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When you hear the word “genius”, what is the first image that comes to mind?
Movies and series like The Big Bang Theory, Good Will Hunting, A Beautiful Mind,and many others
would have us believe that geniuses, despite their high IQ really do not have many other enviable qualities…
I mean, who wants to be known for being socially awkward, slightly quirky, not much of a looker
and, let's be honest, not very smooth with the ladies?
Yes, I know, describing it in such unflattering terms really does not seem very appealing,
but what if I were to tell you that there are other more common, and less embarrassing characteristics to accompany an above-average brain?
So sit tight and listen carefully to the following traits that are common among people with an extraordinarily high IQ,
because it just may be that, to your surprise – and maybe to the surprise of your 10th grade teacher – you are in fact a genius in disguise!
So, let's see which of the following qualities you can identify with, in this episode of the infographics show
Do You Have The Traits Of A Genius?
Trait #1: Open-minded
Are you able to look at any given situation from a broad range of perspectives?
Do you eagerly listen to different opinions and weigh in several opposing points of view?
Well, if you do, open your mind to the possibility that you may have a higher-than-normal intelligence.
Rather than being stuck in a rut with certain beliefs, or stubbornly attached to one way of thinking
a genius walks through life welcoming potentially new and brilliant ideas, and embracing exciting and challenging opportunities.
Any situation that defies the status quo or provides a new range of options is fully irresistible to a potential Einstein.
But it does not end there.
Experts say that highly intelligent people are slower than the average person when it comes to making up their minds about something or accepting any information as fact
because they want to make absolutely sure that they have all the proof necessary before signing their name on the dotted line.
Does this sound familiar?
Trait #2: Night-Owl
It is hardly surprising, considering their complete disregard for social norms and their seemingly strange habits
that geniuses do not think very highly of timetables and bedtimes.
Studies show that people with an above-average IQ experience a surge of energy when night falls and,
as a result, they tend to be at their very best when the moon is up and the rest of the house is down.
Even though insomnia is not something anyone wishes for
if you were told that there is a direct correlation between a high IQ and a minimal number of hours slept per night,
I am sure you would think twice before reaching for those sleeping pills!
Maybe it is their constant stream of ideas or the weight of their own brilliance that keeps them awake
but, whatever their excuse, they better have quick access to some strong coffee the moment their alarm goes off!
Trait #3: Independent
While geniuses are often portrayed as loners, experts explain that this seemingly negative judgment in fact makes a whole lot of sense.
Because of their ridiculously high intelligence,
and the fact that not often do they find people who are interested in the same things that they are,
geniuses more often than not feel completely misunderstood by the people around them.
Because of this, rather than having to make constant excuses for their quirky habits and brilliants ideas
or, let's be honest, rather than having to hang out with a whole lot of boring and predictable folk
they often simply prefer to be entertained by themselves and their fascinating brains.
Can you blame them?
So, the next time you need some peace and quiet,
or you really don't want to spend time with that annoying relative
you know exactly what excuse to use.
No one will ever argue with this kind of genius reasoning!
Trait #4: Abstract Communication
Because of the ridiculously high performance of their brains,
or maybe because they find that words fail to be enough when communicating their brilliant ideas and theories,
geniuses often find it hard to express themselves in ways that are linear and clear to other mere mortals.
This is likely the reason why brainiacs often find it easier to communicate in abstract ways
rather than simply opening their mouths and vomiting out words!
Because of this, geniuses often find themselves sharing their ideas in less conventional ways
such as doodling or other forms of creativity in order to make their ideas more accessible and easier to understand.
Do you find yourself spontaneously dancing, painting, playing instruments or sculpting?
Don't worry about wasting your time,without even knowing it you could potentially be coming up with the next history-altering theorem!
Trait #5: Chaos
Think about it for a quick second: there is a certain “look” that we equate with the conventional genius
– the messy hair, the wrinkled shirt, the stained pants, the odd socks.
Can you see it in your mind's eye?
Well, before casting too much judgment, it is probably worth noting that there may be some truth behind this unflattering stereotype.
Despite the disheveled exterior, chaos is not a synonym for internal disorder
but rather it is usually the sign of deep creativity and intellect which definitely trumps a concern for outward appearance!
Are you tired of doing those dishes, are you fed up of being told to tidy your room,
have you forgotten what the top of your desk looks like?
Stop worrying and start embracing your inner genius!
Trait #6: Limitless Curiosity
We all know those kids that seem intent on making you lose your sanity by asking “why?”incessantly and being all-round obnoxious.
Well, next time you bump into one, instead of wanting to wring his neck, consider this:
he may be a genius in the making.
Experts say that people with a higher IQ have a deeper sense of curiosity than those with an average-sized brain.
Thinking about it rationally, however, this makes a great deal of sense.
It is unsurprising that the most intelligent humans on the planet are those who are most curious about the world around them.
Maybe this is how Einstein came up with the theory of relativity because
let's be honest, it takes a deeply curious mind to dive that deep into the mysteries of physics.
So the next time someone complains that you are asking too many questions, or blames you for being too nosey,
tell them that one cannot change the world by minding one's own business!
Trait #7: Forgetfulness
Do people often laugh at you for the ridiculous number of post-it notes the are stuck around your house?
Are you always setting reminders on your phone?
Do you frequently forget what day of the week it is, or special dates and occasions?
Well that could either be due to early onset amnesia or, and this would definitely be preferable,
a sign that you have a higher intelligence than the average human being!
While being a scatterbrain is not something most people strive for
it suddenly doesn't seem so bad if you can justify it with your ginormous IQ.
Geniuses are known for having such a vast amount of important information and knowledge to fit into their brains
that there is simply no room for trivial issues such as names and dates!
Who thought that being called forgetful could be taken as such a compliment?
Trait #8: Learning from Past Mistakes
At this point, you may be thinking that, while you fit the description of several of these signs,
you have simply failed too many times in the past to even begin to entertain such grandiose thoughts as that of being a genius.
But before you let yourself drown in that pool of self-pity,
let me assure you that history has shown us time and time again that geniuses have, more often than not, not succeeded in their first, second or third attempt.
Far from it!
Most inventions, theorems, and masterpieces took their inventors far too many tries before they were rewarded with a suitable outcome.
So before you decide to give up on that project you are so frustrated with,
pick yourself back up and give it another chance.
History-making ideas very rarely happen without the genius in charge having to learn from far too many past mistakes!
Trait #9: Focused
One of the reasons geniuses are so successful at achieving their goals and their vision
is because they have an almost superhuman ability to focus their minds solely on the task that they have in front of them.
Experts say that people with above-average intellect formulate a crystal-clear vision of what it is they are setting out to achieve
and, once they have fully grasped this vision,
they will put their entire body, mind, and soul to the task, and pursue it until they are convinced that they have succeeded.
Call it stubbornness, obstinacy or pig-headedness, if it achieves the desired outcome,
I suggest you hold on to it tight, let no one distract you or dissuade you from your goal, and see how far it takes you!
Trait #10: Positive Attitude
It is not surprising that in order to believe that you can achieve the impossible simply through the power of your own intelligence,
then you must have a pretty positive outlook on life.
Geniuses are known for being dreamers, hopers, and optimists; they are not easily discouraged,
they think out of the box, and they are eternally expecting the best possible outcomes in all situations.
When things don't go as planned because, let's face it,
it is not always easy being more intelligent than the majority of people in your vicinity,
geniuses are experts at turning that frown upside down and seeing the best in every situation.
It is the “why not?”attitude that they have towards life that feeds their creativity and enables them to go places and achieve things that no one has before.
And, just in case there was any doubt left as to how great geniuses actually are,
they are also known for having an excellent sense of humor!
If you identify with any of these qualities,
don't dismiss it as simply being a nerd or slightly quirkier than the average human being.
Take courage!
You may in fact be a closet genius!
So, which of these traits do you share?
Let us know in the comments!
Also, be sure to check out our other video called American Behaviors Considered Rude in Other Countries!
Thanks for watching, and, as always, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe.
See you next time!
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Do You Have the Traits of a Genius?

5919 Folder Collection
Samuel published on November 14, 2018    Brook translated    Evangeline reviewed
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