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Good Morning
Hello everyone
My name is Tsang Wing Sze My english name is Susana
For those who normally watch my videos will
know I mostly them in English
So if you're watching this video right now, hearing me speak Chinese.. you must feel pretty
erm.. whats the word.... surprised!
I mostly type English as my Chinese language is quite poor
because I was born and raised in UK
and only very recently moved to HK.. though not that recent
I've been here for a while now
There have been requests before where people ask
is it possible to film in cantonese
It's not a no.. I would like to too, however
I find it very difficult
as of this moment speaking Chinese makes me very nervous!
because chinese is not my first language, and hence
I tend to stutter when I speak
I need to think hard when I speak, just to process my thoughts and say what I want to say
especially now that I'm filming, it's literally just me in front of me a camera
makes me extra nervous
So now as I speak ..
I stutter a lot more compared to day to day conversations with colleagues
Anyways, was thinking of filming a fairly short vlog
where I aim to speak cantonese throughout the video
but sometimes I may not know the particular word to a meaning for chinese
and hence I will resort to english
I tend to speak half half, mixing the two languages
Let me answer some of your questions
I had previously asked on IG what topics you'd like me to film
and someone did ask me to talk about why I like to exercise so much
my channel primarily revolves around healthy food/diet, exercising
weight loss and every so often the odd video topics like
make up routines and travelling, but those don't count!
When I was young...
I wasn't really born that fat
I just put on a lot of weight during primary and secondary school
because I just kept eating and eating!
without my parents watchful eye I just snacking on snacks
for meals I would tend to overeat on portions
I'll be eating a lot or just late-night eating
and so that made me fat at a young age
in turn university came and I wanted to lose weight
everyone wants to look good for uni!
and so I started losing weight and going to the gym during my uni days
I started exercising, stepping into the gym for the first time and taking it seriously
from that point onwards I fell in love with working out and eating healthy
how should i say this..
when you're healthier, you're happier!
and hence the reason why i love to exercise
someone did also ask where I had learnt my chinese
I went to boarding school during my secondary school years
my school was actually pretty close to my house
but i still went to boarding school
there are a lot of Hong Kong people in UK boarding schools
and if you want to play with them, you have got to learn chinese
because.. er.. well
based on my experience, they will definitely not speak to me in english
some of them may, but the majority won't
or they just won't play with you if you only speak english
those who speak cantonese tend to prefer hanging out with
others who share the same language, which is very normal
the more I hang out with them the better I get as I spoke it daily
plus mum and dad had always encouraged me to speak cantonese from an early age
unless I was arguing/talking back
and I can't "win" with cantonese
then i'll switch to english
this is a very bad example, but it's true.
I know how to speak
I can speak, listen
I can read a little
but I can't really write it
and so yeah.. but to be fair I've tried my best
it has already improved a lot!
I won't speak too much for now,
today is Saturday morning
normally at this time I would be at...
eurghh, if my speaking sounds really bad .. I am so sorry
I am sooo sorry.. but anyways
normally at this time I'd be at F45, a functional training class
there would be multiple stations with different movements where you repeat
and keep repeating
within 45 mins to an hour
but I did not end up going today as I am quite tired
I initially had the thought to go outside and do a veryyyy slow 5k run
but at the same time I
woke up aching all over my body
literally serious aching and so I gave up
and so I'm cooking breakfast
i normally like to eat oats for breakfast
and so I would usually soak them the night before bed
give them a microwave and throw in a few egg whites too
super easy, super easy
here are the boiled eggs I've already prepared
and the oats are also outside
for those who follow me will know
I did study civil engineering
want to get chartered right now
and hence I need to do some..
some work for chartership, like writing logbooks
haven't written it for a while
normally I have the habit of writing a bit on weekends
I'm not one of those people who can leave things to the last minute
literally doing things at the last minute before a deadline
I get stressed wayyyy too easily
and so I need to do a bit every month to making the final product
normally on weekends I would..
to be honest my boyfriend is also undergoing studying/exams for his profession
not engineering related
and so on the weekends we would
work together
like.. normally couples would go out shopping, go cinema and have dinner
we would gym separately
and maybe eat separately depending on what we want to eat
normally he's into his protein where as I'm just... ALRIIITTTEEE
not tooooo into meat
so we would eat separately and then meet up
meet up to revise or work together
and then we would have dinner at night
that is how we date. :')
it was pretty much the same during university too
go to uni monday - friday, then head to the library after lectures
then I'd go home first and he'll stay a bit later
and then weekends we would..
maybe head for breakfast/brunch
like normally it would be me dragging the poor boy to those 'insta' worthy breakfasts and take pictures
and then we'd literally fly to the library after
or to the computer room
and carry on working, was pretty much like that throughout summer
our way of dating can be described as
here is a super quick breakfast together
this breakfast probably looks pretty disgusting compared to my usual ones posted on instagram
this is how i normally eat it
here is 50 grams of oats
let me show you what it looks like
50 grams of oats, it usually looks like this
these need to be soaked as they are pretty big in size
they are whole rolled oats as you can see theyre pretty distinct, piece by piece
not the instant ones
normally i'll soak overnight and here it is, 50 grams
and I'd also peels my boiled eggs
throw in the eggs whites
added water, nothing else, just water and microwaved
used a super big bowl
so it doesnt spill everywhere,
hate it when my microwave gets all dirty
this is my breakfast
yep.. I'll eat first, see you after
As my boyfriend is away I havent really done much work
and so now I need to seriously do some work.. work for an hour (HA!)
do an hour and then I'll head out
much serious. HAHAHHAHA
wtf happened to my hair.
I'm going to yoga
going to peel an orange before I leave
so I can munch on it later
I brought my laptop out with me today because I have decided
I have GOT TO get more work done after yoga
because I have wasted so much time within these few weeks
going to find a starbucks later to sit down and get shiiiiitt done hahaha
currently walking to...
the adidas store in Tsim Sha Tsui
to do yoga,
doing it for one hour
see you when I get there!
it is SO hot today
finally here at the Tsim Sha Tsui Adidas store
oh shit, I spoke english again
so I'm here at the Adidas Training Academy today
to do with yoga class
taught by Elva
IG: @misselvani
Adidas normally do hold classes like these
based on their usual slogan "see my creativity"
they would want to..
how should I say this... push others to
create a better self
haha how do I say it in Chinese, let me have a think..
maybe challenging your own limits through exercise/fitness
like honestly, I'm not usually a yogi
normally I'd be jumping around or running
go gym or lift weights, though not heavy weights
but normally it's around that and definitely NOT yoga
and so I'm here today at Adidas to challenge my own limits
to do their yoga class
well I'm all changed up
head to toe in PIMPED OUT in adidas
so.. now it's one hour class with Elva Ni
challenge your limits!
so scared, it's been ages since my last yoga session
Just finished yoga, now it's time for a group photo
with the pretty girl!
currently on my way to Central
bought a wrap, let me open it up and show you what's inside
I normally love eating this wrap!
it contains tofu, veg (kale, spinach, romaine) and a bit of cheese (halloumi)
haha and this is my lunch
My boyfriend is heading back to Hong Kong tonight
I'm actually going to his for dinner tonight
He's actually not there, it's just me with his fam
but before I go, gotta pick up some stuff, can't go empty handed!
planning to get some jamon! (spanish ham, you duh best, much love) mhmm
my boyfriend loves it
the spanish type
going to buy some strawberries for them
ahh I'm so tired
going to do a bit of work now
and then get READAYYYY for dinner!
and then i'll...
show you what their is to eat when the time comes!
I have finally arrived home
it's nearly 10ish pm
finally managed to wait for the bae to get back!
but now I'm in my own house
hopefully you guys have enjoyed my video today
and if my spoken cantonese is wrong
sounds nassssty
or you think I stutter too much
then I am so sorry, but I have tried
us BBCs
cantonese will foreverrrr be poor
lots of laundry waiting for me to fold
fold my bed sheets, change them
shower and then I'll go to sleep
see you in my next vlog
how do you say subscribe
if you liked my video then please give me a thumbs up!
and remember to.. er.. subscribe (took effort to find the translation :'))
subscribe ma channel!
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BBC Speaking Chinese! - VLOG | Adidas Yoga

1790 Folder Collection
anna published on July 9, 2018
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