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Being arrested is no laughing matter.
Well, at least most of the time.
With the beauty of hindsight, sometimes we can look back on the colorful, rich tapestry
of our lives and admit, with fondness, our dumbest mistakes.
That has to be the case with the gallery of rogues we bring to your attention today.
From the groom who called in a bomb threat on his wedding day
to the burglar who forgot to log off of facebook in his victim's house,
all these people have one thing in common
– they got busted for a silly mistake.
Let's take a look at these hapless criminals and find out why a career in crime just isn't
for everyone, in this episode of the Infographics Show – Top Ten Dumbest Reasons People Were
Arrested and Thrown in Jail.
Neil McArdie ( for reasons known only to himself ) didn't get around
to booking the reception venue for his big wedding day
and simply didn't have what it takes to tell his bride-to-be about his oversight.
Instead, he panicked before deciding to cover up his mistake
by phoning in a hoax bomb threat on that special day.
Authorities didn't see the humor in this,
and McArdie was handed a 12 month sentence.
In a matter of minutes, a love bird turned into a jail bird.
Gary Harrington from rural Oregon was arrested and sentenced to 30 days in jail for collecting
rainwater into three barrels on his own property.
The State of Oregon had him arrested on the charge of stockpiling illegal reservoirs.
Just, wow.
"The water that falls from the sky onto his property is owned." according to the state
of oregon, by the Medford Water Commission.
This was dumb on Mr. Harrington's part to be fair.
But the charge is so bizarre it simply had to have a place on our list.
Ghost impersonator Anthony Stallard was arrested for hanging out at a cemetery and disturbing
mourners in Portsmouth, England.
It is unknown whether Mr Stallard used the standard white sheet for his ghostly impression,
but it is understood that he was heavily intoxicated with alcohol
during his terrifying and yes, spirited, performance.
Suzanne Hulvert and Carl Owen Smith began arguing in an LA Taco Bell restaurant.
Things became heated as Hulvert smacked Smith around the back of the head with a Taco Bell
Supreme Burrito.
Smith responded by stabbing his significant other with a plastic fork before fleeing to
a nearby bar to drown his sorrows.
The pair were both arrested and booked for what was essentially a heated food fight.
A homeless woman in Florida was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct
and ''dancing in a vulgar manner'' in Lake County in 2016.
Turns out the woman was just a hapless victim of the current twerking craze and was no doubt
honing her technique.
It was simply unfortunate that a bus full of school kids happened to be passing at the
time and were not so impressed by the twerking vagrant shaking her ass to the morning traffic.
Nicholas Wig, decided to update his facebook status while burglarizing a house.
All well and good, but he probably should have logged off before leaving his victim's
Police had no problem tracking the dim-witted criminal down.
In fact it was probably the easiest crime they've ever solved.
Since being locked up in jail, Nicholas's relationship status is listed as ''complicated.''
In 2014 a woman was arrested in Gainesville, Georgia
after police suspected a spoon found in her car had residue of methamphetamine on it.
The woman explained that the spoon contained hardened residue of some spaghetti hoops that
she'd eaten in the car a month before.
But the cops weren't buying it.
She spent a month behind bars before the lab results confirmed her story was true.
A Colorado woman was arrested for trying to break into jail.
Monique Deshawn Armstrong thought she'd break in to rescue her brother.
She made it past a razor wire fence surrounding Mesa County jail, and once inside demanded
the release of her sibling.
We assume that's it harder to break out of jail than to break in, and we guess Ms
Armstrong will find out for herself.
In March, 2012, Kansas man Bryan Paul Smith was sentenced to four and a half years after
holding his neighbor's pet spider hostage.
Smith had been looking after the neighbor's spider and had become rather attached to it.
When the victim asked for the spider back, Smith made demands for money.
The demands turned to threats with Smith wanting to keep the spider and receive $100,
otherwise he'd shoot his victim.
The victim called the police who eventually unraveled the sticky web of Smith's bizarre
social life and had him arrested.
Lori Teel from New Mexico spent the night in jail for an overdue library book.
She checked out the ''Twilight'' book from her local library and promptly forgot about it.
She was arrested in front of her kids at home, handcuffed, and marched to the police station
for processing.
Not only is she being charged for crimes against public services, she is also being questioned
for crimes against literature.
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So what do you think?
Have you ever been arrested, or nearly arrested, for something stupid?
Let us know in the comments.
Also, be sure to watch our other video called
''What Would Happen If You Ate Only Meat and Nothing Else?''
Thanks for watching, and as always, don't forget to like, share and subscribe.
See you next time!
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Dumbest Reasons Why People Have Gone To Jail

11861 Folder Collection
Arissa Wang published on July 1, 2018    Arissa Wang translated    reviewed
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