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[Music and the sound of people cheering]
Louise: When I lost my sight, I thought my life was over
[Sound of the sea crashing and people cheering]
Daryl: When I lost my sight, I lost friends, my job, everything
Louise: But everything changed when I got my guide dog
Trinity helps me work, be a mum and even do crazy things like this
Daryl: Now I need my independence back
That's why I'm hoping for a guide dog
There are hundreds like me, this Christmas, waiting
Louise: Please sponsor a puppy from just a pound a week
You'll get regular pupdates, a cuddly toy and photos of your puppy
Daryl: As they grow into a guide dog, that could change a life like mine
Just call 0300 555 5533 or text LIFE to 84010
Louise: Life without Trinity, I can't imagine it
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Sponsor a Guide Dog puppy - Boxing Day - TV advert

278 Folder Collection
廖芯琳 published on July 19, 2018
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