside, high quality communication
at low costs

has led to a marked decline in face-to-face

Also, communication has become too concise
& short.

The overuse of abbreviations, symbols & short

with little or no adherence to traditional
grammatical rules

has resulted in the downgrading of writing

The worst side effect of technology is that
people nowadays can hardly draw a fine line

between work time & private time.
No matter where they go, who they are with

and when it is,
they are bombarded with phone calls, email

& text messages.
If they turn off these devices,

they might have a higher risk of losing great
job opportunities.

On the other hand, if they don't,
their private, precious time with their friends

& loved ones has to be sacrificed.
So, you see, people today absolutely have

no privacy, no peace of mind at all.
Although the negative impacts of technology
seem to be intimidating,

it still has more benefits to offer in general.
As a modern, successful human in today's

busy world,
we have to be wise in order to best utilize

& limit its unwanted effects on our relationships.

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170 Folder Collection
ben published on July 26, 2018
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